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  1. Thank you for taking the time from your schedule to see this thing through. I haven't even scratched the surface of this game yet, but understand how terribly frustrating it must have been for the entire Geo-community up there for the last few years. Hopefully, Paul will reach out and try to make ammends for the damage he has done now that everything is in the open.
  2. Greetings Everyone! I hope to run into a few of you while I'm out and about. Thanks for making me feel welcome.
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing if there has been anything resolved today, or if there will be another postponement.
  4. How's this one? "Just AnnEli Cat" (Just an alley cat) -Steve-
  5. ''I also found a 450 on a site called thedigitialoasis.com for $337.13 with free shipping and they are an authorized garmin dealer here is the link http://www.thedigitaloasis.com/Shop/Contro...id/0/rid/134139"" I ordered mine on Monday, and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait! -Steve-
  6. Geez, IDK if I'd put a cache in the water near a dam, wouldn't want someone to drown.
  7. Hello! I didn't see a meet and greet heading, so I thought I would drop it in here. I'm brand new to Geocaching, but had my first find yesterday on my iPhone and I'm hooked! Used to do a lot of hunting when I was younger, but this will get me outdoors and I don't have to shoot anything other than pictures. Hope to meet with others in the Lorain county area of Ohio. Steve
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