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  1. Good point on the group. I just missed the cut on those coins. I am first on the waiting list though! We'll keep our fingers crossed. C4
  2. There was a new coin released sometime today in the coin thread. By the time I saw it, there were only 19 left. I tried to grab 8, then upped it to 10, but someone edited their post asking for all 19 at the same time! I guess we'll have to wait and see if they include my order or not. I'll keep you posted. C4
  3. Will they be trackable on the GC website?
  4. Actually, COOL is not accepting any new members if I am not mistaken. I don't have any problems with someone from outside the area joining. You'll just miss the pizza parties we have when we hand out coins! C4
  5. I can't attend, but I'm in for the bronze version. Let me know how to pay you . 2-Coins C4
  6. Hey Marc, Got my coins today, and they look Mr. Fantastic, (or at least fantastic!). Thanks for all the hard work. I got 5, 4 were for trade bait, but I will happily send 1 to Robin if she wants. C4
  7. Makes total sense, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Several other cachers are already selling personal coins. C4
  8. Ok PW, Here is what I have for you. Hopefully, I can figure out how to add links! Minnestoa- (A must-have for you!) Follow that link, and post your interest in that thread. They will let you know when they start accepting payment. Either that, or I can up my requested quantity and order for you. Wyomning Again, post your intent to buy here. Go here to pre-order the new Compass Rose coin that will be trackable on the geocaching site. Here is another new personal coin you can order. Maryland is on your list, and will have it's own icon for tracking. Go hereand contact Sissy for South African coins. She may have a couple left. If not, let me know. I have an extra. This is a pretty fun kids themed coin you can buy. (Oops, I accidentally hit the submit key. At least I know my links work!) Go Jaybee may be taking orders for his coin. Check here for availability of New Jersey coins. Donbadabon's coin is pretty cool. It was the big one with the peace sign in my book. Avroair is also selling his coin now. Ladycacher is running low, but may have some left. Silvermarc may still have some left. South Carolina has a page to post your interest in buying. Go here to buy the Greenman and The Joy of Geocaching coins. To join the monthly Geocoin Club go here. (It's not cheap, but they are all trackable.) Go here, and email Simon of The Hokesters to see if you can squeak in for a UK coin. I also have the email addys for Vacman and Conejo coins if you are interested. I jsut can't find it now. I hope that gets you going! C4
  9. I haven't set up my list yet, so forgive this long post. Right now, I am trying to trade for State coins. I don't have too much to offer yet, so here goes. I have: 2- South Africa 5- Canada 3- Texas 2005 2- Conejo Cachers 1- Vacman 1- MIGO-Normal 1-Bronze Alaska Looking for: GBES MidWest GeoBash Pre-2004 Oregon 2004 California Alabama- 2004 Kentucky 2004 Missouri 2004 Pennsylvania 2004 West Tennessee Calgary North Carolina Idaho Ohio NW Penn. Thanks, C4
  10. The lightbulb has finally turned on for me! John's "all while I was at work!" comment just filled in the blanks! Whenever there are FTFs to be had, Jess only takes my calls when John is at work! When he is home, she waits and returns my calls AFTER they knock the cache off! Unless of course I am already ahead of them, then it's ok to "team up". The game becomes much clearer when all of the rules are revealed to you! C4
  11. No offense taken...I've always been a little weird! Of course I like the idea, but then again, any excuse to mint a coin is a good one as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I talked with more than 1 person that was interested in forming a San Diego Cachers Club. The event was fun, and I think a lot of people would like an excuse to get together more often. A coin could be an offshoot of that. Just my 2 cents worth. Take it FWIW, remember, I'm weird! C4
  12. Since I haven't been able to trade for one yet, I am watching this!
  13. For the record, I saw John&Jess at the pizza event after these pics were posted. I walked up to John, started undoing a button on his shirt, and peeked inside. There is NO superman shirt underneath there. (And you guys thought Jess was the reason I enjoyed caching with you!) C4
  14. I got two Gold Leaf Alaska coins in the mail today. I am willing to trade one. Is there any interest? C4
  15. Now that you mention it, they did say that in the movie didn't they? Actually, in my searching for coins for my collection, I came across a thread where they were discussing making a Minnesota coin. Someone suggested putting the phrase "You betcha" on the coin, since they loved hearing a Minnesotan say that. When I found out Dave was from MN, I was trying to remember what the phrase was so he could say it for me! I never did remember, so I never got to hear it first hand.
  16. Way to go Dave! You betcha! (That was the phrase I was looking for last night! C4
  17. Hi Speedy, I don't need the Silvermarc, but I do have 2 extra South Africas I will trade. Do you have anything else to offer? C4
  18. Woo Hoo! Got my 2 goldleafs, my silver, and my 2 bronze! They all look great!!! Thanks for all the hard work Mike, you did a wonerful job! C4
  19. I'll bring my meager collection to show what I have going. C4
  20. I have an extra "First Finders Dance" coin to trade Looking for: Colorado GeoBash Idaho Thanks, C4
  21. Many of the "early" versions of coins you see are PhotoShop drawings of a coin design concept. Some of these are done by individuals that have the ability, but many of them are done by the vendors themselves. For my coin, I had another cacher get me started with setting up a picture. I did what editing I could, and then communicated the rest of my ideas to coinsandpins, who are doing my coin. They then provided a more complete piece of artwork than I was able to produce. I told them some things I wanted to change, and then they sent me a final version to approve. Once that was done, they sent it to their foundry, and the die artist made up their artwork. That is the version you see on many of the posts. Once you approve that artwork, they will start making your coins! So, you don't really need any artictic drawing abilities, you just need to be able to communicate what it is you are looking for.
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