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  1. Sounds like the RAM may be the way to go. I don't think I would want to move it to another vehicle very often, so having it stay stuck for weeks or months is good. Is it fairly universal (for gps types) and where is a good place to get it (I didn't notice one on e-bay)?
  2. That RAM mount sure does look beefy. Does it interfere with your vision much?
  3. I am looking for a mount to hold my 60cs while in my car. I see some cheap ones on E-Bay which fit many (to most) models of GPS. The main two types I have seen are a suction cup type for the windshield and another tht clips to the dashboard vent. Has anyone tried either of these two types and if so, how have they worked out? Do they break quickly (since they are cheap) or do they seem to work well? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. I am at 20 caches in my 4 month geocaching career, with 3 hides. Also am now on my third GPS, that trend will have to stop or the wife will send me packing!
  5. Great, thanks for the answer Andy & Robin!!!
  6. Does anyone know if Mapsource Metroguide USA is compatable with the 60CS? I just got the 60CS yesterday but would rather not buy the recommended City Select software if the Metroguide ver 4.01 that I already have will work. I don't really care if its not the latest software as long as it does function without locking up the gps. Thanks
  7. Played in a local golf tournament yesterday on a beautiful sunny Colorado morning. Shoveled snow today and did my taxes on a not so sunny Colorado Sunday. Guess which day was the better!
  8. Certainly everyones affordability varies when it comes to setting up a cache. Like others I spend $10 to $20. I also try to add the free stuff like corporate logo merchandise which can be pretty cool and adds to the true value of the cache but saves on the cost.
  9. Geocaching - A 21st Century Treasure Hunt
  10. I had my first DNF today because I got chased off by a groundskeeper after five or so minutes of searching because it was on private property (a church) and the listor did not have permission. Hopefully my DNF post will alert others to the problem with this cache before they decide to go after this cache in case it takes the owner awhile to correct the situuation (I also e-mailed the owner). Kind of a crummy way to get a DNF. I am certain I would have found it if I had a bit more time.
  11. I look at as a great pastime to spend with friends outdoors (like golf, my greater passion). It has gotten me back into hiking which I haven't done in years and now realize how much I missed. As for where its going I would think it will grow significantly for a few years as more people hear about it, but, fear it will as someone else stated, somehow get commercialized. Free listings will likely be the first thing to go. I also hope that public areas like National Forests don't become off limits to caching, but fear that too will get spoiled someday. Guess I sound a bit like the glass is half full don't I?
  12. It might make a cool geocachers mailbox! (Although you may need to explain it to the neighbors and USPS)
  13. I just got a Garmin Etrex Vista from Amazon.com for $200. It's the best price I have seen. They also give $30 off if you sign up for their credit card (which you can then cut up). It amazes me to see the prices people are paying for used units on E-Bay. It's often more than you would pay for a new gps.
  14. I would think if a cache went at least 6 months without being visited and somebody contacted me to take it offline so they could put one in the same area I would be inclined to do so. Otherwise I would let it go for years as newcomers like me who discover geocaching would have more options to look for. (of course this assumes it stays maintained).
  15. That is what I feared, kinda changes my plans for tomorrow
  16. Can a physical cache be hidden in a wilderness area. The geocache guidelines state not in a site administered by the National Park Service, but, a wilderness area within a National Forest is run by the Forest service. Is it therefore OK, or does it violate the geocache rules? Does the "leave no trace" issue get in the way?
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