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  1. I picked up a Joe Merchant coin for the second time today. I'm moving it again because I think the cache it was in might get hit by troublemakers.
  2. Don't worry about me either. Just do what works best for you! *edit* Wow! I posted this after your pic! Great job.
  3. You can leave BisonGirl off since she doesn't post to the forums. Or, if push comes to shove, you can just put BW/BG for us.
  4. I found a GCC Birthday coin today to move. Cool icon!
  5. If you have room, please add me and BisonGirl. I guess that's what I get for going caching today! *edit* Thank you!
  6. 14 *edit* My husband said 17, but that had already been taken.
  7. Yeah, dial up makes this real interesting!
  8. Thank you for the pins. BisonGirl is going to love the ones I'm going to give her!
  9. This one got dropped into my Book Cache where I picked it up. I'll be moving it along.
  10. BisonWoman


    I got one of these wonderful coins with my order of Spinning Santas and pins yesterday. Thank you so much! My 2-year-old granddaughter must have spent 30 minutes taking the pins out of the mailer and putting them back in again. She also delighted in spinning Santa's spinner. BisonGirl loves her spinning Santa with all the different caches on the spinner. Thanks for all the great stuff!
  11. Icydove has a 2005 Alabama geocoin on the way from me. I also had a contest on dixiecachers.com where ScooterBill won an ammo can holiday coin from me.
  12. I got 3 Spinning Santas, 1 Oakcoins Santa hat coin, and 10 pins. Great!
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