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  1. My mom lives 3 hours away from our house. I told my kids we were going to visit Grandma and they wanted to know if we were really going to visit Grandma or were we going GeoCaching and it's toward Grandma's house!
  2. Cav Scout We had decided on 50 members and we are full MamaMouse P.S. I sent you an email ... did you get it?
  3. I have been lurking in the background watching your event unfold. I would love to meet you guys when you come to Alaska! How exciting! MamaMouse
  4. Randy I sent payment for 2 coins. Can't wait to see them! MamaMouse
  5. I downloaded the add-in and the script and then tried to view the map picture and I got a pop-up asking me what I wanted to do with the file. The pop-up said the file was an: application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml application. I tried it on travel bug TBJVDW which has traveled From Alaska to Florida to New Zealand. I also tried it on several other less traveled bugs, but I get the same result. Did I miss something? Nevermine .. I figured it out.. Duh ... have to install Google-Earth. Silly me. Now it works great!
  6. I had that same problem and I found a tuturoil at a Maryland GeoCaching website that shows you how to fix that. Going Paperless On Your Palm
  7. That is such a cool idea about the wooden nickel! I know my mice kids do not like to leave the really nice metal coins in the caches (Insert picture of MamaMouse prying the coins from the mice fingers!) The wooden nickel idea would work great! Let me know if you need any help with anything to keep this project going!
  8. Hello Clyde Thanks again for the program. I really love it. I would like to know if there is a way to import the information from my Palm (Using CacheMate) back into GSAK? The export feature in GSAK works great to convert the file into CacheMate format! The file goes right into CacheMate when I sync, but how do I get the info about the caches I found back into GSAK? I saw the import option on the menu, but it wants a GPX file and the CacheMate file is not in that format. Is there a way to convert it back to GPX format? The only export feature I found from CacheMate is export notes. I know that CacheMate is not your program, but I would appreciate any knowledge you have to help me out concerning the interface between the two.
  9. Can I still order some? If so, I would like two. MamaMouse
  10. I just wanted to add to Daddy Lady Bug's Parks Highway list, Little Willow (GCPFQW) cache. I know Daddy Lady Bug and the Lady Bug Kids have not had to opportunity to test out the cache yet, but that’s because they keep flying back to Fairbanks! This cache is conveniently located in Willow, along the Parks Highway, south of the Talkeetna Cuttoff, but before Wasilla. It is a good cache for kids and for those adults needing to stretch their legs for a nice 10 - 15 min walk.
  11. When we first started GeoCaching, my youngest asked me if there was a GeoCache at the end of the rainbow. Maybe we can work the saying into a GeoCoin design. Just an idea.
  12. The Mouse clan would like to be included. We are definately interested in the Alaskan coin club if that takes off also. MamaMouse and 3 Mice Kids
  13. The Mouse clan would like to join. Please sign us up for the coins. MamaMouse and 3 mice kids.
  14. The Alaska GeoCoin was our first, but my little ones absolutely loved them. I am positive they would be up for this new coin. The design ideas sound great! Keep me posted and let me know if you decide to go through with the idea and get some made. MamaMouse and three Mice kids
  15. I just placed a cache in the Willow area. Easily accessable and good for kids, too. Please see Little Willow (GCPFQW). Willow is South of Fairbanks and North of Wasilla along the Parks Highway. Since it is new, I don't think the LadyBug Kids knew about it yet! MamaMouse
  16. Are you planning on coming down to AnchorTown if NorthWes arranges an event? If so, you might be able to save on the shipping & distribution for a few of us that don't mind waiting a couple extra days. MamaMouse
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