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  1. Great - thanks Also, I can by used and save $0.41 !! Used first aid kit.... cool....
  2. Yeah, that Coghlans #0002 is the one in that cool Coglans yellow. I checked Campmor before I posted here and couldn't find it. Searched again under first aid kit and Coghlans with no luck. I'll check garts and that Wally World if I get desperate. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know where I can find those personal first aid kids that came in a pocket sized plastic container? White, translucent, two piece plastic container, with a male/female sleeve - curved to fit in a hip pocket. Smaller than the decon boxes Anyone know where I can find these or actually, just the box? Not looking to use it as a cache, but they are sooo handy for carrying the little things that I'm always misplacing in the dark corners of my pack. Thanks.
  4. Easy GPS and a cable you're ready to go. I've tried to enter the coordinates by hand, about half the time I mis-entered the coordinates - that's no fun in the field. do a google search for blue hills innovations, they have cables for your etrex for $15.
  5. Interesting - but nothing on this issue has been published since the 1999 story by one journalist. It would make since that such caches exist(ed?) though. I like the use of the red text with the statement that Louis Freeh confirmed the possibility that similar explosive devices could be buried in the U.S. I can also confirm the possibility that Heidi Klum will cancel here engagement in order to pursue a long term relationship with my brother (I'm spoken for) I hope nobody left anything in old ammo cans.....
  6. Identify and locate culvert locations, water and soil sampling locations..
  7. They may be hungry after the search. Perhaps some Spotted Dick Pudding I found a can at Cost Plus for $5. It will be going into a suitable cache this spring.
  8. There's a couple of caches that I want to go after w/o the little yellow brain in my palm. Map and compass skills start to get rusty if you dont use them eh?
  9. Thanks for the history on this issue. I was wondering the reason for that. It seems silly, but at least there is some reason. I still have a few edged tools that may find their way into a suitable cache.
  10. Looks like some miscommunication going on - meth lab garbage has been around for a long time - we had training on it with the Forest Service in Oregon circa 1992 when we were seeing labs in our forest. Like any chemical dump, you don't want to mess with it - and you want to be able to recognize it. The Washington DEC news release looks like good info for the general public. Re: Urban Legends... I think Davester & Ibycus were referring to the death by cooler.... and I share the skepticism.... (Hazmat certified responder/worker for 12 years) Regardless, good information and something we should think about.
  11. Classic! Watch out for them on roller skates with rockets tied to their back.
  12. I've bought two cables for an e-trex at Blue Hills Innovations. They were about 1/2 the price of Garmin's cable and shipping was included. Got the cables in a couple of days and they work flawlessly. http://www.blue-hills-innovations.com/blmstr.htm They may have something for your application.
  13. If you can't send anything, check to see if something else is using your Com port. If you have a Palm Desktop and your Hotsync is enabled, this could cause a problem. Close the Hotsync and see what happens. I read this post after I was having problems with my e-trex not talking to my desktop via the serial port. Disabled my palm Hotsync manager and Voila! Hotsync manager was reserving my serial port even though I sync through USB. Thanks much!!
  14. No problems at all with Amazon.com They have a 30-day money back guarantee - I used it for an electric razor that I didn't like. The return was super easy (print a postage paid label off the website and drop box in mail). I'd prefer to buy from a small business but would definetlyuse amazon over the box super stores.
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