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  1. 1. Participating 2. Received Name 3. ....researching
  2. I'm in. I'll send email shortly. I don't have a list, but anything new is great. I really liked the round Koala coin, but didn't get to order it. Of the older coins, I'd love (in my dreams) Shop99er--We don't want to bushwhack. . ., or Mertat. But really, I like them all.
  3. When is my wedding anniversary? April 2 What happens the day before my anniversary? Palm Sunday What happens the day after my anniversary? Passover
  4. I got my bee yesterday. Thank you so much!
  5. I have 2006 Alabama coins to trade. Here's my wish list to trade for: Shop99er (We don't want to bushwhack, but apparently we have to) Mertat New CruiserDude Team SandDollar (Silver)
  6. In my mailbox today were beautiful Alabama coins and extras! Thanks joefrog!
  7. I got my beautiful coins! And thanks for the extras!
  8. I wondered what you were thinking when you said to add a message! Thank you for all you've done!
  9. It would be great if one of these ended up in Northwest Alabama! I would have loved a Geocoin Fairy coin!
  10. The 3-pack is sold out, so I got 2 singles.
  11. Congratulations to the winners!
  12. You have email and Paypal from me, too.
  13. Four coins from my Secret Cupid! California 2006 Kansas Sunshine Micro Geocoin Club Monopoly Coin Dutch Microcoin 2006
  14. Cupid arrived today all the way from Hawaii!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better assortment of coins! I got: California 2006 Kansas Sunshine Micro Coin Geocoin Club Monopoly Board!!! Dutch Microcoin 2006 Thank you sooooo much! BisonGirl and I have just started playing the National Parks Monopoly game together, so the Monopoly coin is perfect! Also, I've always wanted a Dutch coin, and now I have one thanks to you!!! Oh yeah, I also got heart candy and a very cool Hawaii Aloha surfboard!!
  15. Wow. The Bison tubes are expensive at those links! We have a local retailer, Mike's Merchandise, that sells them for 75 cents, with the added bonus of a clear tube inside.
  16. Email sent and responded to PM.
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