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  1. After I installed GSAK and downloaded a few LOC. files I got this Geocaching.com api error message. "Cache download limit has been exceeded." What did I do? What does it mean? How do I fix it? I can't find any info in the Help section.
  2. Ok so this is a full newbie question. I’m using the iPhone App on an iPhone 4s with a very limited data plan. I saved some caches to an “Offline List”. If I set the phone to “Airplane Mode”, I can still access the cache info and navigate. Does doing so use any of the data from my plan or is it a separate GPS function?
  3. We want to hand make my own token like coins. We were wondering if there are any rule as to what to put on them or leave of. We're thinking some kind of design on he front and our GC name and date placed on the back. Non-trackable just for fun / swag.
  4. While searching the cache list, I see ones that are part of the "IGO Series". I can't find anything online that tells what the IGO Series is. Any ideas on where to find info?
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