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  1. I just wanted to say, please be very careful about letting your kids play in snow tunnels-- never let them do this unsupervised. I knew a 9-year-old who died that way (tunnel collapsed.)
  2. This is my baby Ginger...I lost her in October She was 12. This was in the Adirondacks, on Whiteface Mtn. peak Here is Ginger in the Smoky Mountains with my terrier Pooch who passed away in August (he was 14) This is Bianca who I just adopted after Christmas:
  3. Yes a drilled coin could work if it was done carefully (if I could find someone who knew how to do that properly because I don't!) If you can find the Shepherd coin I would definitely like to see it! Size isn't really an issue because my dog is pretty big... I found a really good one but it doesn't seem to be available: http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...arget=ImgWindow
  4. This may be an odd request... My previous dog Ginger had her own travelbug. I used it to keep track of which caches she had visited. I want to get my current dog a geocoin for the same purpose. I am hoping someone can help me find a nice pretty geocoin that I can attach to her collar. I know I could have one custom made but that would be too expensive for me. What I'm looking for: -It needs to have a hole so I can put in on a splint ring and hook it to her collar. -I would prefer one that is either a pet-themed image (or a wolf!), a pawprint, or some type of pretty design (for example I've seen a nice one that was a celtic cross--but no hole for a ring.) -If it is a pet-themed one I would prefer it not be an image of a dog unless it is a German Shepherd (her breed) or a silhouette that looks like it could possibly be a Shepherd. For example I saw one with a picture of a pug, and another with a goofy looking cartoonish dog- not what I am looking for. -If it has a cacher's name I am looking for one that just sounds like an interesting phrase or where the name is very small or short. An event or group's name is fine though. -I want one that is not already activated but can be activated/tracked on the website.
  5. I'm not new but this seemed to fit more in 'getting started.' I've had a membership for a long time now but I never noticed if any caches whose pages I visited said they were for premium members only. How do you know if a cache is only for premium members? Is there a note on the page or a special icon or something? If so where do you find it in the listing? Also, is there a way to do a search for just premium-member-only caches?
  6. I'm a girl and so is my cache partner (dog). I've only met two other cachers- one of each gender.
  7. I found one recently thanks to my brother's Blackberry. He looked up the coordinates on Google Maps from it.
  8. Do you have a dog? I find people act like you are invisible if you have a dog, especially if you're walking along with a baggie in your hand. If you don't have a dog you could try either carrying a clipboard or calling out "Here, kitty kitty..." every few steps.
  9. I did this with my dog's travel bug and I will probably get one for my new dog... I use it to keep track of which caches I visited where I brought my dog along. This allows me to track where I brought my dog, see how far she's traveled with me. It also allows me to keep a list of the caches my dog visited which I need to log for a Geocaching merit badge from Dog Scouts of America where they require a certain number of caches.
  10. A few years ago I went eagle watching by Starved Rock and I also went geocaching in the area. It was by this cache "Bald Eagles": http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b7-f962324fd9c6
  11. I've found the same thing with dogs. I almost always cache with a dog any I've never had any ask me why I was tromping around the woods/parking lot/park. In fact I've found that people generally don't notice you at all when you're walking a dog. I usually walk my dogs at night and sometimes we stop to take a look at an interesting bug or spider web, etc while walking and no one ever gives us a second glance. Even if we're walking in a park that is supposed to be closed for the night we don't get much notice even by the cops. There is a suburb nearby where people hardly ever walk (no sidewalks in much of it) and if I walk there alone I get suspicious looks but if I'm with a dog, nothing. I guess people just figure we're walking our dogs so we can't be up to any mischief. Not sure how that works.
  12. Yes, I went back and did that for the caches that Ginger had visited, so I could keep track. Luckily I had been keeping a list of caches she visited for a Dog Scout badge I was trying to earn (yes, there is such a thing as Dog Scouts!) so it was pretty easy to go through them. That's great that you guys hiked that much! I love to see the little dogs getting out there. I had a foster Shih Tzu who was 9 lbs and he just loved hiking with the big dogs, and had no problems keep up.
  13. How do you know? You don't know my pets. Actually my dog Ginger DOES enjoy wearing clothes, because she knows it gets her extra attention and she loves attention/petting almost more than food. When I put a costume on her, she starts wagging her tail and gets excited and happy. My other dog doesn't care one bit if he is wearing something or not, he does not mind it at all, just keeps doing his usual thing...he could even be wearing a full outfit complete with hat and he will act just the same as if he is not dressed. Unfortunately this is really not the best for the Halloween costumes (I enter some costume contests for Halloween), as his usual thing is to barrel around like a steamroller and that causes a lot of wear and tear...
  14. I have only done this once. It probably looked really stupid because at the time I had an old GPS which looked like a cell phone circa 1993 or so... Usually if I see someone coming I quickly stash my GPS out of sight. I'm afraid of it getting stolen, as it's pretty much the most expensive portable item I own!
