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  1. Hello, You are correct about your data. However, we are always adding to the series. You can view the entire series at CoinsAndPins.com and keep up with them there. We do have plans for an FTF Geo-Achievement. The FTF Geo-Award is meant for people to find those coins in caches as FTF prizes. Thank you, Aaron
  2. I made a spelling correction to the link that Lumbricus set up in the post above, but it would not work in the forums because Groundspeak has the forums set up to always capitalize the word Waymarking no matter what you do. Therefore, you can go to CoinsAndPins.com, click on any of the category pages, and see the coin in the right hand column. If we run out early, Groundspeak will have plenty available.
  3. It is very sad news. He and I did several geocoin and Waymarking projects together over the years. He was very intelligent and always willing to help anyone. I will miss him very much.
  4. As we all play the game differently, my version of Waymarking is using it as a tour guide. When I travel to a location, I look up waymarks in the area to see what there is to do. Normally, the locals are great at Waymarking locations of interest that many people miss during their travels. This process also makes it easier to find neat locations when traveling because you don't have to cipher through the mass of garbage that shows up when you try to do similar searches on major search engines. I originally was not a fan of the fast food categories, but one day in Australia, it came in handy when we needed to find a fast restaurant before we had to get back with our tour group. I looked up the local waymarks on my phone and found a place right down the street. It was not an easy place to see in any other way because signs were not prominent in that town. I rarely log a visit or create waymarks anymore due to my busy schedule, but Waymarking.com is still my first choice of reference to find things to do when I travel.
  5. 500K commemorative coin is in the works. Update coming soon. I'm excited about it.
  6. By the way, for those of you who don't know about the joke of my boss: I am the boss.
  7. Thank you thebeav69 for taking one of the groups. I received an email for the other group; so now both groups are taken care of. It is tough for me to give up the groups, but it must be done. Also, thanks for your understanding about my boss. My wife can't stand him either. Too bad she has to work for him also. Aaron
  8. Hello, I am looking for people to take over two groups as leader: Lodge-Style Accommodations Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging Please email me or post here but, make sure you join the group so I can promote you. Let me know if you want both groups or one over the other. Regrettably, I must quit most of my groups because I do not have the time to manage them. It is not fair for me to hold onto them when I can't adequately run them. I had hoped to get back into Waymarking for the last six years, but work is far too busy to let me take care of them. I have a real jerk for a boss. Hopefully I can do it again someday since I really enjoyed Waymarking more than geocaching. For me, it is more about the location than anything. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I am bringing up an old thread from the dead. I just wanted to post an update about this incident since there were several people who were affected by this, rumors created, and projects delayed for long periods. After three years, the lawsuit is finally complete. The hosting company that brought us down for 3.5 months has settled with us during mediation. We didn't get much from it: just enough to pay the lawyer, mediator, and travel expenses (their company is obviously not very financially stable). However, in a sense justice was served since they did pay something for the damage they caused, but nowhere near the real value of it. Now we can put this behind us and press forward with our new projects. I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us through that difficult time. I had to read over this entire thread several times during the last three years since we used it as part of our evidence to show the damage caused in regards to customer confidence. The people who showed great patience, words of encouragement, and kind sympathy helped us to mentally get through it on our journey to make the offending company deal with their irresponsibility. Thank you very much! Aaron
  10. Hello, I am using the latest version of IE. Pocket queries worked fine the day before, but then stopped working yesterday and today. The error occures after I make the selections in the "new pocket query" page and then click to generate the query. The list of queries show up in the "Active Pocket Queries" page, but they do not generate in the "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" page. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I am recieving a 505 server error when I generate pocket queries. I tried it a couple of times and recieved the same error. The source code at the bottom reads: <!-- Server: WEB06; Build: Web.HotFix_20120523.2 --> Thank you.
  12. I m having the same issue. Logged out and tried again, same problem. Also tried it with my wife's account, same problem. The error code at the bottom of the source code is: <!-- Server: WEB15; Build: Web.HotFix_20120423.2 --> This error occurs when we try to log caches. Our logs are being posted, but our stats are not increasing and our trackables are not going into the caches' inventories.
  13. Hello, Everything with our website is working and has been running smooth for close to two years since that problem we had with our hosting company in early 2010. If you encounter any issues, you are welcome to contact us through our email, Facebook, or Google+. Thank you.
  14. Shoot me some ideas of how you want the coin to look and I will make them. Don't PM me (I don't read PMs). I made the previous Waymarking coins and have designed a few more. I never made the designs into coins because I was not sure if there were enough waymarkers who would purchase them to make it economically feasible. I also have a Waymarking Geo-Achievement coin series I was working on, but again, need to have enough people to buy them to be able to make it worthwhile to make them. So,throw in any ideas that you think will apply to enough people who would buy them and I will get the ball rolling.
  15. Hello, To answer your question about engraving, you can get Geo-Achievement coins engraved from: www.CoinsAndPins.com shop.SpaceCoastGeocachers.com www.CacheBoxstore.com www.GeocoinShop.de These are all lower cost alternatives than to going to a local engraving shop. There may be a few other distributors who do engraving on Geo-Achievement coins, but these are the only ones I know of at this time.
