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  1. All interested will be given oppertunity to trade I mainly made these to trade. I will however sell to those I am uninterested in trading with. No, I won't jack the price. Bone1977
  2. FYI *Not Listed in the Ad* I'm throwing in one of my personal coins. Wooden and only 25 made. Bone1977
  3. Buy my coin at the e-place $1.00 starting bid no reserve. There were only 150 minted. None were sold at geocoinstore. They are being issued to MSGA members only. Bid now. http://cgi.ebay.com/Mississippi-Geocoin-Me...1QQcmdZViewItem Yes this is mine check the ebay ID. Bone1977
  4. I would love to trade. I have many that I want. One might be yours, would have to see it though. Will be up for trading afte the sale. Bone1977
  5. I finally got a proof for you guys to see. I hope you guys think it is as cool as I do. The icon for the coin is on the bottom of this post look closely. Let me know what you think. Bone1977
  6. Both Metals forsale on same day. 250 of the silver and 150 of the gold. If they sell out I'll have 25 of each for sale or trade and 25 of each to keep and put out.
  7. Here is the final art work being used for my new coin. The Geocoin store has not given a sales date, I'll post when I know, so enjoy the final art while you wait.
  8. UPDATE: There will be 500 coins in total. 300 regular edition in polished silver and 200 limited edition in gold. Groundspeak has approved the prelim. art and icon. I'll post again when I have a proof to post. Bone1977
  9. It will have its own Icon it should look like a smaller version of the the coin's front. Bone1977
  10. Just an update for you coin hounds. I have been in contact with The Geocoinstore, and we've deciced to make 500 of these coins. I have a prelim proof for you. I might have some LE made of this one as well. Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you want to trade. Bone1977
  11. Was just piping up to let everyone know that a new trackable geocoin is due out in a few weeks. It is pirate inspired with black enamle and is done in polished silver and will be avalible from The Geocoinstore. I figured I'd let everyonone know since there are only 300 being minted. When I get more information I'll post back. Bone1977 <Link removed by moderator. Feel free to link directly to your coin when it's available>
  12. A Point of Origin (P.O.O.) is where something begins, like a trailhead. Bone1977
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Bone1977
  14. Anyone know any good caches off of 20 between Mississippi state line and Ashville? Going through the area next weekend and would like the help. Thanks, Bone1977
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