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  1. And it may be (and probably is) that tailgating is a US-centric (or possibly North American) activity. I don't know know that there really is any other way to explain it. That depends on what you mean by "informal". Do people usually dress up? Not usually. Do people often spend more on the tailgate party than they do on the event tickets. Yes. Do they plan weeks in advance. Yes. Do they organize large groups to get together for a tailgate party before a game. Yes. Can you show up uninvited to a tailgate party? Often, yes.
  2. This should help clarify a bit: From http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=105962
  3. Perhaps instead of a 2/3 vote there can just be a minimum number of yes votes required. I don't really know what forum traffic is like, but if a suggested category gets 20, 50, 100 approvals, whatever the number may be, isn't that enough to suggest that it's wanted, rather than, as suggested above, people voting against a category because they don't like the person placing it. Of course if you want to hold veto power, you can use that in the face of several people voicing an objection to a particular suggestion. But the 2/3 approval (or even 50%+1) seems stiff, especially since it's typically the same people in the forums, and it's their biases the new submitter is up against. A standard minimum may make it more practical to get a new category published.
  4. tail·gate v. intr. 1. To follow another vehicle too closely. 2. To participate in a picnic that is served from the tailgate of a vehicle, as before a sports event. - http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=tailgate For a better understanding of #2 above, see http://www.tailgating.com/. It's got it's own dictionary entry - I'm not sure what else you could call it!
  5. Maybe I'm just being post-9/11 paranoid, but I'm not sure I want an easy to use, provides downloadable coordinates, pictures, and casual comments about security, one-click webpage to find all the nuke plants in the US.
  6. First, if it's only where you look if you let it be, use that same blind eye here. Second, life is more than the wonderful, exciting, artistic places that some people would like to limit it to. Life includes scrap heaps, construction areas, waste water recycling plants, and, yes, strip clubs. Just because they exist doesn't mean you have to go there. And if they want to add an adults only section to accomodate this type of target, fine.
  7. Okay - it's not about where to go to find drugs. It's about where to avoid hiding caches. While I think it's a great concept, doesn't sound like it's gonna fly. esq
  8. This is an answer from a different topic that I found, but may be useful for anybody who looks at this one, so I'm adding it here. Maybe this could be included in the FAQ: USGS and NGS are not the same. NGS is in the Dept of Commerce USGS is in the Dept of Interior 95% of the USGS marks are not in the NGS database becuase USGS never submitted the data. Why, they had more imporatant things to do like mapping the USA. The USGS marks you do find in the NGS database are there primarely because NGS used them. Why don't they put them there today? To much work for too little gain. Everything is in paper form in filing cabinets. Would take 10 yrs and 10 million dollars to database thousands of marks and more then likely most of them don't exist today. Also the methods used to establish their position does not meet todays standards. USGS considers many of them obsolete.
  9. I recently found a Benchmark that I can't find any information on. The marking on the disk is 212 FMK with a year of 1974 found at N 36 36.071 W 118 04.941. I admit I'm fairly new at the whole BM thing, but I'm at a loss on what to do with this one. Any help will be appreciated.
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