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  1. I was right clicking and hitting send to. Now I just moved them to the gpx file and they are now showing up in Basecamp with the geocache name and appear to have all the attributes. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it Barefootjeff.
  2. I am saving them on my computer then sending them to my GPX folder on the gps. But since I can't use the "send to gps" feature like they use to have. When I used that feature they came in as a geocache with all the attributes for a premium member in my geocache page. Now since I have to load them as a GPX I no longer get any of the attributes.
  3. When I download the cache as a GPX file it goes to my GPS as a waypoint. It no longer shows up as a geocache. I don't get any of the Premium member information. It only gets it listed as the GC code, is there any way to get it listed with the geocache name and all the information as I use to get when I could just do the "send to GPS" feature that is no longer available. I have a GPSMAP 64 My caches that I had loaded when the "send to gps" feature was enabled show up in my Geocache page with all the information but not the GPX files that are geocaches. Any help is appreciated.
  4. When the "send to GPS" feature was in place, if I attempted to add a cache that I had already loaded I got a window that said it was already loaded. Now when I add caches to my list I never get that notice. If I have already loaded one. Does anyone know if I am getting them loaded twice or is it just overriding a previously added one?
  5. Thought everything was working. I go to the cache, I hit "Add to List" I get the caches I want. I go to my list page. My list is named Illinois. It says I have 65 caches in my list. I make sure I have Garmin Express open. I go to the right hand side, open up the circle with 3 dots in it and hit "Send to Garmin".. In my GPX file on my gps it shows up as Illinois - BM5RCJ5.GPX instead of a GC.gpx file. It is only one cache and it is all writing. What is wrong? Why won't my caches show up in the GPS. If I hit map list as an option in the circle with 3 dots it shows them on the map.
  6. I was finally able to load a list onto my GPS. This just may work better. If I delete a list on the site with my GPS hooked up, does that remove those caches from my GPS? It would be nice to remove those caches all at once. Or should I continue to do that through Basecamp? Now should I go in and delete the Garmin Communicator Plugin? Or is it needed for other applications? If it is no longer needed why keep it? Thanks again for everyone's help.
  7. My new list page shows up in my dashboard today. Have no idea where it was last night.
  8. Yes it does. I think with your help and everyone else's I just may have it figured out. I think everything just clicked. Give me some time I will report back. What might seem simple to some takes others longer. I still like the send to GPS option better. Thank you
  9. I have Internet Explorer 11 I have done updates regularly on my GPS Map 64ST when I hit "download GPX" my only option is to open, save, or save as. If I hit save or save as it just puts it as a single file in my downloads. Then I have to go to each one to put the GPX file on my Garmin. So I end up with a whole bunch of single files to add. If I try to add it to a list it shows that it was saved but I have no idea where it is. If I go into my dashboard they are not there and if I made a new list when at the save to list spot that list does not show up in my dashboard. When I download the GPX file I have no option to save it to my GPS right then. What am I missing??? I am not tech savvy.
  10. I am using Windows Explorer. That is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I will see if I can find which version I have. Thanks
  11. I agree. This really now sucks. When I save a cache to a GPX file it just goes into my downloads. I have no option but to go to each one then send it to my GPS. When I try to save it to a list it shows it as saved but I have no idea where it went. I try to make a new list and it never shows up in my dashboard. How is this easy????? Send to my GPS worked great, was easy. Geocaching.com has now taken all the fun out of downloading caches.
  12. Tried that, my new list still doesn't show up. Their new system has sure taken the fun out of this.
  13. Okay this isn't working. I hit "send to list". I created a new list and sent it to that new name. I also went into my dashboard and created the same list name there because the new list name did not appear there. When I hit send to list and put the cache in the list it shows that it has been saved. But I can't find them any where. They don't appear in my dashboard list. I just don't understand how to do this. In my Dashboard The first thing listed is "MyLists" in bold type with a ? mark. The ? say my list are available on the Geocaching app. do I need to buy that app?
  14. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the help.
  15. I have a Garmin GPSMap64ST How do I save the GPX file into the Garmin folder? I don't get an option to send it to my GPS at all. The "send to GPS" was all I have ever done I know no other way. I am not total tech savvy. Thanks
  16. When I hit the Download GPX I get a window at the bottom of my screen to save or open. If I hit open I just get a mess of scrambled wording. Am I now suppose to hit save and have it go into a folder? Then retrieve it there? That is a total pain in the a**. They sure are not helping the download experience. Thanks
  17. When I go into a geocache. I use to have an option to "load to my GPS" Can anyone tell me why I do not have that option any longer? When I am at the map and go to a specific cache. Is all that is listed is Add to my list, Download GPX, and Log Visit. I no longer have the Load to my GPS option. I was wanting to download some specific caches and no long am given that option. Thanks for any help.
  18. I am a bit lost. Today when I go into the geocaching search for caches page - "find caches" on the drop down - and type a location such as Illinois it has a list of caches and just the the right of the list it says map these caches as it always has, but today it says "map the first 1,000 geocaches" and it is highlighted in green. This has never came up before. There are caches I downloaded yesterday that are not showing up in the list or on the map. I found several of these caches yesterday but now they don't show up so I can't log them. I am a premium member. Why are all the caches not showing up? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Since I had already posted about my Garmin 64, thought I would just post again in the same link. One day when I was looking for caches when I had the map up on the screen I was able to see all the caches that were in the area. That is not the case any longer. The only one that shows up is the one I am looking for. Does anyone know why that may have been and if it is possible to get that feature back? Got some great help before and thought I would try again. The 64 is so much more user friendly "for me" than my Oregon 450 was. Thanks for any help.
  20. I have 4 data fields on my compass page, one of them is distance to dest. I didn't have it on "lock on road" and I had taken it off "direct routing". Put it back to direct routing and went back out this evening and everything seemed to be working great. Thanks for your help.
  21. I have a Garmin GPSMAP 64st and was out geocaching yesterday. Everything was working fine until I got to a cache and the compass went haywire. The distance to destination bounced around from 150 ft-0 ft. The map worked just fine I could zoom in and out and it would take me to the spot. I then turned the unit off and on then recalibrated the compass and still the same. When I went off geocaching mode the compass works just fine. I checked for an update but nothing new. Has anyone else had any issues and what if any is the fix. Mine is only about 2 months old.
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