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  1. Please don't leave caches which are almost certain to become geo-litter very quickly while you are traveling. Placing a well-located cache in your new home area after you get settled is a much better way to commemorate your trip and one that you'll be able to properly maintain yourself. Be sure to read through the Guidelines for hiding a cache before placing a cache, as others here have suggested. Have a safe trip and take some time to enjoy some of the great caches and earthcaches you'll be passing along your journey.
  2. The event details will be posted soon, but you'll want to keep your calendar open for the September 26-27 weekend on the Long Beach Peninsula! After eleven years of hosting annual Halloween themed events in the northwest corner of Washington, I'm switching things up with a late September event in my new back yard in the southwest corner. Look for about 150-200 new caches with something for everyone, beach bonfires and pirate treasure. It's going to be EPIC! Thank you, TravisL, for adjusting the date of the Quincy CM to accommodate all the folks that have already booked hotel and timeshares for the end of September event in Long Beach.
  3. I've just published the event. I noticed that you've got the date of the event wrong in your first post of the thread, June 21 instead of September 27. You should probably edit that sooner than later! I have posted the event and other information on the BCGA website -- as soon as a moderator approves it, you'll see it on the home page: BCGA website
  4. I am the reviewer who published the cache that is being discussed here, and I've just archived the cache with this note of explanation:
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