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  1. Oh, people are copying your photos and posting them on FAG and using your information? I presume, Watson, without your permission. Sure enough. I have also found a lot of misinformation on the FAG site. Have you tried to correct it?
  2. "Please remember that Find A Grave is only the distributor of member supplied content and the submitter, not Find A Grave, is the one who would be responsible for any alleged copyright violation. However, we will respond to substantiated claims of violation. If you feel that another user has violated your copyright, you should send a claim of copyright violation to info@findagrave.com. In order for us to substantiate your claim, you MUST include all of the following information: - Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to be infringed, and the basis of the claim, including the URL - Identification of the material on Find A Grave which is claimed to be infringing, including the URL - Full contact information on the claimed copyright owner or other claimant, (who must have a license which is being infringed or other standing to make the claim.) This includes Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address. - The Following Statement: ““I am the Owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed. The information in this notice is accurate.” - A physical or electronic signature of the claiming party" Alternatively you could contact the person who appears below the photo and ask for credit or removal.
  3. Oh, people are copying your photos and posting them on FAG and using your information? I presume, Watson, without your permission.
  4. My profile on find a grave is SueH. I added my waymaking profile as my webpage. Waymarkers, Feel free to add me as a friend on Find A Grave and tell me your profile name if you want to be added as a friend..
  5. I have used "Find A Grave" so much in doing Zinc and Revolutionary Soldier graves and in doing cemeteries, I decided it was time to give back. I created a logon and uploaded some photos for some graves that didn't have any. I already had the photos for the waymarks. It wasn't hard at all.
  6. If the waymark is rejected, you can add comments when it is resubmitted. If reviewers make comments or ask questions and it is approved, how do you respond?
  7. If you want to get rid of categories that didn't take off, could you create a category called wallflower and convert all the unsuccessful categories into a wallflower category. Their spaces on the grid could be reused. Anyone with a waymark in the old categories would get the new icon and category (under multifarious). Until you reuse the grid spot you could fill it with the wallflower icon. If there are categories that should be one (same thing different countries), you could put them all into one, maybe new, maybe old category and change the icons to the new and reuse the grid spot (having the overall category fill the space until reused.)
  8. One of the things that makes way marking interesting is the sense of time. Many of our way marks are buildings or structure from the past. One can get a sense of the way things were and how things change over time. A few categories show the way things are going, (electric car charging stations, etc.) Cemeteries are usually a connection to the past. Scattering gardens and other new forms suggest a future trend. It seems cremation is on the rise. Scattering gardens provide that bit of connection for people with names and dates of the deceased. It is also a movement away from vast areas with tombstones and toward meditation gardens. The question of category I would think, is it is interesting? So what if there are only a few entries, maybe they are hard to find. Several people don't like the commercial categories, but several of them seem to be very popular judging by the number of entries. So one criteria is, can I post numbers and keep stats up and another is, does this make me want to explore and discover? I guess another question is when there is an all encompassing category, is that the end of the story, or can smaller categories exist? One gigantic category 'way marks' could be created, then whatever you find, there would be a place to put it.
  9. It would be interesting to have tags, that aren't new categories, but other groupings. Wave of the future tag could include green burials, solar, electric cars, Leed buildings.
  10. Using the search 'scattering gardens' I came across eternal reefs. They create a structure that is put out in the sea to start a reef. I have also run across the green burial "Green, or natural burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat. Green burial necessitates the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials, such as caskets, shrouds, and urns." Scattering gardens, eternal reefs, green burial. It feels like a category, new burial forms. I see that worldwide cemeteries is all inclusive, but this seems like a very interesting area to explore.
  11. When is a cemetery not a cemetery? I just found a church that has created a garden (2004) next to the church. It is expressly a memorial garden where ashes can be scattered of church members with permission. They will have bronze plaques with the names and dates. "The fees shall be reviewed and set annually in December by the Session and Trustees. The current fee is $ 450. Once payment is made there is no obligation for any further payment. Fees will be invested in a perpetual care fund. The fee covers: 1. scattering of ashes 2. Bronze name plate on plaque 3. recording in memorial book 4. maintenance and perpetual care of the garden (Does not cover the usual costs or honorariums for a funeral/memorial service)'" It certainly feels like a cemetery to me, but it is also a garden. It is a beautiful spot with flowers and bushes and benches. Seems like an interesting idea. Is this a new idea, or is it common? The church says it isn't a cemetery, but I think it is. Would this go under world wide cemeteries? Should it have a category? Has anyone else come across this?
