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  1. ok I just got off the phone with him, and his gps is set to the mm ss.sss one and mine is the dd mm ss one now his co-ordinates he gave me are: 49* 4707.3 94* 351.7 and I can't make heads or tails of that help!
  2. this has probably been addressed before, but thought I would post it here for a quick reply the first two numbers after the N and the degree number there are 2 numbers, followed by a decimial, and three other numbers,, what are they? exactly,, minutes and seconds? and are they all necessary for an exact location? my brother has left me a geocache, and the numbers he gave me are kinda weird.. help!! Sue
  3. hey thanks again for the tips, I too, own a canon, and it's brand new, so I am still learning,, it's been a fun trip!! loads of mistakes, but got some cool ones too! Sue
  4. wow this is addicting and I have only been to one!! the more I read (and I've been reading for a week on here now) the more excited I become!! ooooohhhh this job bugs me,, when I wanna be out there!! night time geocaching? hhmmm now doesn't that sound interesting
  5. I guess I don't have the "C" model then,, cuz under my "Find" menu,, there is no 'geocache' menu,, so back to my question then,, how do I record data for a few caches then? any thoughts on this? sure would make my life easier knowing I could do it on my gps as opposed to having to write it down someplace,, Sue
  6. well now I am lost,, I have the garmin etrex legend,, and i have no idea what your talking about,, ok,, i am going to take this one step further,, I have several caches I want to visit over the next few days (starting friday) and found them on the geocaching site, so how do I keep them or record the data? is that what Navarone was referring to? so if I see 5 caches I want to go to,, I can title them cache #1, #2, #3 and so on,, I can load them into the legend, and have them there,, so when I find one,, I can click on 'waypoint' and have #2 ready to go to? does that sum it up? Sue
  7. wow congrats!!! I have only found one so far,, only tried once and found it, so I guess I am in the ballpark! I am working now till friday, then I get my 4 off, and I can guarantee you, I'll be geocaching for a couple of my days off!! I am hoooked, and there ain't noooo lookin back now Sue
  8. LOL I am at work now too,, and find it's easier on the concience when I am here and not at home,, got too much to do there desk jobs are ok huh?
  9. wow very cool idea! I have a 8MP camera,, it's awsome! I usually take pics at the best format,, thus good quality. thanks!
  10. well yea,, I suspected. there's been sightings of them here,, although rare. thanks for the tip
  11. whoa,, quite the story,, I guess I should be thankful that we don't have grizzly's here,, only black bears here,,
  12. whoa,, I am never going to get any work done around the house now!! this thread is amazing!! so many neat ideas, but man,, some of them would have me pulling out my hair!! you sneaky people,,
  13. sheesshh,, we don't have grizzly's here,, but I think they say to play dead,, yea like I am gonna play dead when a locomotive is coming my way,, uhuh lol too funny,, they say if it's a black bear to raise your arms to make you look bigger and yell and make loads of noise,, never had the opportunity to, and hope to never have the opportunity to either
  14. oh boy don't that sound encouraging,, but wait,, that means if I find someone old,, but with some meat on their bones I should be ok??? LOL ok,, I'll post something in the buddy search,, oohhh I am only kidding,, but it's funny!! no?
  15. hey cool pics!! check yer pm's couparangus Sue
  16. ah yea,, the bears are the issue here,, there are loads of them,, but your probably right, if they hear/smell you they are probably G-O-N-E. cougars? ah yes,, don't think we gots them here whew thanks for the tips! Sue
  17. wow that's neat how many ppl you meet!! but there are a few of us whom haven't met anybody,, is it because we just started? or for me it's because I don't think there are many in my area that do it,, I want to start stashing some, and hope to get some more people interested here,, would be neat!!!
  18. way cool!!! although my son thinks I have lost it now,, he is 20 and come to where I was cuz he heard the noise of me walking,, lol and just shakes his head thanks!!!
  19. oh yea,, ok,, what I posted was the first page of the log book,, no names or hints were there,, thanks!
  20. yea and I have a medium sized dog too,, she would love to get out with us as well,, and I think the scent of a dog might be enough to scare any ol bear away,,
  21. yea point taken with or without gun but thought that maybe some members have gotten between mama and baby bear,, that wouldn't be a good thing,, I am an outdoorsy gal, and know the bush,, but sometimes a mad mother bear scares the crap outa me! Sue
  22. anybody have any stories about bears? I mean have you ever bumped into one while out searching? I think that is another reason I was hesitant to go out in the early spring,, bears and baby bears the bear population is WAY up this year, and it kinda scares me to go out with a gps instead of a gun,, ya know? at least with a gun I ain't gonna die Sue
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