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  1. I too fell that there seems to be a geooin for just about everything these days. But the great thing about our market is that it will only bare what consumers are willing to pay or buy. It still seems like many collectors are more than willing to buy up the coins. I'm not in it to collect every coin that is out there. I mostly prefer personal geocoins. I'm not really into collecting group coins. If I see a coin that is pretty cool that isn't a personal geocion but it does interest me, I'll buy it.


    However, I differ on the "numbers" restriction. We've been caching since Dec 2004. But we only have 21 finds. We cache as a family (with small children). We are not the type of cacher to go out and get 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. caches in one day. Rather we make a very nice and enjoyable day out of it. Most of the time we only get one cache in a weekend. Once we did three in one day. The kids hated it and we weren't able to enjoy the day. So we do not do marathon caching. We also don't cache that much in the winter because we don't like being out in the cold weather. Hunting season here is hudge. We refuse to take the kids out into the woods during hunting season for fear they will get shot. So, does this make us any less a cacher? I would think not. I understand that some people may be taking advantage of the sport just to make a profit from geocoins. However, many of us are legit cachers who just wanted to create a geocoin.


    To us, it's not about the numbers. It's about having something fun and exciting to do with our children.


    I agree wit you. I am however a marathon cacher. I can only do it so often, so when I do I find between 25 and 30 at a time. I love the hiking and the hunt. I don't think there should be a restriction on making a coin, I do however frown upon making them for a profit.



  2. I have 345 finds in under a 2 year period. I felt that after 300 finds it should be all right for me to make a personal coin. Also when I contacted the Geocoinstore I told them up front that I didn't want to make a huge profit or one at all, I just wanted a nice looking coin. I have noticed other cachers who have more coins made than they do finds, who charge way more than the asking price of my recent coin.


    Just my 2 cents.



  3. I talked with the Geocoinstore this afternoon. The coins should be there by the 31th of this month and will ship out soon there after. I am super happy with how these turned out. I will be shipping out trades as soon as they are in hand. Thank you to all of you for making this sale a success.




    As a side note: I am currently looking into having a very limited run of these coins made in solid silver. If enough of you are interested let me know, and I'll see what we can do about getting that done. I think a few floating around would be bad to the bone :mad:




    I might definitely be into that depending on price... Should only be 2 oz or so correct???


    Correct! I emailed Mike at the GCS about it and maybe a few other very limited runs in other metals. I want to have a few to send to othe states to go out in caches.


    Hey Bengeo'n If you can't get a gold tomorrow let me know I'll have a few after the sale for trade.



  5. Way to go, Bone! I hope tomorrow's sales go even faster for you. Too bad you were not able to make our March meet & eat, or the NELA event yesterday. I would like to meet you sometime, have enjoyed your hides a whole bunch (been humbled by them, also)!




    I'm a bit sad that I missed those, but I have been really enjoying spending time with my new daughter. I hope to meet you at the next Meet and Greet. in April. I'll be posting about it some time soon.


    As a side note: I am currently looking into having a very limited run of these coins made in solid silver. If enough of you are interested let me know, and I'll see what we can do about getting that done. I think a few floating around would be bad to the bone :mad:



  6. Here is a list of coins that I'm interested in. Please forgive me if I'm stupid and didn't call them what they are called.


    Coin Want List


    Will trade 1 regular edition for 1 regular edition and 1 limited edition for 1 limited edition or 1 limited edition for 2 regular editions.


    1. Temecula Valley Geocaching Association

    2. Red Handed (All metals?)

    3. San Francisco (All metals?)

    4. DNF (All metals?)

    5. 2006 Compass Rose

    6. Love Geocoin

    7. Lighthouse Geocoin

    8. Legend of Bigfoot

    9. Scotland

    10. Cache the Fever

    11. Geographic Center of Australia

    12. Shamrock Geocoin (Not Frarah Family)

    13. Lewis and Clarke Benchmark

    14. Mississippi limited edition black nickel

    15. Cointown (All metals?)

    16. Gold screw coin

    17. North Dakota Horseshoe

    18. Hawaii

    19. Hawaii (pineapple)

    20. Geographic Center of North America

    21. 7th Sun

    22. Team Thorny

    23. England Egg (All metals?)

    24. Appalachain Trail Limited Edition

    25. Prime Meridian

    26. Frozen bone

    27. 100 Travel Bug coin

    28. Celtic Cross

    29. Kansas tornado coin

    30. Columbia

    31. Geocoin Club Benchmark coin

    32. New York, New York Geocoin (Status of Liberty)

    33. Florida

    34. North Dakota Deputy Cacher

    35. Nevada

    36. Cachekids

    37. Chef Cachealot

    38. Texas Bluebonnet (All Metals?)

    39. Greenman coin

    40. Pirates of Harriman 2005

    41. Faultline Geocoin

    42. U.K. Geocoin

    43. Silver Mark

    44. Crop Circle

    45. Finland

    46. 4 corner benchmark

    47. Definitive Series (All 3 coins)



  7. :) I thought I was going to die when I slid 40 ft down a cliff face with railroad tracks at the bottom when I did Back To Buzzards Rock. Thank God for roots. Thats what I get for trying to take the shortest route to the next cache. Will there be a lock on the first sale for people that have passwords? or will it be open to everyone?..I've got to have one..just started collecting and don't have many to trade.



    I think the whole password thing is a joke, so in a word no. If you are interested in having a coin show up when they go on sale. If you are still unable to get one and you don't have anything to trade contact me after the sale and I'll sell you one for the same price as the ones on GCS's site. I do realize that some people want their friends to have one of their coins, so why not just sell them one after the sale if they couldn't buy one then . Like it says in the coin description this isn't really a personal coin. As you have probably noticed the coin has no geonick on it and it's not called bone1977's personal coin. I have yet to see a skull-shaped coin, so here is one. I hope you guys enjoy this coin as much as I do, because it turned out way better than I thought that it would. Kudos to you Geocoinstore.



  8. This one looks great.

    I have sometime worried

    about the Die part when I've been


    Hope this coin brings me some luck. :)


    I totally know the feeling I have been there and done that way more than I would ever like my wife to know. I even did a cache on the side of a huge drop off in the dark above a busy road in the rain. shhhh!! Don't tell her.



  9. Almost for got there are 300 Silver being minted and 200 gold. I will be getting 50 of each after the sale and am open to trades after the sale ends I will be posting a list of coins that I would like to trade for. I do have a few of you down already, but if you would like me to make sure I have you post here and I will make a list.





  10. Yes folks that's right it is finally ready to sell. Here are the links.


    Limited Edition Gold




    Regular Edition Silver




    Please be aware that if it sells out that night it will again be offered the following day at 12:30 PM. So, if you are over seas and want one you will not be left out.





    My coin is being made as I type this. I just finished up the paper work and it should be posted in the next few days. The sales are set for March 19, 2006 at 8:30 Cetral Standard time and March 20, 2006 at 11:30 Central Standard time. I did this so our European friends can get in on the fun too. Coins are $7.00 each. 175 silver coins and 75 gold coins will be sold in each lot for a total of 250 silver coins and 150 LE gold coins. Please keep an eye on this thread for the link to the description page. As always CACHE OR Die Trying!!


    Feel free to ask me any questions.



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