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  1. If anybody from the UK Mainland, ie England, Scotland or Wales, or anywhere else for that matter will be in Northern Ireland on the 23rd of June. There is 2 boats, that can carry 24 people between them, will be leaving from Portrush or Portstewart on the north coast of Northern Ireland to visit the cache 'Twixt Rathlin and Tory' http://coord.info/GC91D8 which is on Inishtrahull island and is the northernmost cache in Ireland. It rarely gets visitors as there is no regular trips to the island. A local geocaching team going by the name 'Odies Crew' are arranging this trip. Already 12 of the 24 places have been filled. If you have any interest on this date then contact Odies Crew by the usual method on Geocaching.com. Expected cost per person is about £42. The trip is not an official geocaching event in itself as the number of attendees is restricted. More details available from 'Odies Crew'
  2. Had a try with your suggestion but it still has the same problem
  3. Deleting the app b4 installing the updated version will not delete anything you have logged on the main website, such as your find count, souvenirs, trackables, etc.That information is not stored in the app but accessed from a server when u log in My one gripe is that when clicking the links in the notification e-mails on the iphone such as http://coord.info/... it opens safari and asks if i wish to open the app or open the webpage. A tickbox is there to remember option selected for following uses. Despite allowing cookies, it NEVER does. Could this be sorted for the next update please. Thank you.
  4. No problem with any versions of the app on my 3GS. Works sweet. The ones for whom the app doesn't work must abuse their iPhones.
  5. Is there any walk in stores in New York City where you can buy Groundspeak stuff and other Geocaching stuff of the shelf. I am looking to buy a firetack set while visiting New York City. Thanks. A Northern Irish cacher.
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