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  1. That is exactly where i got the inspiration from! i even emailed Renzo an image of my cards and offered to send him a few. This looks very similar to the ones on the blog called RENZO'S CUSTOM CACHE. On that site you can download the PDF files for both the license and the cipher wheel.
  2. Yeah, Clint ... those are cool. Can't wait to see what else you do with them.
  3. i am SO tired of new geocachers coming into this game and hiding a geocache after only 15-20 finds, only to find out that their hides are not within the guidelines or placed without permission. i mean, come on! Can't we enforce a 100 finds before your first hide rule?
  4. That's why i try to leave my Geocaching Licenses in a ziplock or plastic container of their own.
  5. Here's my solution for cutting the slot. i will build it and try it out today.
  6. First off, thanks for the great drawings! i stopped at the hardware store this afternoon and picked up the necessary fittings (i had the pipe already) and managed to get the 3/4" piece sanded down with the help of some scraping with a chisel. Still needs some sanding. My next challenge will be the slot in the 1" pipe. i have homemade router table, perhaps i will give that a try first (though i am afraid of shattering the pipe and sending shards everywhere) i tried one length of pipe on my table saw with a crosscut jig, but the cuts end up beveled and controlling the exact width of the slot when having to make two passes is not an easy task. So, that's where i am. Tomorrow i guess i will install the screws/nuts while pondering how to get the slot made. Thanks, again!
  7. i thought the same thing! They seem like a fun, laid back bunch!
  8. Dismissal? Really? REALLY? i did not "dismiss" you, and if you read anything "rude" into the phrase "Nuff Said," then i can't help you. i did not mean to "dismiss" you in any way, shape or form. i'm sorry if you interpreted it that way. Sheesh.
  9. Thank you. I was afraid we were going to have to continue a conversation past your POV. Nuff said on my part, but feel free to filibuster.
  10. One cannot play the game questioning every cache's "legality", so it is almost incumbent upon us to play the game assuming that everyone will follow the rules. If questioned by authorities, i refer them to the CO. Nuff said.
  11. Not lying, all caches are supposed to be placed with permission. It's in the rules, whoever doesn't abide is being deceptive. Besides, it usually is explained that caches are SUPPOSED to be placed by permission, and if this one isn't that the authorities should contact the CO.
  12. Then i tell him to contact the OWNERS of all THOSE caches.
  13. Got some great ideas here. Going buy a towel, now.
  14. i don't leave the house without the geocaching brochures. I've had to give them to nosy neighbors, suspicious onlookers and nervous cops. They defuse the situation immediately. I also tell them that every cache is placed by PERMISSION from the land owner, and if that is not the case, then they should contact the person who hid the cache.
  15. People, GET PERMISSION or you screw up the game for EVERYONE.
  16. To avoid this is just another black eye for the game. For it to have to come to WARRANTS would REALLY do a lot to tarnish the reputation of the game and its players.
  17. Unfortunately, most don't and the cop's attitude is a direct reflection on that.
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