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  1. Heh...I found some rats like that at a dollar store recently... I bought one because it looked like my pet rat, and then I bought another for fun. I was thinking of putting it in a cache heheh... Guess someone beat me to the idea!
  2. I think if a rat was really determined they might be able to chew through the metal top of a glass jar... And as you said ANYTHING made of any type of plastic is fair game for them.
  3. Just so you know, you have to take the Dog Scout Test before you can get this merit badge... However I believe you can do the requirements for the badge BEFORE you take that test, (fill out the form, etc...) you just have to take the test before you get the merit badge.
  4. That's a great pic of a really nice looking American Bullfrog! I've never gotten a good photo of one as I always see them in the water...
  5. Hey, If you haven't already thought of this, just had an idea... It might be interesting to put Bookcrossing labels in all the books you place in the cache. The labels usually have a recommendation to 'set the book free' after the finder has read it, and that way more people would read the books and you'd also be able to find out what people who have found the book have to say by checking on the bookcrossing site.
  6. I'd be happy to help... Just tell me what to do! I've never done this type of a cache before... ETA: Send me an email if it's easier than replying on the boards (chicagocanine at aol.com)
  7. Ok I know I am really really late on this but I just found this through the geocaching with dogs thread. My Golden and I are members of Dog Scouts of America. We are currently going for the Geocaching badge! She already has the Community Service, Therapy Dog, Hiking, and Temperament Test badges. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask us! (Ginger in her Dog Scouts bandana)
  8. Here is a photo which I forgot to post in my last message It is Ginger and I with our first find... Yeah I know I look awful, I hadn't got much sleep the night before so my eyes were all baggy Plus it was really cold! Here's my other dog Pooch who has not yet had a change to go caching. I bet he could find a cache if it had something vinyl inside it, he's nuts about these vinyl squeaky balls I get and he can find them really well!
  9. Hope it's ok to post here as I'm in the midwest not Northeast... Hey they remind me of my new cat! If you put together both your cats' face markings you would get my cat, heh... I also have two dogs and a foster dog... All three were strays. My Golden has gone on all the (small amount!) of caches I've looked for so far and will be going on all the ones I look for in the future. My terrier will also be coming along when I can bring both. I am looking to get a geocaching "title" for my Golden (not really a title, just a badge...)
  10. I hope it's not cheating because I also started because of my dog! I first learned about geocaching through a dog organization and I wanted to start it so I could do something else fun with my dogs... So far I've taken her with on all my cache hunts and plan to keep doing so, except places where dogs are not allowed. The organization I mentioned also has a geocaching badge your dog can get (they first have to pass a basic obedience test, though...)
  11. Well I was thinking of a small regular cache rather than a micro... But heck it's still not that big a deal if it gets lost because what I was thinking of using is only a 16 oz. container so will not have anything big in it anyway... Thanks, everyone!
  12. Hello, I was just scouting out a local park for somewhere to place a small cache. I was not finding many as it is a small park and I could see a cache getting stolen from most places I was looking at... Then I noticed a tree that looked like it might make a good hiding place in the low branches. When I got closer I realized the tree had a HUGE (but somewhat narrow) 'hole' in the side of it, starting at the ground going at least 2-2.5 ft. up the tree. Seems like it'd be a perfect place for a cache, but I figured I'd ask if there's any reason NOT to hide a cache "inside" of a live tree?
  13. True, and mice can chew through plastic (such as tupperware type containers.) And don't forget rats, although they probably wouldn't go to all the trouble of chewing through a container for something like a few seeds, they *could* chew through a plastic container very quickly-- they can chew through PVC pipes and cinderblocks... I used to doubt the veracity of that claim until I saw what my pet rats could do to a bone in about 2 minutes!
  14. Ok, hoping people can give me their ideas... I am just not sure what to do! I am new at geocaching, wanted to try it for a long while but did not have a GPSr. Now I have an old/used Magellan GPS3000 which I got for Christmas. I attempted a couple caching trips with it and it is pretty obnoxious as it won't hold a lock a lot of the time or even GET a lock sometimes... I can either: A) Hope the GPSr locks when I need it to and keep using it. B ) Buy a "cheap" small GPSr ($100 or under) C) Trade-in for a refurbished, working Magellan GPSr (Meridian Gold or Sportrak Pro) for about $150 -- with this option I'd be without a GPS for at least a couple weeks after I send in my old one... What would you suggest of these three for a new geocacher? Is it worth the money to get the more expensive model if I am just starting out? Thanks for any ideas
  15. Hello! I am trying to decide which of these to get. The price is very close, it would be a reconditioned unit. Anyone have an opinion on one of these over the other or any pros/cons for either model? Thanks!
  16. I haven't ever been able to get a signal from the dashboard. :/
  17. ETA: OOPS! I meant to write "withOUT freezing!" I have been having problems with my user Magellan GPS3000 (not getting a lock) so finally decided to clear it an re-initialize it. I have heard it can take up to 2 hours to initialize/find the first lock... Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to initialize without freezing to death or ruining the GPS in the snow?
  18. Ok I know I posted this in another topic but I say if you have a dog (and it's dogs-allowed area) bring them! Seriously, people tend to ignore you if you've got a dog with you. They tend to assume you're just walking your dog and pay no attention, unless they want to pet the dog. I've gone walking (and sometimes acting "weird" because I am looking at something, etc...) at all times of the day or night with the dogs and the police never bothered me, they just pass on by, or sometimes wave. Even if I am walking the dogs in a park at night (after hours) they don't bother us. I've even had my dog off-leash in a park (there is a leash law here) when I was working on training her, doing 'stay' and 'come' from further away than the leash would reach, and I realized after I put her leash back on that there was a police car sitting next to the park and two officers watching us... I walked past the car on the way out and the officer complimented me on my dog's obedience and asked if I could train his dog, hehe
  19. I saw one person mentioned it... What does everyone else think about caches on *college* grounds?
  20. Wow great pic, is that from a convention or parade or something? No Battle Damage He-man here sorry , actually the 2 He-man figures I DO have, are a little worn so I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't leave those in a cache... I do have other villians/good guys from the series though, and some other series... Hey I see you're in Indiana... Not sure what part but I'll be leaving these guys in Chicagoland area caches (will log on site) since I got positive replies here about it (Thanks everyone
  21. Hello! I was just thinking... I was wondering what everyone thinks of this as an idea for trade items? I bought a lot of 80s action figures (no package, good condition, clean) a while ago when what I really wanted was a a few certain figures that were included in the bunch... I have some from He-Man, Ninja Turtles I think, She-Ra, etc... I was wondering if this would be considered good or bad trade items? As I said they are clean and in good shape, but they ARE 'used'. I thought that they might be fun for kids and maybe even nostalgic for (well, younger) adults?
  22. Sorry to get a little OT but I keep hearing mention of plastic army men.... Does this mean that tiny plastic figurines are inappropriate for use as a signature item? (say altered in some small way to make them 'unique')
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