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  1. a trip to GZ without finding/signing the log is a DNF. Period.


    Today we couldn't make a find because of high muggle activity. To do so would have jeopardized the cache ... so i logged a DNF. It's just makes sense. I went there, i didn't FIND the cache (no matter the problem) and so i logged a DNF.


    A month's worth of unlogged DNFs hides the fact of a muggled cache. If five people visit three times each and doesn't log those DNFs, then FIFTEEN DNFs have gone unnoticed and a cache has been out of commission for a month for no good reason.


    i try not to rationalize ... i log something for every visit.

  2. KC5RFO in Houma, Louisiana ... although my passion for the hobby has waned due to the lack of assistance from local hams in fixing my equipment. Once upon a time, hams prided themselves on helping one another ... not so much anymore.

  3. Several factors could be at play:


    1. The cost of buying many nanos, vs. this technique. Not every family has disposable income.

    2. They're eco-friendly as you are at least recycling a portion of something you'd usually just toss in the trash.

    3. The challenge and satisfaction of making something yourself. i marvel more at these than a mass-produced Nano.

    4. You see one and say "Wow. i could make that!" Then, you do and feel great about yourself.

    5. Easily replaceable after being muggled.


    That's just a few off the top of my little head :anicute:

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