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  1. Is there a way to flip the screen on an eTrex20? If I have my GPS hanging on my clip the screen is upside down when I look at it.
  2. I'm planning a road trip to the North East Coast of the US. I'd like to do some caching while on the trip. Where can I find maps for my GPS?
  3. What is the school of thought on FTF's at events? Does the first person there get credit or not?
  4. I use GSAK to move my PQ's onto my eTrex 20. I've been doing it that way since July and have had no issues with it at all.
  5. I have some questions about my eTrex 20 that the weak manual provided by Garmin can’t answer. Maybe the experts here can help. While scrolling through my eTrex 20 I went to “Where To” and then “Extras”. In there I found databases like “Found – Unavailable, “Found”, “Finds” and FTF. In those locations is an assortment of caches. How did they get there? How can I update it? I use GSAK to put caches on my GPSr and also have Base Camp installed but I can’t find the databases on either of them. Any ideas?
  6. I'm trying to set up some alerts but I seem to be limited to a 49 mile radius. If I put in a distance above 49 miles (let's say 75 mile) it resets to 49 miles when I save it. Is this a hard limit for or is it a setting I can change?
  7. If you use GSAK to load them, delete them from the database. You can do them one at a time or in a bulk delete. Then close GSAK to update the database and reopen it. Then send the waypoints to your GPS like you normally do and it'll be updated. I do it all the time. PM me if you need help.
  8. I have the same issue. I set up the alert and got the verification notice but the link doesn't work. Yahoo mail will let me forward mail but I have to forward ALL of it. I can't select what to forward. I really don't want to set up yet another E-Mail account(Gmail) to make this work.
  9. We received our names 1. Participating Date - 21 October, 2013 2. Received Name Date - 14 November, 2013 3. Mission Complete Date 4. Mission Received Date
  10. 1. Participating Date October 20 2. Received Name Date 3. Mission Complete Date 4. Mission Received Date x2 for me and my Wife.
  11. Ok so I had several geocache finds before I started using my eTrex 20. I logged them as always on the website. I used GSAK to move all my previous finds to the eTrex. They show on the map on my GPS as found. When I connect my GPS to Base Camp however, the only ones that show as found on the Base Camp map are the ones I have marked as found on the GPS not the ones I had before. If I go to the Base Camp map and mark them found I can't edit the found date. How do I make them right?
  12. Does anybody know if there is a size (capacity)limit for the eTrex 20? Will a 32gig card work in it?
  13. I just got my new eTrex 20 and love it. I downloaded some TOPO maps for the treks into the woods but I'd like something with streets to use for my urban cache and dash runs. Any suggestions? Free would be great.
  14. I use GSAK to manage my PQ's. Move all your PQ results to one database and you can transfer them all at one time. So far I've Moved a total 1800 caches from 6 different PQ's to my eTrex 20 without any issues. This weekend I used Basecamp and made a 17 cache route and followed it just as you plan with no issues.
  15. Ok so I got my new eTrex 20 yesterday. I did a PQ and added some caches via GSAK. I can't figure out how to delete some of them that I don't want. I'm set up using the Geocaching profile. Any ideas?
  16. Ok got it fixed. Thank for all the help.
  17. When you compare them head to head the 20 looks like a better deal. Does the GLONASS make any difference in thick forest areas?
  18. I'm really liking what I see and read about the eTrex 30. Any thoughts?
  19. Ok so I’ve been geocaching for a little while now. I’ve mostly used the iPhone app to find my targets. I have a limited data plan so the phone use is killing me. My backup is a Garmin eTrex (Original from 2010) It’s a pain to load coordinates one at a time and its not compatible with my computer anymore. So I’m in the market for an upgrade. I know on the new units I can download and store cache info but can I display multiple points on the screen at the same time? Right now I can sit in a parking lot and think “Gee I wonder if there are any caches close?” Pull up the phone app and check and off I go. If I DL let’s say 200 caches that are close to my home, can I do the same thing on the GPS screen? Will it show multiple targets for me to choose from? Any recommendations in the under $400 range?
  20. I've left everything in the default settings except a few attributed just like the tutorials say to do.
  21. I've gone through and checked each box one at a time. I even did the same PQ that they did in the tutorial on the PQ page. The only one I get results from is the "My Finds" that's at the bottom of the page.
  22. I've been trying to create a PQ since I became a premium member over a week ago with no luck. I've done the tutorial step by step along with about 20 youtube videos. No matter what boxes I check or uncheck or how I configure it I get "0" caches found. Am I stupid or something?
  23. When I do a PQ to show my finds it comes up with 0 found. I have 40 finds so far. What am I doing wrong?
  24. That's what I figured but I wanted to be sure before I spent the money only to find out it was a setup issue. Thanks!
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