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  1. The rocks with the names on were almost certainly "signature items". Yeah... maybe not the best you will ever find, but I suspect that was the intent. The bullet was either left by a rank newbie, or possibly a muggle. No experienced cacher that I know of would leave something like that in a cache. That said, a .22 caliber bullet in a cache is relatively harmless. Without the compression of a firing chamber and the guidance system of a barrel, what you have is pretty much a fire cracker. The lightweight brass of the shell is what is going to be the most serious part, if it did go off at all. Yeah, that could hurt, could even cause blindness, but nobody is gonna get shot. LOL well the cache was right next to some railroad tracks. The rocks in question were rocks from the railroad tracks as well! Can you say Cheesy! lol
  2. OH NOOOOOOOOOOSSSSS!!!! Nice try, but that link refers to .22 CALIBER, not .22 CALIPER. (Does this remind you of My Cousin Vinny?) Give me a break I worked 12 hours today, and no I dont work at Just Brakes!
  3. I am reading this thread from a link given in another thread. OK now that I got that out; I also found a live round in a cache. Today I opened a cache and dumped out the contents, a plastic ring, lizard (fake), log, pencil, no geocoin as stated in the inventory (thats a whole separate issue), rocks with names wrote on them with a sharpie (WTF?), and a .22 short rim fire round. Not real dangerous but a kid and a hammer could find themselves in a little trouble. Heck even someone shaking this cache could have set it off, the rocks hitting a rim fire shell casing at just the right, well you get it. I disposed of it when I got home, threw it in the burn pit out back, lol. No I stuck it in a half shot box of rounds. I find it odd that someone would leave a bullet in a cache, heck I found the rocks with names from a sharpie on them odd!
  4. 22, eh? Yeah, it was actually a .22 short, hollowed point round. Dont think it would just explode or anything (though I am in Texas, HOT!) but if a youngster hit it with a hammer it could be bad.
  5. Not to high-jack your thread, but today I found a Live 22 Caliper Round in a cache! I removed it of course...
  6. Personally I would rather have a fun adventurous day with no finds, that the finds I had today that were full of MOSQUITOES! lol Caching for me is getting out of the house doing quality things while spending time with my family. I will even grab a cache by myself if I have time between jobs (I work as a installer so I move around a lot during the day). So I say you set out and did what you wanted to do.
  7. OK thats what I was wondering, either coin or cache owner can take it out of the inventory. Certainly if it popped back up it can be put back into play I would imagine. Thanks!
  8. Like this, notes left on trackable page... Tracking History (14278.1mi) View Map * 01-10 of 38 records · * 01 * 02 * 03 * 04 * next › * last » Write note 07/03/2010 carrie12 posted a note for it Visit Log I also didnt see it. went to grab and move today but did not find no travel bugs or coins I did leave a travel bug though Write note 05/29/2010 BaytownBert posted a note for it Visit Log A friend tells me this travel bug is no longer in this cache.
  9. well yes I do, if there is a official why that will disable it than No. But I do put a "note" stating the coin/TB is missing.
  10. I have a question, why does a cache still show a GeoCoin when the coin has been missing for 2 years? We head to a cache all excited because it shows a cool looking coin in the cache, get there and nothing! Sometimes no swag either.. I am not big on swag, my kids are and I have a heck of a time trying to get them to trade fair, or even worse leaving something better, lol. But we do OK, they are coming to understand why we do that. None of us understand why a missing coin is still "sitting" in a cache. Who is taking these coins? First timers who decide they can make a new name and keep a coin? Cache owners, see a cool coin in their cache and snatch it up? I went to a cache that was a Hotel, it showed a few TBs, and Coins, once again nothing. When I get home I search back through logs and find the items have been missing for quite a while. I notice cachers are sending out photo copies of coins, keeping the real one at home. This is sort of lame, I see why they do it, just think a copy made on the computer is not near as interesting as the real deal. Maybe I need to buy a couple and send them out to become victims of whatever to truly understand. I seen a hollow coin for sale on the internet, maybe put a GPS tracker inside and really track the coin, get to the bottom of the missing coins once and for all! cordell
  11. Tons of advice, Thanks! I am a little late, what I wanted to do was hide a cache for my daughter B-day and have her see it published while out caching. Always next year I had no idea that there is so much involved. It makes sense now that I think about it. If people were allowed to publish any and what ever they want half the caches might be duds. Thanks
  12. Local reviewer, so someone physically hunts my cache location? My zip code where I want to hide is 77535. There is a reviewer in my neck of the woods? Thanks
  13. Hello, We have been caching for about 2 months or so. For us it is a great way to have family time that does not cost a arm and a leg. We havent purchased a PM yet, but do plan to do so. Now that we are 100% sure we want to continue to cache $30 is a fair price to pay for support. Anyway back to topic, when publishing our first cache are there any tips to getting it approved? We live in Dayton Texas and there are not a lot of people out here so if someone has to come physically hunt my cache before it is approved it could be a while. I keep the "Yes, this listing is active" checked, right? Also will it be listed for cachers to come find instantly or must it be approved before it is seen by other members? What about permission, if the cache is on a trail leading to a creek for example. Do I need to attempt to locate the owner for permission even if it is a well traveled path by anyone and everyone? What if the land is Government property, technically the land belongs to us, the American Citizen. I dont think that would fly to the cops though, lol. I am speaking about land not marked with trespass signs. I am sure this has all been asked before but rules and laws change, help keep us n00bs on the Up-N-Up Thanks! an error happened when posting topic. attempting to add a reply, the post originally showed No Text, used add reply to insert original post text... IT WORKED!!
  14. Its a star wars thing.. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith
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