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  1. Actually you do not have to copyright or trademark a coin design to be protected. If it is orginal it is yours. There may be some debate over who the specific owner is, but if it is unique it is yours. The more practical issue is what it takes to protect your rights, for coin designs it is probably to expensive to take legal action, but the community actually does a pretty good job of helping to protect designs. Southbayday is correct. The "poorman's copyright" system is still legal in court; although it may take some exta lawyer power to back it up.
  2. I am sorry for all the problems with the initial ordering, but it is all fixed now. Thanks to everyone for their support and understanding. Just restating: The statements in that blog have been based on speculation only. He has never contacted me directly to receive any details. Thank you for your kind words. I was hoping it would have worked better this time.
  3. The write up in that blog was pure speculation on their part. I wish people would ask before they write things like that.
  4. They are not sold out; only the portion I was able to get on there. I will be up all night working the issue.
  5. Sales have ceased for the night. The fire trucks have arrived to put the fire out in the server room and rescue the animals. Work will be done tomorrow to see what can be done for selling the rest. Sorry, but we tired.
  6. I kow this isn't much fum for everyone, but it's not so great on this end either. I really the wish the new site was woking, but the web gods do not love me.
  7. I still need everyone to log out of the site so I can get the coins loaded.
  8. Remember I said they will be released in batches. Will reminder that help? it will be like a time release asprin.
  9. the website has been refreshed over 1000 times since my last post. That is rediculous.
  10. We are lowering the amount of people that can access the site at one time to 15 people. Too many pepole are refreshing their pages too often that is causing the error. THis wil lsow sales, but will hopefully get it to work.
  11. They're making baby Jesus cry Thats not baby Jesus crying, that is me.
  12. Tech support is working on it, but there are too many people in there. I'll see if they can kick everyone out.
  13. Everyone needs to step away from the computer for me to be able to load the products. I can't log in if everyone is on at the same time.
  14. No paypal. That option will only be on the new website. Sorry. I wish I could.
  15. Hello, We are still in the design redevelopment stage. It is very close though. We will let the people on the mailing list know the status once we have the samples on hand. The website link DresselDragons posted will also have an upcoming update. I am meeting with the design owner this weekend. Thank you.
  16. Before the pricing rumors get too far out of hand: the coins will be $9.99 each. The only payment options are MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. I am sorry Discover people, but Discover charges way too much to process their credit cards. If you select to pay by check, the coins will ship when the check is received and cleared. If the check is not received within 14 days, than the order will be cancelled and the coins returned to inventory. Also, we will not be consolidating orders if you place more than one tonight or tomorrow. Since we will be processing orders quickly, we usually do not have time to sort through them and determine if some orders were placed by the same people close together. This will speed the shipping process so we can get them out as fast as possible and the sooner you can enjoy them. By the way, I please ask that some people put some of these in caches. It would be great to see a bunch of these traveling since that was the original intent of the compass rose series. Just my 2 geocents. Thank you.
  17. There is no limit per customer. However, despite popular belief, for most of our sales the largest orders are only for 10 coins, and there are usually only just a few of those. It is pretty rare for someone to order more than 10 of the same coin.
  18. Hello, In an attempt to minimize the problems like the last compass rose sale, we will distribute the available compass rose inventory over a period of time instead of having all inventory loaded at once. This means batches of the coins will be available later than the projected sales start time. We don't know how long that period of time will be since it will depend on the rate of sales as they occur. The website will only allow a certain number of people on the site at one time. Once the maximum is reached, the site will not show on anyone else's computer until people in the site complete their transactions. Please do not continually refresh your computer while awaiting the load of inventory or this will slow down your own chances of accessing the site. At some points, you may also notice the coins show as sold-out then re-appear as in stock. This is due to people placing incomplete orders on the site, their shopping basket resetting, and their obligated stock returning back into the inventory. Based on past history with the compass rose, this will happen many times. I just wanted everyone to kow that they do have a little bit of time with the sales, and so the newer people are familiar with why the site is reacting the way it does during the sale. But then again, we may only sell 20 compass roses the entire day and have inventory for a while. Who knows? Thank you.
