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  1. That is exactly where i got the inspiration from! i even emailed Renzo an image of my cards and offered to send him a few.


    i made "Geocaching Licenses" and had them printed on glossy card stock. Incidentally, this design is in production as a geocoin.


    Front and back are below:



    This looks very similar to the ones on the blog called RENZO'S CUSTOM CACHE. On that site you can download the PDF files for both the license and the cipher wheel.

  2. First off, thanks for the great drawings!


    i stopped at the hardware store this afternoon and picked up the necessary fittings (i had the pipe already) and managed to get the 3/4" piece sanded down with the help of some scraping with a chisel. Still needs some sanding.


    My next challenge will be the slot in the 1" pipe. i have homemade router table, perhaps i will give that a try first (though i am afraid of shattering the pipe and sending shards everywhere)


    i tried one length of pipe on my table saw with a crosscut jig, but the cuts end up beveled and controlling the exact width of the slot when having to make two passes is not an easy task.


    So, that's where i am. Tomorrow i guess i will install the screws/nuts while pondering how to get the slot made.


    Thanks, again!


    I just find that dismissal to be rather rude whenever I encounter it.



    I just find that dismissal to be rather rude whenever I encounter it.


    Dismissal? Really? REALLY?


    i did not "dismiss" you, and if you read anything "rude" into the phrase "Nuff Said," then i can't help you. i did not mean to "dismiss" you in any way, shape or form. i'm sorry if you interpreted it that way.



  4. i don't leave the house without the geocaching brochures. I've had to give them to nosy neighbors, suspicious onlookers and nervous cops. They defuse the situation immediately.


    I also tell them that every cache is placed by PERMISSION from the land owner, and if that is not the case, then they should contact the person who hid the cache.

  5. Sometimes threads like this make me really think I'm putting too much leg work into the front end of gaining permission from the appropriate agency(ies) to place a cache where I want to place it. When really I could just slap one out there and then start a thread here and let everyone here on the back end do the research on where I should have asked permission from in the first place when the cache gets taken away etc.


    Yeah, i was kinda thinking the same thing.

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