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  1. 1. Email sent - June 1st--by the skin of my teeth! 2. Name received - June 1st 3. Mission sent - Yes! 7/7/08 4. Mission arrived - No, but I have received an anonymous email saying it will come soon.
  2. I got a beautiful SweetLife coin in my mailbox today! Thanks for the trade!
  3. BisonGirl received her mission today. She got a GPS Adventure Discovery geocoin, a bookmark, a signature item, a cacher patch, and a frog Webkinz! She says, "I loved all the things you gave me. Thank you for giving me another Webkinz." I'll post pictures later. Also, the mission for our geokid is going out tomorrow.
  4. I want a Secret Agent coin because I collect geocoins. I wouldn't sell it because even if I quit collecting geocoins, I would give it to another collector so they could enjoy it.
  5. i'll bet! did you buy out the mint? lara No, but I certainly bought enough to last for a long time.
  6. very cool! i love the sand. that is so imaginative! i wish more folks around here did sig items. lara WOW! Nice items!!! Yes! the sand thing is great!!! I liked the arrow head! It looks like real American native stuff!!! Like the ones I see in you tube only!!!! The bison nickel is a metal one??? What nickel is that? A real coin? Amazing!!!! I love it!!!! The nickel is a Bison nickel produced by the US Mint. I have always been very appreciative of their minting my own personal signature item!
  7. Here are some signature items I have collected. This is pretty much all I trade for now in caches.
  8. I think I "need" that Bison poker chip in the pic!
  9. 1. Participating - Yes 2. Received Name: June 21 3. Mission Sent: 4. Birthday Arrived
  10. I still haven't received a name.
  11. 1 e-mail sent- YES 2 name received-YES 3 mission sent- 4 mission received
  12. Here is my legendary DNF story from Net's Clues when I first started caching: January 9, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found) Well, where to start about this "adventure." BisonGirl and I found the first two clues without much problem, but in going to the third one, I couldn't decide which way to go. So, before I continue, if I had stayed on the established trail, would I have gotten to it? I got off trail, and even with the GPS, in the city limits of Florence, with the sun going down, within hearing of cars, I decided we were too far in and I was too directionally impaired to get out without help. If you heard sirens this afternoon, that was for us. But guess what. . .my wonderful husband found us first! If I had done what I thought to get back to my car--make a straight line--we would have gotten out fine. However, with a 6-year-old in tow, I decided to do what the books say and stay put and call for help. I never did see the official help, but the ladies I talked to at 911 were great. I'm just glad my hero saved the day and us! I'll attempt this one again on another day, without BisonGirl! January 15, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found) I went back to complete this fiasco and took BisonBuck with me, and although the GPS said we were right where clue #3 was supposed to be, neither of us could find it. At first I thought it was the cache site, and after re-reading the clue, I was surprised we couldn't find the third clue since BisonGirl and I found the first two. Are you SURE it's still there????? We poked and prodded everywhere! (This should say 2nd clue.) January 16, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found) dnf,dnF, dNF, DNF!!!!!! And it was cold today!!!! January 18, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found) DNF again! And this was at 7:45 this morning! Brrr at 20 degrees! I WILL find this eventually!!!! January 20, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found) I finally found it!!!!!!! It only took 5 trips and looking since Jan. 9th, but hey, thanks to Redneckgal's help I found this cache! I went yesterday and finally found the third clue. My problem there was in my interpretation of "base" as in "the base of the tree." I was looking at the root area, not the "base" which was the base when the tree was upright. I then tried, yesterday, to find the cache, but it was too late to make it there. After finding it today, I'm sure I was not going in exactly the right direction, or at the least was going the loooooong way yesterday. Today, I got started at about 3:30, and I guess it took me an hour to get in, find it, and get out again. I thought I was going to come up empty handed again today. I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I decided to pull the cache sheet out and read the decrypted clue again. Duh. I was looking around the fallen trees. Not what the clue says. Once I read it correctly, I walked straight to the cache. I can't tell you how happy I was, and am, to have finally found this one. I left a Light For My Path book because you need a light to guide you there. I also left an October 1960 Scenic South magazine (yes, that date is correct.) I took Redneckgal's cow bag. I think that pooping cow is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. So, the adventures of BisonWoman, BisonGirl, and BisonBuck are over. I will let BisonGirl practice with the GPS to the cache and let her plunder the loot. However, it will be a week or two since my thigh muscles are screaming at me for the cross-country abuse I've put them through. To the four of you watching this cache, I hope you've enjoyed this fiasco, and maybe I'm getting enough better to join the local caching crew. Thanks for the fun and the help.
  13. I'm signing BisonGirl up! 1. Email sent--Yes 6/16/08 2. Name received 3. Mission sent 4. Mission received
  14. Crowesfeat30 misses JoeFrog's Dash for Cache!
  15. I missed the sale and wish I hadn't, but even more than that, I hope they make a copper version of this awesome coin.
  16. I've done some research on my mission--which is a teeny tiny town--and I've discovered that a very nearby town has the same name as the one I've lived in all my life. Would a souvenir with my town's name on it be a fulfillment of the mission?
  17. I'm actually selling some of my geocoins now so I can have my own BisonWoman/BisonGirl geocoin made.
  18. 1. Email sent - June 1st--by the skin of my teeth! 2. Name received - June 1st 3. Mission sent - 4. Mission arrived -
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