  19. Hello, I am sorry you never received a response from us. We either did not receive the email due to filtration, or your email system rejected our email response. The invoice you received that is named "Web Services Plus" was from USAgeocoins for the satin gold compass rose coin. They are the only distributor of the satin gold coin. CoinsAndPins has not taken any pre-sales and will only offer the coin for actual sales on the website starting tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
  20. Hello, This message applies to both activated and unactivated coins for only these three coin series listed below. We have already been in contact with our clients about these coins: - Nomex personal geocoin - Zuma and Jesse personal geocoin - Brady Bunch Boys personal geocoin Details: We have discovered an error with duplicate tracking numbers etched on some of these listed coins that are the same tracking numbers etched on some of the other personal coins listed above. Unactivated coins: If you have one of these three listed coins in your possession or come across one that is supposed to be unactivated, please enter the tracking number at Geocaching.com and read the instructions listed on the coin's page about how to have this problem fixed and receive a new unactivated coin. Activated coins: If you have already activated the coin without any difficulties, then no action is needed on your part. We are sending an information email to your Geocaching.com account explaining the details. If you find one of these coins, and it is activated to a different coin than intended, please contact customerspt@CoinsAndPins.com so we can provide you with instructions on how to receive a replacement coin. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are thankful for your help in rectifying this situation and keeping the sound integrity of the geocoin tracking system. Thank you, The CoinsAndPins.com staff.
  21. I disagree with this. The geocoin thing has been going on for almost 3 years now. We all know what to expect wheather people think so or not. Thank you Hmm . . well I guess I do think it is uncharted waters because the state of geocoin making and collecting has evolved hugely over just the last year. - The very fact that you state "whether people think so or not" suggests that many are in fact, in uncharted territory. Disagree again. Once you start a business, there are certain standards and ethics that must be followed; it is not a matter of feeling things out for a while. We have certain business clients that we don't even have to ask if we can use their coins as samples, because we know just by the type of business they have that their samples should not be distributed by anyone but themselves. It is the same with geocoins and has been for at least the last 2 years. Of course there have been changes in the market, but the basics of business ethics has never changed. Disclaimer: Just to clear any possible misunderstanding, none of my posts in this thread are in any way directed or intended as an attack at any coin brokers.
  22. I disagree with this. The geocoin thing has been going on for almost 3 years now. We all know what to expect wheather people think so or not. CoinsAndPins.com has, and always has had, a firm policy to never distribute or release sample geocoins whether trackable or not. We make the customer firmly clear on how many coins were made and where they are going. Our employees are also very clear on our rules and policies of the control measures for our geocoins. We also do not set aside blank coins to fill shipping problems; we only set aside trackable coins (still part of the original quantity) for this. Here is what our website states in the copyright page, and has stated this for at least the last 2 years, but the policy has always been there. This policy is written in regards to both geocoins and non-geocoins: "Your coin design will not be available for sale to any one else; only you can order your coin even if it is listed on the web site awaiting an on-line payment. We keep tight control to not violate customer's rights of their designs. We will have production samples made for us to show at trade shows, possibly post as a photo on the web site or banners, or give out in limited quantities as production samples to show customers how specific processes look on a completed coin. We completely restrict geocaching products from being given out as samples unless specifically directed by the owner of the design. Any numbering sequences or codes on samples will be false numbers (example: "ACP0##", or "100") only to give potential customers the idea of how the quality of our etching looks." Here is an example: We just recently had a situation where we got our production quantity wrong on an order of personal geocoins we are reselling and 50 more coins were made than originally agreed upon. We asked the client if they wanted some extra free coins as compensation or if they wanted the extra coins destroyed. The client agreed on the extra coins. If they said they wanted the extras destroyed, then we would have gladly eaten the cost of it and destroyed them. And we did not try to influence the customer to just take the free coins to save us money. We made a mistake and we will fix it. We would never intentionally ruin the trust between us and our clients, especially when it comes to geocoins simply because of how the general geocoin public perceives the value of these coins. I guess one thing that helps us keep this control at CoinsAndPins is, in the past and currently, none of its owners and employees are coin collectors; so we have no interest in making extra coins other than for display. Not only that, but more than 2 extra coins is an unnecessary expense to the business. Even though I don't collect coins, I do understand how the general public feels about the market and would never think to do anything with our samples other than to display them or destroy them. No "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it. Nor would we ever make extras without the customer's knowledge. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you
  23. No...having "floater" coins is not standard practice for most geocoin brokers. It is standard to make a few display samples, but not the so called "floater" coins. The display samples are not used for anything but display. Our (CoinsAndPins) standard practice is to recycle the metal of any extra or defective geocoins that will not be used for strictly display. This is also untrue for most geocoin brokers. We (CoinsAndPins) consider any coin designs we re-sell as still owned by the client. If we wanted to make more, then we ask for permission from the client before proceeding, and offer additional compensation. I do not like how you have generalized the broker business with your opinions, especially since you are not as familiar with it as you think you are; and I especially don't like how you are misleading the public. Leave the true details of what is "standard" practice to those in the business instead of your skewed views.
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