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  1. Locking this thread. If you are interested, please see the thread for Southern California Coin Collectors.
  2. I know I posted it before, but here goes again. The last time, I was appealing to the San Diego area crowd only. Only nscaler and myself showed any interest, so I thought I would appeal to a wider area. I know fOtOmOm will join us, but I hope to find a few more as well. To recap, we are trying to form a group that will allow us to make larger purchases when Geocoins become available. This will help us make sure we don't miss out on any releases by having more of us keep our eyes open. If there is any interest, please let me know.
  3. Actually, I think the last month of the contest the picture subject is something like "trick your wjtb." I remember reading it on one of the contest pages. I also found a bug two days ago that is identical to the WJTB's, (I had one on hand to compare it to.). The only difference was the travel bug tag didn't have the Jeep logo and name on it. When I logged it, the bug's name is "Imposter." I thought that was pretty funny.
  4. I would go for 5 either way, but would prefer it if you saved the money and did not make it GC trackable.
  5. I was under the impression that since there are three separate categories to enter, you can vote for one in each category. I could be wrong though. Since QDman is in the "Landmark" category, and I am in the "American Flag" category, I had hoped you could vote for both. Now, TM on the other hand is in the same cateogory I am in, so you can forget that post!
  6. OK QDman, I voted for your pic. Since mine is in a different category, could I get a little quid pro quo? (Or however you spell that!) Here is my entry. (Of course I would appreciate any other votes I could get!)
  7. Is it too late to try for a trade? I am in the process of getting my coin, so please let me know.
  8. I am fairly new to the boards and just stumbled onto the thread yesterday. (I followed a link from the UK thread while I was looking for UK coins!) You mean stuff like that doesn't happen here all the time?!? How boring. It was such fun. Jeremy promised me some light beratement and a spot of rudeness today...oh well, I guess I'll look for more coins.
  9. Reply to fOtOmOm, Jim, even if there are only a couple of us, it will make sense. I see your posts on every site I am posting on so we are already doubling up the work! Let's take this offline and see what we come up with. Dave
  10. I signed up for 6 months, 2/ea as well. I like collecting, and since I am just starting, you have to get coins somehow. However, after I signed up, I decided to make my own coin. It won't be a personal coin per se, but more a coin to represent a group of us that cache together. On a similar coin club note, anyone interested in starting a purchasing group in the So Cal area?
  11. I like it, very unique. I am working on my artwork now, so I will be in the market for a trade or two!
  12. But I always tell my kids not to take any of those...
  13. Email sent to WWonka. I would like to trade CA for CO.
  14. Well, I don't have much to trade with...yet, but I would like a GW3 coin. Anyone have any more that we could work out a deal on?
  15. From what I gather from reading about the other regional clubs they set up some sort of private thread, or have their own forum somewhere. Everyone in the club will decide how many coins they would buy on a purchase, and then they put money into a kitty in the club. Whenever a new coin release is found, the club moderator or whatever sends out an email to the group notifying them of the impending purchase. Everyone then has a limited time to opt out of that particular purchase. If you have a zero balance at that time, then you are left out. The moderator will then place 1 large order for the preset number of coins. I have seen one of these groups led by "Nurse Dave" placing orders for 100 or more coins. I don't know how many people are in their group, but they have a waiting list to get in! This restricts individual freedom a bit, but it helps insure you don't miss out. I have seen many coins with a limited run sell out before I got there. If we end up with say 10 people, and they all want 5 coins per batch, then our bulk order would be for 50 coins. We would get a better shipping rate, and then we can always have a pizza party to distribute the coins when we get them! That is what I know about it. I am a little vague on some areas, but hopefully Steve will check in soon and straighten me out!
  16. I have some of the Nevada coins coming as well. I managed to get in on the Alaska coins in time, and I have 2 extra brass ones coming. I didn't get a 2004 California, so maybe we could swing a trade. I managed to trade one of my new CA coins for a Washington 2004, and a new Georgia. I was contacted by a guy wanting to trade his Washington for a new CA, but I didn't have enough. Email me directly if you want a Washington, and I'll give you his info. Recent releases I have seen are NJ, RI, MD, and a UK coin to name a few. There are a lot more in the works, and it is very time consuming to follow all the threads. In addition, we are all paying shipping separately. I have seen the Dillon Gang on all of the threads where I have been posting my orders, so I bet they would join us. If we get even 5-10 locals interested, we could settle on what our standard lot would be, and make one purchase to save on shipping. Once they get here, we can distribute them among ourselves. With a group effort, hopefully we won't miss any opportunities.
  17. On the hook for 4 coins!
  18. I know I am fairly new to the forums, but I thought I would throw this idea out there. After getting my hands on a few copies of the new California coins from Steve this weekend, I have been bitten by the coin bug! I have always liked to collect things, and there are a lot of nice coins out there. I don't know how many other collectors there are locally here, but I was wondering if we had enough to put a group together. I have seen other areas put together clubs to make bulk orders. This would make it easier to get on on all of the new coin orders. I have spent more hours than I care to admit scouring the various regions seeing who is selling coins! With a team effort, it won't be as much of a burden on an individual. (At least that is how I would hope it would work!) Anyway, comments, concerns, suggestions?
  19. Get my name in the loop for 5. Thanks.
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