  15. I'm guilty of this! I have a travelbug I have had for quite a while, but I have not been caching for a long time (haven't visited this site in months until now) and I still have it. I kept trying to place it in caches when I had it and was caching, but I kept being thwarted either by too small containers or DNFs. I feel really bad but I did let the owner know several times that I still have it and it's not missing... I'm hoping to either find another cacher to take it who goes out more often or get myself in gear and find a cache that is actually big enough. Unfortunately all the new caches I've been reading about in my area seem to be micros (and not all labelled as such.)
  16. I know, that's why I did not make any mention of selling or offering anything for sale or post any commercial links that offer anything for sale. I just posted a photo of my dog wearing the t-shirt that I made for my own dog, it's one of a kind! Now, if other people wanted to reply and ask me if the design is available I have no control over that...
  17. I don't know, I think a hamster would have a lot of fun in a cache... They love to chew, and there's plenty of interesting things to chew inside a cache. They like dark places to curl up and sleep in-- you've got that as well. If they get bored, unless it's an ammo can they'll eventually chew their way out.
  18. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dogs. They're the ultimate caching "camo"! If you have a dog with you, no one will look twice. I've wandered all over with my dogs when caching and when just exploring/walking them including wandering about in the woods, stopping under a underpass with a flashlight at night (we were checking out some neat spiderwebs), shining a flashlight across a canal or into the tall grass in a park, walking in a neighborhood where no one ever goes anywhere on foot (no sidewalks) and other things that are often more suspicious than geocaching (usually just us checking out some interesting bug, plant, or other feature in the urban landscape.) As long as you have a dog no one seems to think it's strange. I've never once had a cop stop us for suspicious behavior. We've have police cars pass by when we were walking in a park after closing and they didn't make a peep. The only times I've ever been approached by an officer when I had my dogs with me were: Once when the cop wanted to compliment me on my dog's training; the second time when we were walking down into an under-bridge bike path, a police car drove up behind us and they called out to ask us if we had seen a homeless man sleeping under the bridge with a dog (we hadn't.)
  19. This is the most expensive TB I've owned. Has cost me over $2000 just in the past month... Worth every penny, though. If you're reaaaally curious and are wondering why so much $$$ recently you can find out by reading the most recent entry in my livejournal. Sorry, I'd post about it here but I'm just too tired of repeating the story as I am a member of a bunch of sites and have been trying to keep everyone updated.
  20. That one sounds like it's going to end up looking like my keychain "collection"... When I was in grade school I liked to collect keychains and to keep from losing them I just strung them all together. I stopped adding to it in high school but I still have it around (I should start adding again as I have many more keychains now!) It has about 52 keychains on it and weighs somewhere over 5 lbs.
  21. Hey everyone! I made my Golden Retriever Ginger a geocaching t-shirt. I wanted to see what other people thought of it! I think it turned out really well. I made Ginger (my dog) a travel bug (here's a link) mainly so I could keep track of the caches that she has visited but also so people can note it if they meet us. So, I decided to put that on her t-shirt and that way people who see her would know that she has a travel bug tag... I was a little worried when I bought the tee that it might not fit her because I know sometimes dog sizes are way off and end up too small for the larger dogs, but it fits surprisingly well on her slim but deep-chested frame. It also is a lot longer (down her back) than I expected it to be. Image/info removed as I was told the content was not allowed... ETA: Well, if anyone wants to see Ginger's t-shirt check her travel bug's photo gallery, link above.
  22. Well, I often pass places and say "Oooh, that would be a good place for a geocache!" Last week I went to a Whole Foods fair/festival thingie and when I signed up for their e-newsletter, they gave out this square waterproof money holder/water-wallet thing (sized for an ipod.) As soon as I got it I thought it would make a great micro container, so I made my family go and sign up too so I could get 2 more of them! I also have several other dog-related additions (dog sports- agility, carting, etc...) It looks like maybe a Basset Hound to me...
  23. Yes, you could probably train a dog to sniff out tupperware or ammo boxes. I also was going to mention dogs as my "cover". No one notices you when you have a dog with you. I swear, you could be dragging a body-sized garbage bag and no one would look twice... The cosp would probably smile and wave from their patrol car. And if someone DOES ask you what you're doing when you look like you're searching for something. you can always tell them you're looking for where your dog left a "present" so you can clean it up (helps if you whip out a baggie, too!) They'll probably leave the area immediately.
  24. Hey, Just wanted to let people know, if your dog is on Dogster.com someone has created a "group" for geocaching dogs. If you join you can send messages to other people with geodogs or post on the group forum. So if your geodog is on Dogster consider joining here: http://www.dogster.com/group/grp_page.php?g=3907
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