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  1. Actually, I started this topic for personal knowledge, I thought maybe there was something I didn't know about. As far as the ages of the Ramona Girls, there pic does show 3 girls, but all of their "Homer" series caches are dedicated to her "dear hubby" that works at Home Depot. So, there is a parent involved. At any rate, I found #9 in their waterfall series tonight, and it was spot on! Other caches of theirs have been right on as well, it was just a handful that were way off! It may be that they were trying something new, and now know it wasn't working too well. C4
  2. I have a potentially sensitive subject here, and don't want to hurt any feelings, so forgive me if I step on any toes. I have recently been lucky enough to score FTF honors on 3 of the Ramona Girls recent cache placements. My issue is, on the first one, the initial posted coordinates were off by several hundred feet. The next one was really close, but then 1 last night was a good 60 feet off. We ran into RedRox and Condorman today, and they were FTF on a couple of their new ones last night as well, and experienced missed numbers by 80 feet or so as well. They sent Ramona Girls an email letting them know about the problem. They told me they got a response tonight apologizing for the numbers being off. They told Rox that the numbers were right on in Google Earth. Now, my question is this...does anyone feel that posting numbers that are generated on Google Earth is an acceptable means of placing a cache? I have found GE to be very helpful for planning my route to a cache, but not overly accurate enough to get me within an acceptable range without using my gps. I am not slamming anyone, I am just curious what you all think. C4
  3. No, we all like to sign our own names so Jess just brings the containers to us working slobs and lets us sign them before she replaces it.
  4. Ok, since you asked, but I am really trying to forget the whole thing! A few days back, I decided to swing down to RB to grab some of the 1/1 (or thereabouts) caches before I made the trek North for home. As it turns out, I was grabbing some of the Tranquility series that night. As I was leaving my first stop, the fairer half of HelBob Duo arrived on the scene. (Sorry Bob!) We chatted for a minute, and then I was off. Two stops later, I was at said Hippos. It took me a bit, but I made the grab. As I was leaving, Helen was just starting her search. As I was backing up, I noticed she was looking in the wrong place. I should have been paying attention to what I was doing, and not her search! Anyway, there was a crew cab truck with a really long bed in the lot behind me and just to the side. As I was backing up, I heard a funny noise. I looked in my mirror, and see this big-ol truck right there. I got out, and sure enough, the noise was my trunk caving it! The truck was lifted high enough that it's bumper was right in the middle of my trunk. There was a bit of paint on the bumer that rubbed right off, but my trunk is worse for the wear! So now Helen is making male driver jokes about me. It wasn't my fault! I was trying to look out for a misguided lady cacher! C4
  5. I'm in for sure, so keep us posted. I was reading along in the thread that you linked to, and thought I saw a post that said you weren't actually using color. I like the colored ring on the front.
  6. Lot's of new caches just popped up! Anyone out hunting tonight? I am supposed to be working, but the lure of the caches is starting to pull really hard!
  7. Hi Sissy, I don't think I posted when I got mine, but they look great. Thanks
  8. Everytime I look at D-Jollymon as the lion I start busting up! That is the funniest thing...
  9. That is totally hilarious! Now, if you can get Becca in the picture instead of Toto then eveyone present will be represented!
  10. ND coins are available for purchase in the "Plains" region forum.
  11. Thanks for the help. I'm glad I asked ahead of time...it's going to take a while any way I look at it!
  12. I have another question for the caching instructors out there. I am going on a trip up to the Kern River at the end of the month. Is there a way to download caches along our route of travel, without having to do hundreds of queries? The only way I can figure out how to do it is by running many different queries centered around caches I can find along the route.
  13. I would have to say Dan-oh is the Wiz himself, but don't tell him, he might get a little big headed on us. This one had a bit of everything in it, but it ran you around town a bit like "Bingo" did. I must admit, without D-Jollymon there, I most likely would have posted a DNF here and been begging for a hint. The WP before the final cache kicked my butt. His numbers were right on, my gpsr was putting me about 30 feet up the road. I would like to think I would have eventually found it, but maybe not. Anyway, luck to all of you that try it! Cache on!
  14. Thanks for the fun and frustration Dan-oh! Truly evil on a couple of those WPs. And they got progressively harder on the way!
  15. Thanks for the response and the help. Thankfully, the post won't be necessary anymore. Rnrgrl made the trip yesterday and rescued Crush from over 4 months of solitary confinement! Thanks!! Thanks again for all your help.
  16. Well, I wanted to post #44, but what if other people are sending messages at the same time, then maybe I will push it over the top. That would really mess things up, so I guess I will just sit back and wait for the big event to happen. No sense taking a chance on posting a message and messing the count up. Yeah, that's what I'll do.
  17. I am looking for help in rescuing my son's travel bug that is the the area of Jupiter. It is in Abacoa #2. Crush was placed there on March 29, and there have been no visits posted to that cache since that day. He wants to see Crush head back to California, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  18. I'd love to help support your caching hobby John&Jess, but if I buy that book from you, then I won't have any reason to call and bug you anymore. Unless I do it just to taunt you about an FTF!
  19. I would love to trade as well. I have approved the final artwork on my coin, and I am awaiting the final die work.
  20. Hey QDMan, Congrats on the 200 mark. As far as your picture goes, since I only have three votes, go ahead and vote for yourself. I'll leave my vote with yours! (It's the best I can do.)
  21. The group has been meeting over the last several days and we will be finalizing the group name by Friday evening. We also have good idea of what the first coin is going to look like. Up to this point, only 15 of the 50 group members have logged into the group to participate in the discussion and voting process. If you want to have some say, please log in ASAP and make your voice heard!
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