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  1. OK, OK, I fess up!! Sheesh! While the buyer should always beware, this time it was just a case of... SELLER, GET A CLUE! I wasn't going to sell any of my coins, they were for trading only. When I saw the ridiculous amount people were paying online, I started getting the feeling that some of those buyers might not be cachers at all, but people trying to CASH in on our hobby! I succomed to the temptation and listed one of my coins just for kicks. I had hoped to fly under the radar, but I messed up on the shipping. It was supposed to show a flat-rate of $1.50. I posted a note showing that now. Kind of ironic isn't it. I fall to temptation, and look at the coin I made! C4
  2. You are so right. We are back to the percieved value of coins. I have had trades where certain coins were perceived to be more valuable and wanted a multiple for 1 coin. While I agree that there are certain coins that are worth more than the average coin, for the most part, 1 for 1 is what I feel should be the norm. Just my 2 cents. C4
  3. OK, I finally got my personal coins today. I have sent messages to eveyone that sent me their coins in advance, so if you didn't hear from me, let me know. I am not posting a picture of my coin here for 2 reasons: 1- I don't know how. 2- It has a Christian theme, and I don't want to offend anyone. That being said, I would be happy to email a picture of it to anyone that asks. I am looking for: GONE Geobash and any trackable ones in particular. I am open to other offers as well. I only ran 250 coins. C4
  4. Yeah, I guess I have been too lazy to get around to that. I keep searching for my payment confirmations. As far as my coin goes, I haven't figured out how to post a picture here yet, so I will work on that. Also, I bought a few extra of the Paneowege or however they spell it kids coins today. I wasn't sure how many, and I know for a coin like that, some only want 1. I bought 6 extra, so let me know. We really need to get a final number of what to order. We have had people post saying they want to join, but it is still difficult to know when it is time to put the money on the line! C4
  5. Well, I'm glad you found it, cause I couldn't! Anyway, we can work something out for a couple of them. It's hard with stuff that I ordered pre-club. I was strapped for cash, and I was trying to get some trade stock up as well. As for the color of the coins, I just got my personal coins in today, and they had 5 colors. I don't remember the breakdown, but it didn't really add that much cost to them. C4
  6. Yes I did. Now, the question is, do I need to up the order? I am covering for fOtOmOm while they are on vacation. He wants 5 untrackable, 10 trackable of any coin. It appears this may be trackable if the response is high enough. Also, they are accepting orders until the 10th, so there isn't fear of them running out. How many are we ordering for the club these days? Once I know that, I can up the quantity accordingly, or, since there isn't a rush, others can place orders as well. C4
  7. Great job by Mrs. Wind! I like the top left for one side, and the bottom right for the other. C4
  8. I forgot to post that they contacted me, and had a few trades drop out. I have at least one for NScaler, and Passing Wind. (They were the only ones I knew I was buying for at the time!) C4 p.s. My connection was down at home, so I may be out of touch for the weekend. Have a safe holiday weekend. And Jim, have safe travels for vacation, I'll have your back for any unexpected releases!) p.p.s. I got notification today that my personal coins should be here Wednesday! Yippee!
  9. Cool, thanks for the info. Although the coins have to "face value", they definitely have a 'perceived value." It's just that sometimes the perception is a little distorted. C4
  10. I'll get back to you with an opinion, once I figure out what you just said. C4
  11. Hi Jim, I'll definately order with you. I don't want to keep being a leech! C4 (edited for spelling error!)
  12. Hi LFD, I have sent you several emails trying to work a trade for you personal coin. If you don't want my coin, I did manage to get an extra one of these I would trade you for. C'mon, throw a guy a bone. C4
  13. Mine are being made right in the middle of this craze, and I have been totally happy with their level of service. C4
  14. I told you guys I'm losing it! I missed the cutoff for the Ohio geocoins, so I have been trying to trade for one. I even sent the organizer of the coin release a note, and he told me that he was completely out. I just got an email saying that my Ohio geocoins had shipped! It had a PayPal receipt attached and everything! My addiction is bad, I am starting to have blackouts! C4
  15. Nope, I plan on doing the same. The main thing we are doing is trying to make sure we don't miss any opportunities. We haven't really done anything formal. As of now, there are only 3 of us actively working here. (Unless fisnjack is with us for sure.) Basically, the first one to see a new release is making a purchase of 6 coins for the group. (2 each.) Just to make sure we don't miss any of the fast moving releases. Then we post here the purchases that have been made. Once the coins start arriving, we plan to get together to distribute coins and settle up. Anyway, to the rest of the group, fOtOmOm, (Jim), is the friend I am ordering for while he is on vacation. Having more eyes search is always helpful. Besides, we may just have to make our own coin for this club! C4
  16. No, at this point he is still in town, and I believe he already posted there. Thanks though, C4
  17. I am trying to go through and log all of my orders so I can see what I have. When I got started, I was placing orders as fast as I could. I haven't responded to all of our posts here, because I have some of the coins already committed to trades. I think I should have extras on most of them, so I will try to let you know. Also, on some new purchases, I may make personal commitments over and above the coins we order as a group if at all possible. If I really like a coin, I may want more than 1 extra sitting around for future trades. I think the craze will continue to grow, and people getting on board a year from now will have a difficult time finding some of the coins we are buying now. C4
  18. Just a note. I have a friend that is leaving on vacation for two weeks, and I agreed to purchase any newly released coins for him while he is gone. Over the next couple of weeks, if I am the first to see a new release, I will be ordering a larger than normal amount, so don't be alarmed. In addition, if one of you places an order for our club, I will be placing an additional order, providing there are any left! At the rate things have been selling out, that might not be possible. C4
  19. I just received your "first edition" coin in the mail today, so how could I say no to a trackable one? Count me in. C4
  20. Hi Group, We may need to exchange numbers for important info! I joined a group last month that is making 4 coins per year. It is a Northwest group, but they opened it up to anyone. The membership is limited to 50 members, and each member only gets 2 coins per issue. That will make them all very limited. I just got a message that there are now 4 openings. First come first served. If you are interested log in here. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PNGG/ Dave
  21. I knew that all of us weren't in to the personal coins, but since this was more of a club coin, I went ahead. However, saying that, if anyone doesn't want this one, no worries. They limited it to 500, so that is rare enough that I will hang on to extras for trade bait. C4
  22. Sorry guys, I haven't been able to keep up with where we are at, but I just saw a post from Hammerjane for the new KTAG coins. (Kentucky Tennessee area Geocachers) It looks like they are going fast, so I ordered 10 for the club. Dave
  23. I have seen several posts for people seeking 1st edition Moun10Bike coins. (Aren't we all?)(At except for a select few!) Anyway, I never see responses. I only know of one trade, so I was wondering if there are really any out there available for trade, and what that trade might entail. I know you don't want to be flooded with emails, so contact me directly. I am just curious of what something like that would go for. C4
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