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  1. That is just plain sadistic. Seriuosly, you have a great imagination.
  2. Faster transfering of map data would be nice. USB 2.0 speeds would be awsome, but wireless would be the bomb!
  3. peter, I had a feeling it had a max communication speed well below USB speeds
  4. Texas Shadow, good point. I did notice that when I was selecting maps from Mapasource. I plan to make pre-defined sets so I can swap them out based on where I am going. I don't know if it is just me but the transfer seems to take a while to complete. Even 15 mb's. I did have a transfer error once right at 98% loaded, but all other times it worked without a transfer error. I was considering using a USB conversion cable, but the unit itself is prob limited to serial speeds anyway, so it would not increase. Anyone know if this is the case or not? Mike
  5. I'm glad I found this post. I got a Vista in Dec and started loading Topo maps into my Vista. I could not understand why It would sit and transfer 16mb of maps and only report being 8% full. From what I am reading here, Garmin did not expose a display report of memory used for maps in the unit. Only tracks and waypoints are measured? Mike
  6. I downloaded GSAK for my Garmin eTrex Vista and besides having to change the COM port setting, it just worked out of the box. I loaded 3 "LOC" files from geocaching.com for this weekend. It even shows up in the waypoint list with a nice identifier name. Very cool. I have allways loved maps and navigation. I also am a high-tech junkie, so this hobby fits quite nicely...
  7. I'm using FireFox for almost everything. Loads CSS/Web Standards based designs lightning fast. No mess to clean up either
  8. Greetings! I got my first GPS this christmas. Got a Garmin eTrex Vista. I did not know about geocaching till about 6 weeks ago. My wife and I are looking forward to having fun with this. I wanted one for exploring South Utah but learned about geocaching while researching them on-line. There is one less than a mile from my house ;-)
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