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  1. Fooling Muggles is easy. Wear dark blue Dickies work pants and a khaki Dickies work shirt, plus carry a clipboard. Poof! You're invisible!
  2. There is a large portion of the muggle population who don't enjoy the idea of strange people tromping around near the graves of their loved ones whilst playing a game - and such hides do nothing to endear us to the general public. As much as i enjoy them (i'm a genealogist) i think Groundspeak will eventually have to ban cemetery hides. Most of us could make a trip into and out of a cemetery a solemn, quiet experience while unfortunately some are quite loud and obnoxious while searching in a cemetery. It's sad, but we will all eventually suffer for the knuckleheads.
  3. Some guardian ... the eyes are closed. Reminds me of a San Diego County Geocacher I know; not t' mention a name. Louisiana huh? By any chance have you met RocketMan? Yes, he was a lazy guardian. No, i have not met RocketMan. But i did hear he's burning out a fuse, out there ... alone.
  4. The argument that guns/ammo should only be handled by trained adults - (the "against the rules" argument notwithstanding) - is reason enough to NOT leave any ammo lying around ANYWHERE
  5. Perhaps "civil" was the wrong word. i am only asking that we appreciate the fact that some people's religious beliefs and/or customs don't appreciate ammo or condoms in a game that is meant to be enjoyed by families. The "Kill this thread" comment was made in jest. i am in no way trying to shut down or lock down anything. Actually, i agreed with most of your points in this discussion.
  6. Thanks! Coins & Pins wants to make it into a presale Geocoin
  7. Both however are against the rules/guidelines, so any discussions on whether either is considered "acceptable swag" is a moot point! And i agree, some people are anti-gun (as some are deeply offended by condoms), so either should not be left in ANY geocaches. Let's be civil, here, folks.
  8. I don't make a habit of questioning the deeply personal religious and/or personal convictions of others when it pertains to a game. I'd really rather not go there.
  9. Why does semantics keep entering the discussion when it's already been established that: 1. It's against the rules/guidelines. 2. Such "swag" would not endear us to law enforcement. 3. See #1 again.
  10. Ironic, perhaps. But i see a BIG difference between live ammo and an ammo can.
  11. ohmerfam

    Oh Oh!

    We recently went to my hometown (30 minutes away) and visited a few caches. At one particular cache, i decided to drop two of the three coins i had in my inventory. Well ... last night i look in my swag bag (yep, you guessed it) and one of the coins are still in my bag. Now, this is all AFTER the fact that i signed the log and stated that i placed the coin into the cache. It may be a week before i can get back to this cache. Should i edit my log (which still won't remedy the fact that the GEOCOIN portion of the site will still state that the coin is in the cache) or is there a way to fix this error? HELP
  12. How can you FIND something that you, yourself, HID? Bad form, IMHO.
  13. "No, it is not appropriate swag" The reason? IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. That's all that needs to be said.
  14. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's against the rules/guidelines. To me, that's enough.
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