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  1. Thanks guys! I took the leap. Check out my (dog's) new "travel bug"-- http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=209517 I hope I did it right with the logging of previous finds and all... I will be changing the description to make it better, and possible the name as well soon. If anyone has good ideas to improve the description it would be appreciated since this is my first TB. This should be a good way/place to post pics and to keep track of the caches she's visited! If anyone sees us on the trail make sure to "discover" the TB.
  2. Thanks! Hey that's a good name idea. I think I will use it at least temporarily!
  3. Hey, I tried searching in Groundspeak Support but no luck... I was wondering if it is possible or easy to change a travel bug's name? I want to "start" a TB but I want to think of a clever name but am having trouble coming up with one, so I was thinking if I can change the name later I might just "release" it with a lame name and then change it later? Only if it is easy/possible to change a name, though... It's a bug that will be staying with me so it's not really going to be a problem of the name change confusing people or anything. Hope this post makes sense as I'm writing at 3am and sleep-deprived the last 2 nights!
  4. I went for two caches one day when I didn't have all day to search. I found the first one after a lot of bushwacking, then went after the second one hoping to finish pretty quickly because I was running out of time. I found it, signed the sheet of paper and left. When I got home to log the finds on the site I realized the second one was actually a multi and not a micro as I had thought. Oops...
  5. Anything I can do with my dogs-- hiking, biking, rollerblading, walking, swimming, dog sports like carting, agility, flyball, etc; going to festivals in the warm weather... I also like to do some of those things without my dogs, but it is more fun with a dog or two! Oh, and I volunteer with my dog (animal-assisted therapy and a childrens' reading program.) I also collect some horror-related items for fun (like creepy dolls...) and love horror movies/books. Oh also other horror stuff like haunted houses, halloween-related stuff, etc...
  6. Well, personally I might say "we" in a log once in a while without realizing it. If I do, I am referring me me and my dog(s). I rarely cache alone unless it's an area where dogs are not allowed.
  7. Thanks for the info! I want to get a couple more peoples' opinions on this, make sure this (live travel bug that you can log as a "discovery") is not something that a lot of cachers dislike. Anyone else? Would you log a discovery on a "living" TB or ignore/avoid it?
  8. If you "shop around" online you can find many sources for cheap tags made for dogs or cats. The small dog/cat tags are often very small, some with just space for a phone number (you could put the TB's tracking number there.) Slightly larger tags made for dogs would probably still fit in many micros and you could then include more info such as explaining that it is a travel bug, or even talking about its' goal. Actually I had some dog tags made that tell a travel bug's name and goal, I plan to attach them to a plushie dog or other travel bug item and include a regular TB tag... The tags I got were about 40 cents each but they are fairly poor quality. I got them from dog.com which also has some slightly better-quality slightly more expensive (but not too bad) tags. I'd probably go for the plastic ones if I ordered from them, the metal tag I bought that I put on my dog is discoloring very rapidly (not dirt, the metal is discolored.)
  9. Something like that but that is more like a "sleeve" rather than laminated would be perfect I think... Like those "sleeves" for badges you get at conventions and things, except smaller... I don't know if anyone makes that, though! I mostly want to protect it from scratches and stuff-- basically I want it to stay nice and the way I plan to use it if it's not covered it will at the least get scratched up and at worst get the ink rubbed off. (edited for spelling error)
  10. Hello! Anyone know where I can find covers or protectors for dog tags that would fit on a travel bug tag? Preferably something clear/see-through so it won't have to be removed to read the TB tag. Not the "silencers" that only cover the edges but something that would cover the whole tag. I keep hearing about the ink rubbing off the travel bug tags and I'd like to have some kind of holder/cover/protector type thing to keep that from happening to my TBs (and also keep from the surface getting all scratched). I tried a google search but was only able to find silencers and these weird, thick fabric cover things which seemed very bulky. (edited to clarify)
  11. If the wires are defective or damaged or there is a loose connection, you don't even need to touch the actual wires to get zapped, though... I could also see people searching inside where the wires are if they think there is a cache hidden there... These and fake electrical box-type caches really make me cringe! Examples: http://www.smh.com.au/news/Unusual-Tales/R...9046928427.html http://www.thevillager.com/villager_128/pe...eshockedby.html http://www1.wsvn.com/features/articles/inv...gations/DBM596/
