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  1. okay... so far so good. Bit of reflection but if I tilt it, it's okay - far better than the nuvi I have. Full test tomorrow!! For the bike, I am buying a tilting bike bracket if I can find one.
  2. Clever hider, I say. You expected it under a pile of rocks with a dead log on top. They tried to foil you
  3. Thanks for the tips. I await FedEx impatiently and hope the clouds go away! I wear polarized sunglasses, I will check with them too They are Rx so don't want to have to take 'em off, get my specs out, check the GPS, take my specs off, put on my sunglasses... or I could just teach kids how to use it and I follow.
  4. Thanks guys! I'd read several people mention a sunlight issue, hence my question to just boil it down to that one issue. I decided to take the plunge & order the 450 from Amazon. It arrives tomorrow so I will play with it and if we have a bright day, I can test out my worries. I am leery of touchscreens from past experience with other devices (sunlight and sensitivity) but I was also being outvoted at home (though *I* am the one with my face in the map when we are out so *I* should get the final say so LOL) Bamboozle, lol I have spend nearly all week, every spare minute, reading about GPS. Also spend hour upon hour trying to get MapSource to work with free maps, only to find my W7 64 bit is a nightmare with it, so I also shelled out for the 450T b/c I figured the 6 hours at work rate it was just cheaper to buy the darn maps thanks again.
  5. Bamboozle, the CSx was what I wanted originally but I was concerned that in 6 months I'd just want to spend a few hundred dollars more for paperless. I am currently paperless but with 2 devices. I've read hundreds of pages of reviews, spent more $$ in time reading than the things cost. What I couldn't find were specific comparison of this question of these 2 units. If there are threads with the same question of these 2 models then I missed them when I was picking through the hundreds of other things to learn about them.
  6. Narrowed my choices down to these 2 devices; seems from their features they are very similar. Most of this now seems to be coming down to small detail, so wonder if anyone can help sway one way or the other. Might seem minor but I don't want to make an expensive mistake. My main question is about the screen. I like the larger screen on the Oregon but I am concerned about reflectiveness of the touch screen and how sensitive is the screen? I like the sensitivity of the touchscreen on my Nuvi but not on other products. I assume loading maps, paperless geocaching and accuracy are pretty much the same on both? Is there anything else that's particularly different that I should consider? Thanks! Danielle
  7. My car GPS (Garmin nuvi) has a USB hookup, so I can download the caches to it. See if yours is capable of that.
  8. thanks! Yes, it's a features chart I wanted. I've read lots of reviews here and on Amazon. I think I have narrowed it down to a few devices Garmin 62s at the top of my list, but wanted to do a check of features so I don't miss an important feature or spend $$$$ on stuff I will never use - side by side charts are usually the easiest.
  9. I see charts comparing in-car GPS devices but I don't see any charts around that compare features of handhelds. Does anyone know of such a chart? Somethings on one chart price, size, capabilities, paperless etc etc
  10. Nice. I used mine last year with my 3G, logged into regular geocaching.com and worked from a list I'd made. I would make a Bookmark list on geocaching.com then navigate to it on my Kindle's browser, then bookmark it. When out and about, it was quick to pull up, scroll through my list and click, read, log visits. Totally paperless Didn't know about wap... lots faster. Great to see the video with GSAK too! Thanks!
  11. okay, yeah I didn't think about voice. So I keep my existing car gps which needs new maps too, and then upload to that too for getting from place to place. In that case, would I need city nav for the handheld? I will look into Talkytoaster too...
  12. Thanks. Regarding the SD cards, do they then load to the device or are you always accessing them from the SD? In other words, you take them in and out, or once loaded they are on for good? And with city navigator, that would eliminate my need even for the car GPS for route navigation, I assume?
  13. My family and I are light geocachers but would like to do it more throughout the year. We've managed so far with a Garmin Nuvi 1200 for GPS, and my Kindle 3G for paperless hints/ logs. It's not ideal, the GPS can be very iffy, and I'd like to do it all with one device to lighten the load. I am considering buying the Garmin GPSMAP 62S but it's really at the top end of my budget, so before I buy, I wonder what else would I need to purchase to be able to get right to it & make it my one and only device when we leave the house? I can see what *is* included on the specs, but what might I still need (other than a screen protector and carry case)? Thanks!!
  14. I've had a Kindle for 2 years and last Summer used it for geocaching, I have lists of caches to visit that I bookmark in my Kindle, and then I can also do my logs! http://ereader1.blogspot.com/2010/09/kindle-for-reading-and-geocaching.html
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