  16. Hello, I am sorry, but still no updates about our website server being restored. However, we have been receiving lots of emails about activation codes. So, keep contacting me through my profile to get your codes. Thank you.
  17. Hello, I was informed today that our website was made a priority to get back up and running. However, I am sure there are some other websites on the same server that are also a priority. So, if the web site is not running by tomorrow afternoon (Friday 11 Dec 2009), then please contact me through my geocaching profile with your tracking numbers and I will reply back to you with the activation codes. Important: In your email, ensure you include the title of the coin, the tracking number, and do not hide your email address or I cannot get back back to you. Thank you for your patience.
  18. Hello, I am working on getting this one fixed too. Thank you.
  19. Hello, We would be glad to fix this since we made the Red Poppy Spy coin. I have already communicated the issue with Groundspeak for a resolution, and to look further into icons being inadvertently changed. Thank you.
  20. Hello droo, It would be nice to get an email from people who identify problems with coin icons. Most of the geocoins we sell have icons. Only a few have not sold well enough to reach the icon level. We also host our own codes these days. Most of the time, we did not supply icons to coincodes due to the hectic schedule we have, so their listing is not accurate as what coins have icons and which do not. Please reference the geocaching.com icon list and you will see that there are many icons listed there that are not on coincodes.com. By the way, not all our coins have the statement that it may have an icon. Most state that it will have an icon. As a matter of fact, look at our coming soon page and you will see that all the coins there are projected to have an icon. If anyone suspects a coin should have an icon and it is not showing, then please send us a note and we will gladly look into it. There are times that geocaching.com loads an icon and it just never shows up. We had this problem just two weeks ago with three of our coins where we supplied the icons and they had problems. Geocaching.com fixed it as soon as it was identified to us and we in turn notified Geocaching.com. The problem was fixed in one day. In addition to your note about our prices: we give back to the geocaching community several thousands of dollars each year in donations to events and customer recommended charities. We also spend lots of money on new product development. If you do not like our prices, then by all means, please do not purchase from us. However, I believe there are people who understand that we do not put our money to waste and instead help the geocoin and geocaching community. I understand the importance of giving back to the community and putting money back into the business to keep things going strong. Again, any concerns about our products, please send us an email. We are always happy to help. We rarely look at the forums, and no one in the forums works for us to know the true details of what happens behind the scenes here at CoinsAndPins.com. I appreciate all of our supporters. Thank you.
  21. Hello, Send an email to me through my geocaching account with the tracking numbers that are giving you trouble. I will see what I can do. Thank you.
  22. Hello, Yes, all polished gold coins we produce are plated in 24K gold. The 2006 Compass Rose Geocoin was also plated in polished nickel; silver was not used on these coins. Thank you, Aaron
  23. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but our website has some backend modifications being done to it. It is taking longer than expected and may not be fixed until Monday morning. Thank you, Aaron
  24. Hello, The Brahean geocoin tracking number flaw has now been fixed. You can log into CoinCodes.com and retrieve the codes to activate your Brahean coins. The direct link for retrieving the Brahean codes is: Brahean coin activation codes Even though most coins were fixed, there are six Brahean coins that could not be fixed due to conflicts with other codes in the Geocaching.com system. If you own any of these six Brahean coins, please return them to us right away for replacements. This is the list of codes etched on the coins that need to be replaced. Please check your coins for these numbers: PINOG ROMOG CUGIN 4ILAS GIBAS XULOF The address for returning these incorrect Brahean coins to us is: Aaron Charles Promotions 549 Woodberry Cir Raeford, NC 28376 Please include your legible mailing information in your package for us to send you back good coins. We will reimburse your mailing costs for regular mail service. We cannot refund for extra services such as delivery confirmation, tracking, priority mail, express mail, etc. You can read our return policy at: CoinsAndPins.com Return Policy Thank you to everyone for your patience through this. We will continue to keep our word, as we always have in the past, to fix anything to the best of our ability that goes wrong with our products, even if it means remaking the entire batch of coins.
  25. Happy Holidays, The Brahean coin number problem has now been fixed in Groundspeak's system. Groundspeak will now start working on fixing the First State Caching coins. There are nine Brahean coins that could not be fixed. This is due to conflicts with other tracking numbers that match the activation codes already in the system. We are working on a final list of which specific coins need to be returned to us for replacement. Some of these coins are in our hands and a few other people we know of that have them. Once we hear back from them, we will send out a final list by Monday of which coins will need to be returned to us. It should not be more than six coins that are to be replaced. After you receive the list of bad numbers from us, please check your Brahean coins. If you have any of the bad Brahean coins, please contact us with your information. There is no need to contact us before you receive the list from us. We will also post the list in this thread by Monday evening after we send out the newsletter. CoinCodes.com should also be updated by Monday (4 January) so you can retrieve the activation codes then. Thanks to everyone who was very patient with us as we worked through this; and thanks to Groundspeak for their hard work. I will not be able to reply to posts in here until Monday due to a family trip. Thank you.
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