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  1. I logged into to GC.com tonight to set up an event cache.

    For some strange reason I cannot see the option to create an event cache. Ive only got a few days left in the window to do so but this seems odd to me.??

    Is there a reason for this??


    Chris-Psychrn NZ

  2. Hi


    We are travelling to UK and Europe on a Trafalgar tour from New Zealand for a month early May to early June 2014.


    The trip starts with a free day in London, then 8 days through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales.


    After this we have 3 free days in London before an 18 day trip through Europe, whistlestop again so not much caching except in tourist traps. Our itinerary is London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rhine, Swiss Alps, Innsbruck (Austria),Italy - Venice (2 days), Sorrento, Rome (2 days), Pompeii, Florence, France - Nice (2 days), Lyon, Paris (3 days) where we fly back to New Zealand.


    ** We would like to get out of London for a while on our free days and cache somewhere on the Thames Path and enjoy time at a riverside/ canalside pub - can anyone suggest somewhere easily accessible by public transport (please give station/ rough train details if possible) where we are reasonably close to London but will get an 'English countryside' feel beside the Thames or a major canal?


    ** Please also suggest any 'must do' caches in the main cities I've mentioned that may be quirky or unusual but close to the main 'tourist traps'.


    ** My partner Elaine is an ex-pat Brit from Nottingham but her genealogy is from Harrogate, the North Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District - we would also like to know of any special caches in these areas too thanks




    Chris and Elaine

  3. Here a few solved ones, message or email me if you want clues on the answers or the actual answer


    By Toutatis GC1MBNZ

    Seeking Geocachers in Jest GC1EJXQ

    Farmer in the Dell GC1CR0F

    IMEI GC25K9K

    Vote for Cabbage GC13D2A


    Fortunately we are not the owners of any of the puzzles listed above that you are offering to GIVE the answers away to or I would have far more to say to you. As it is, I will suggest that those interested in your posting add the abovementioned puzzles to their watchlists and note which geocachers are prepared to take you up on such offers - for interest sake, because it’s just a game, of course!

    It is one thing to give hints, quite another to give away solutions. Is the next thing you are planning to suggest that you nominate someone, to do the long walks and sign the logbooks for everyone, who can’t be bothered, so you can all claim them?

    It's a shame that an interesting idea for an Event cache (although exclusively for locals due to being set on a weekday) has come to this!


    As the Event cache owner we do not condone that the solns be given away in any form and none were during our forum as far as I can tell.

    Its up to individuals as to what they do between themselves though of course.

    During the event as far as I could tell

  4. After yesterday puzzle event in Hamilton I've come to the conclusion that there are lots of people in the Waikato who are having difficulty with puzzles.


    How about those interested subscribe to this topic and we can post our questions, answers and hints here.





    McCutchan Cache Clan


    Sounds like a scheme

  5. Yes your fun is just starting for sure.

    Other challenges for you-trying to get the FTF, Multi caches, as many as you can get in one day, those darn puzzle caches, your 1st TB and many more.

    Good to get out and about isnt it.



  6. Ive been using gpxsonar on an xda 2 FOR 4-5 months and have not long upgraded to an Imate Jasjar running WM5 and its the best software since sliced bread. There are still heaps for me to learn. Ive done the little file tweek where you add that config folder which means I can now keep my home co-ordinates intact.

    At the moment cant think of an improvement but ill volunteer to test.

    I use a 1 gb SDd card on my device. I use the Garmin 60c as my GPS unit. I use GSAK as my software of choice for most things when im not using Jasjar

  7. Hiya Folk,

    Just saw this thread and had to reply.

    Im from ZL Country and have been a Dxer since the Mid 70's. Im still quite young at 49 I hope.

    I started using Yaesu equipment FRG7, FRG 7000, Barlow Wadley and since the mid 80's a Sony ICF 2001D nwhich I believe is still considered one of the best poretable s/w receivers ever made.


    Alas though since late 90's since the advent of the Internet my interest has waned in the Hobby. Used to be a member of the NZDXRA and NZDXRL and I still moderate a specific Sony 2001D yahoo email group.

    These days Im more into the FRS/UHF CB here in NZ and the Scanner fraternity.

    Good to catch up with you all.




  8. I live in a middle size city in North island of NZ.

    I often go to a bigger city nearby-1 1/2 hrs drive and raid their caches and bring the TB;s down our way and place them in our local caches.

    Because Im relatively new to the Game ( 44) im quite motivated in all facets of it.

    TB;s certainly add an extra interest and I invariably do pick them up-even if its just to move it to another cache across town-for one it adds another number to my stats!!

    Generally I agree with all the reasons mentioned by various people

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