  12. Hello! I've noticed a couple people are "live travel bugs" (carry a TB with them which they or others can log.) I was wondering if there are any official rules on travel bugs especially involving "live" TBs (ie people or peoples' property that is a TB.) I had a good idea for a TB that would actually have two good uses (one to help me keep track of a certain factor while caching, and two to let me meet more cachers!). However I wanted to make sure there is nothing in any rules the site against live TBs of this sort and also what the ettiquette is for logging "live" TBs into caches. I was also wondering if many people are against this type of TB (would I get a bad reception if I did it?) Is it ok to log the live TB into/out of every cache "it" visits? Is this frowned upon? Will cache owners get mad at me for "dipping" it? Also, do you think people be interested in logging this TB if I asked them to only log that they "discovered" it and not drop it into/out of any caches? (I would want to only drop it in caches that it actually visited...not have other people drop or remove it from a cache.) (ETA last question)
  13. Wow i thought i was bad by placing a stickers on pole caches. yep you place a cache on the inside of a light poles base, i place some kind of car sticker on the pole. i just got tiered of the same kind of hide every place i went. 6 caches in one day 3 where light poles. people find some new ways of hiding the caches. o wait i got one 2 days ago that was a new pole cache they used a magnet and stuck it under the base of a light pole but this time they stuck it up under the top of the base so when you pull up the base you don't see it. man you got to love urban caching. Sorry to go off-topic, but do people actually place caches in the inside of light pole bases?!? This seems like a really bad idea to me, and a good way to get eletrocuted...
  14. Sure ya can! Just make sure you list that there's a really unusual FTF prize... *insert evil laugh here*
  15. There's nothing that extreme right near me, but since we're right near Lake Michigan any time we want to travel to Michigan or parts of Indiana we have to go south to go north due to the lake being in the way... I just looked one location up as an example-- there are some caches in South Haven MI which I might go for some time, and the cache page says one of them is 78 miles from me. while Yahoo Maps says South Haven is 131 miles away, driving.
  16. It was just an extension of my love for short hikes... I'm not an overnight hiker/camper kind of person but I love hiking in the woods or just through the city sidewalks, especially with my dogs. Geocaching is just a good excuse for a hike in my case, and for getting the dogs out even more often!
  17. 8 miles! Wow! I'm surprised as well... I guess that means I don't have any good excuses for not finding more caches.
  18. I'm going by the distance that the site says the cache is from my house, so I don't know if it is 100% accurate or not.... There used to be one 0.6 miles from my house-- it was the first cache I ever found and I didn't really use my GPS to find it because I had a junky GPS at the time and it couldn't get the coordinates straight... However that cache has since been archived. Now, the closest one is 1 mile away. The next-closest is 2 miles away. Both were placed this July and I haven't gone looking for them yet. The closest cache I've found was 2.7 miles away, sadly I just found out it was apparently muggled and archived.
  19. Hello! Can someone who has a magellan meridian gold give me a hand? I haven't used mine in a while and I could've sworn there was a feature that would show you a line leading from your current point to the "goto" you choose (in the map screen). But I can't figure out how to activate it... When I pick a "goto" point, in the map screen it will show a line from my starting point to the goto point, but not from my current location. Thanks for any help!
  20. Ok.....I "revived" the thread to ask what people thought of the idea(s) I came up with... Can anyone please tell me what they think?? (I would've put it in the first message instead, but I don't see any way to edit a post...)
  21. I was going to mention that one too... Apparently "fanny" has the same meaning in England as well. I can see that causing some strange looks! I can think of several terms right off the bat that would either mean something vulgar in another language or have multiple meanings...
  22. Ok sorry to revive an old thread, but I just came up with one I think is cute... I have come up with this one, what do you guys think? I also thought of doing one that says "Dogs (heart) Geocaching" with the heart in the colors of the geocaching.com logo (not the symbols, just the colors) but I wasn't sure if this would infringe on their logo copyright or something so I didn't put it up... I also thought of: CACHE HOUND I find it They log it
  23. Because they leak. I can't recall ever finding one where the logbook was dry. How about pill canisters? They are meant to be waterproof. I've found one before, and the log(sheet) was dry...
  24. That's where it pays to live near the actual American Science and Surplus store. I got one of those capsules from the store (came with a tiny glass container inside it, too) for about a dollar...
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