  12. I generally regard waymarks as old after several months. I have had a waymark hang around for 6 months and then get published. I do have one where I just sent a note to one of the group. None of them have logged on for awhile (since last October). It is in Civilian Conservation Corps, McDonough State Forest WMPZMQ posted 11/18/2015 5:34:01 AM. I did notice that they are accepting new members to their group.
  13. Is Waywizard a new name created for this function or an actual person/team? I was just hunting around for a way to look at the profile but haven't found one (no link here). I don't recognize the name from the forum or the lists of waymarkers over 1000. I was half thinking of volunteering to join the reviewers, but don't know if I am ready or expert enough to do a good job in any area. I do know that I disagreed a couple times when the reviewer got into a comment of what was art or not. I have thought about that and taken classes etc. and have a different opinion. Also I don't know if reviewers really want to get into discussions. The only way I have entered discussions were when there was a rejection and I managed to usually give more information and change their mind.
  14. It seems there is lots of talk about getting way marks approved when the officers have gone awol. When this happens maybe the category could be labelled as dormant and no new way marks accepted until there are new officers. The category could be put on the list of open for new officers. Existing way marks waiting could be approved or disapproved by officers with "skeleton keys." Criteria for how long waymarks wait, or how long since the officers have logged on, or unresponsiveness, etc. This action could be a warning for people trying to post and serve as recruitment for new officers. You already have the ability to mark categories as closed to new way marks and the means to recruit new officers. This just limits the frustration of people posting and waiting. Once the category is dormant they know they have to wait for new officers.
  15. As long as you are talking about not-gazebos. I have found some nice not gazebo, not bandshell, bandstands in parks. They are 4 sided, but not enclosed. Not enclosed on 3 sides means not bandshell, four-sided means not gazebo. But some of them are quite nice. Could we have a not gazebo, not bandshell, bandstand category?
  16. If a guy can get a plaque on a rock for building the first log cabin and have it accepted as an historical marker, but a woman first settler has a plaque on a rock and it is not accepted then maybe we need our own category.
  17. I have posted current and past Masonic Lodges.
  18. As of Dec 13, the top 50 waymarkers have 311,345 way marks or about half of the total. The 111 waymarkers over 1000 have 412,169 way marks or about 2/3 of the total.
  19. I started adding up the way marks by these way markers with over 1000 and it seems to be a large percent of total way marks. It would be interesting to see what percent they count for. It seems only a small number are actually moving up. How many way markers are active each month would be an interesting number.
  20. The intent is not to add numbers or to add junk. The motivation was to find a way to waymark something that strikes your fancy as neat, but there just doesn't seem to be a category for it. For instance this old church doesn't allow abandoned buildings. You can't create a category for everything but sometimes things are unique or interesting. Yes, you can put them on Facebook, but that's not the same. I managed to find a date on my building so I got it way marked on dated buildings, another case was a construction of a pagoda, made by factory workers out of misc. stuff. It was a local treasure, but the only category I found was newspaper article because there was one when it was moved to a park. There are local treasures that people are trying to save. I suppose you could post them to roadside attractions, and then waymark them. A limited number of wildcards wouldn't run up the numbers but would give you a way to post something without a category. If you have a limited number you probably won't post junk. The reviewers could make a junk call, but one man's treasure...A lot of categories have strange rules that eliminate something you think should belong. Again a wildcard could give you an out. If you only get say a half dozen you are going to save them for something good. If you do find a category they could be moved and free up some more treasures. Topic "One person's treasures" or " My treasures" or "Look what I found". or "Save me".
  21. If you wanted to restrict numbers, the granting of a wild card could be high, 500 way marks? If a lot of people posted in an area it would be support for a category. It could also be a holding area until you learn enough about a building say to find a home for it. This was prompted by an interesting church that was vacant with no sign to indicate what it was. I may be able to find an old map? Anyhow I have run across this before and in one case resorted to a newspaper article I managed to find to put it in that category. Sometimes you really want to waymark something but really struggle to find a category. There are other weird Waymarking categories in multifarious? This would be like getting favorites in geocaching, a little extra bonus to show what you like.
  22. How about a Wild Card Category. For every so many way marks, say 100 you get to post a waymark that has no category in Wild Card Category. The group members would just make sure you haven't exceeded you quota and that it is in good taste etc. If a category is created for your waymark, you could move it to the category and have another free Wild Card! A field could be suggested new category for your waymark.
  23. There was a really interesting building with no sign. It was an old church, but no date or sign to indicate what it was. Don't think it is inside the historic district and it isn't listed on its own. How about a category for "this is interesting, but I don't know how to list it." Maybe it could be called "Help!" The monitors could give suggestions for categories, or list it because it is cool but doesn't fit anywhere. The category could be called Misfits or Really Cool. Judgement as always applied individually or group vote.
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