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  1. Sounds like there are going to be more judgement calls than would be apparent. Might take some voting until the category becomes well defined. I am still struggling with the funeral home question. I have never seen one in a cemetery. The function would be similar or the same as a mortuary chapel. I am tempted to say why not include them. Not many people post funeral homes anyway. Being in a cemetery or what used to be a cemetery is a defining or limiting criteria. Except by the name how would you distinguish between funeral homes and mortuary chapels? A cemetery could be a business and have a mortuary chapel.
  2. Wow! Great image. Maybe we could have a question, Why do you think this is a cemetery chapel? They might use the name or some information that would help.
  3. Don't think the requirements are more extensive then usual, they are pretty standard. (churchyard cemetery had the weird requirement for a grave photo to be included). We could have a variable for a cemetery website (usually there is Find A Grave which often has a photo of the chapel).
  4. I see chapel, but it still says churchyard. Cemetery helps distinguish us from the other category.
  5. There are a couple spelling, wording suggestions. "inurnment" internment? in Funeral Home definition. coordinates: "entrance to the church or churchyard.", entrance to the chapel or cemetery? Category is not visible in the directory? Why not? Does this mean the category list?
  6. Found the group and joined. Now what? You have already started a description. Somehow we get it voted on? Discuss it more? Provide examples of yes it is, no it isn't?
  7. My preference would try to be inclusive as possible without being redundant. Chapel should be indicated by name or structure or information available that indicates chapel like use.
  8. I don't know about groups, yes please start one Onion.
  9. I like the examples in the description of yes, no with photos. I like your chapel and would definitely want it included. We can exclude my borderline example by adding enclosed. It is still open although enclosed on most sides. It might serve as an example either way. I was thinking a possibility would be to have a chapel subcategory that included way chapels, cemetery chapels and public chapels in public buildings such as airports and hospitals. Religious is a term that could be interpreted in a broad sense or narrow. Most churches have regular services and may belong to a denomination. Chapels on the other hand may have individuals using them for comfort or meditation that may or may not be regarded as religious. People who see themselves as religious would see them as religious buildings. People who don't strongly identify with a religious group may still see them as a place of respite, like in a hospital or airport. Funerals are for friends and relatives possibly of different religious inclinations. They are for honoring the dead and comforting family. A funeral service may be religious or not. A service in a church would be religious. A service in a funeral home may or may not be depending on the family. I don't know about cemetery chapels. If they were Victorian, the Victorians were into funeral pomp. Was that religious?
  10. I can't think of a funeral home in a cemetery that I have seen. Funeral homes are generally private, cemeteries public or religious. But, I suppose if a funeral home had a cemetery, that might get tricky. Also I would not exclude cemetery buildings that combined administrative, temporary storage and chapel, as long as the chapel is evident. I am biased toward multi-listing in the case of boundary conditions. That is a personal preference since multilisting has become a challenge for me.
  11. Would the category be under buildings or under cemeteries? If it is buildings is is religious or just under buildings? Putting it in cemeteries emphasizes that it is cemetery buildings we are after, but it is not a final resting place. Structures, Waymarking Multifarious? I am thinking Buildings but not religious. What do you think?
  12. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMV0KN_Altar_St_John_Ukrainian_Orthodox_Cemetery_Johnson_City_New_York This outdoor altar in a cemetery is borderline? It could be considered a chapel. It is partially enclosed. Would it be a crossover case or excluded or accepted?
  13. Old Victorian style buildings in cemeteries are interesting, but trying to include all would be a bit vague. "Interesting cemetery Buildings"?
  14. Administrative buildings may also be in cemeteries. The house like building in Trumansberg could have been either a chapel or an administrative building. It might be difficult to judge.
  15. I though about a more general chapel category. Hospital and airport chapels for instance are specifically excluded. They are not even wayside chapels. If an inclusive chapel category existed it could include wayside, cemetery, airport, hospital...That would mean expanding the existing category.
  16. Sorry I didn't get the email, must be in my husband's mail, he gets the geocaching mail. I'll ask when he gets home. The statements are well written. I am willing to share in setting it up. I only wanted a place to put the interesting buildings I have found. I am not sure from researching whether they are principally for temporary storage or for services. The may be either or both. They are an interesting cross between chapels and funeral home, which do both temporary storage and services. We don't want to have to figure out whether the are still in use, they may not be mentioned in a cemetery website. Also the example I gave is no longer in use. These may have been a Victorian thing when they went to "rural cemeteries". In reading cemeteries in wikipedia there seems to have been an historic progression from churchyard graves to municipal cemeteries, to rural cemeteries, to lawn cemeteries to...? I have seen names on the buildings, but not separate signs other than the cemetery sign, which may or may not exist. We might want to distinguish a chapel from cemetery buildings that are of the toolshed variety.
  17. Chapel in a cemetery, or attached to a building (e.g. a hospital), where coffined bodies briefly lie before disposal.
  18. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMW70R_1879_Mortuary_Chapel_Oakwood_Cemetery_Syracuse_NY The Mortuary Chapel at Oakwood Cemetery was built by renown architect Joseph Lyman Silsbee. "He has gone down in the history books because... In 1887, he was the first Chicago architect to give young Frank Lloyd Wright a job." "The chapel is part of a large historic non-sectarian rural cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, in the city of Syracuse." The buildings were never churches and wouldn't fit into the churchyard cemeteries. The one above doesn't even have graves near it. It is now woods. Mortuary chapels are usually small buildings used to store or prepare the dead, perhaps have services. They are mostly replaced by funeral homes now. Here is another with a date and gateway arch http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMT7TV_1893_Trumansburg_NY I have seen other chapels in cemeteries. Sometimes their photos get thrown into the cemetery waymark, sometimes not. Many of them are interesting.
  19. Just found a nice chapel by a known architect, and the only thing I could see was dated building. They are out of fashion? I would suggest religious multifarious, but it is hard to see if they are still used, and a lot may be historic. They are generally nondenominational, except maybe a catholic cemetery, do the accept mortuary chapels?
  20. Here I thought the server was under attack and they removed the forums to save the system. ok it was just the developers changing things!
  21. I might be able to help with an east-west pass if the weather and altitude ever match again. We have rain for awhile. I didn't realize how lucky I was to see it the first time.
  22. The pass last night was suppose to be higher but it was totally cloudy, no stars. There was one bright light, it didn't move.
  23. I put the new calculated distance in the my waymark for yesterday. (I hadn't used this method. I took the Google map distance between the two cities.)
  24. I posted it with the description. It was cloudy but we saw it. It got bright as it rose and was easy to see. It was exactly where it was suppose to be. There weren't that many stars so we didn't think we would see it.
  25. We got it and photo of GPS!! I have updated the Waymark. I only need to know if my partner, 8Nuts MotherGoose saw it, and what the weather was like in Texas.
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