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  1. Sorry Mark, I only needed 6 1/2 minutes.
  2. Wow, now I have to up the bid again to redeem myself. You are all making me feel like a self-serving monger for listing my personal coin! C4
  3. Unless I am mistaken, it was that seasonal MIGO that went for $104.00 and change. With the last bid placed, Mare's coin is now only $2 shy of that mark. Go ahead, raise me...I dare ya! C4
  4. I've been watching it...I just haven't decided how many I want. If we do a club buy, I'll be in for 2, but beyond that, I'm not sure yet. C4
  5. I just got 2nd edition #390 on Friday for a trade I made with him for my personal coin. That means there are less than 10 left. I had also heard he had the 3rd edition waiting to go, so I asked him about that...he told me to make a new edition of my coin if I wanted to trade, since he won't trade for anything he already has! Also, before everyone starts to email him, he won't trade for anything that is not a personal coin either. (That means no State, Country, or event coins.) C4
  6. Mmmph wrmpg wmmhtph mmmph! If Jess would take her hand off my mouth, I'd tell you where that picture was taken!
  7. No luck on Version 1. My coin was one of his last Version 2 coins. He is down to less than 10 coins left I believe. So, you know what that means...Yep, Version 3 is in the wings! The only problem is, he will only trade for personal coins that he doesn't have. He told me if I wanted one, that I would have to make another version of my coin! C4
  8. Hey gang, I think I remember someone posting a note about the GeoFest this weekend. Did anyone decide to attend? I wasn't planning on it since the kids have a busy schedule tomorrow, but I just found out I have a cache nominated for an award! I know there is no chance I'll win, since not enough people from up there have visited, but I am still thinking about heading up...but then again, I do have a 30-45 minute head start on most of you! C4
  9. I agree. Let's move on to the next step. With my coin, Tess, at Coins&Pins altered the artwork to what she thought would look best on a coin. We then did a little tweaking, and I released it. She then sent it to the die manufacturer, and they did the drawing for the actual die work. Once that was approved, money was sent, and the order was released. See, that's two good things about having made my own coin. I have experience for our group, and I just got a Moun10Bike Version 2 in the mail from Moun10Bike himself! Talk about Christmas in September!! C4
  10. I love it! (But of course, I already have one coming!) C4
  11. They seem to be now. One thing to consider, with Maryland, New York, etc. is they are running a minimum of 1000 coins. The cost of the coin drops significantly at those quantities, and when you amortize the cost of the dies into a larger number, that has less of an impact on the per-piece price as well. For my personal coins, postage has been 60 cents for one coin, $1.06 for 2. The bubble envelope is maybe 50 cents. For $1.50, you cover all of your costs for 1 coin. We can have a pizza party for all the local buyers to save on shipping. (Then again, we will spend more on pizza and drinks than it would cost to mail the coins, but mailing isn't as fun.) All in all, worst case, you are looking at $7.50 per coin including shipping. We will sell out 500 in a couple of hours on the TB forum. C4
  12. I say with the response we have had, and with as fast as things are selling out, we should go gc.com for sure. Marky is setting up my personal coin on his site for me, and that is a fantastic service he does for us. But, the latest craze, and the thing everyone wants, is to get another icon find on their stats page. I'm not saying we should pay for our own individual icon, but at least being gc.com trackable is important. C4
  13. OK, Her is my attempt at posting the picture of my coins! We'll see... C4
  14. I would venture to say the SDGC club is in for at least 15. I would personally trade one of my coins, and fOtOmOm, who are on vacation, would be in for an additional 5. C4
  15. I have been using a binder with baseball card holder pages. The pages are made for 9 baseball cards, and so far, have accepted even the JeepToysRus and Team Shydog coins! We have a heat-sealer for our shipping here that I use to seal the coins in once I have a full row. The downside is, they tend to rotate a bit, but it sure makes an easy show and tell when I go to events! C4
  16. With the outrageous prices on the ebay coins, is there anyone still willing to trade the "old fashioned way" any of the following coins? MIGO- Spring MIGO-Winter MIGO-Fall Idaho Geowoodstock Thanks, C4
  17. Great looking coin! I love it. My coin is already in the mail to you! C4
  18. I love it Joel! I'm glad we already worked out a trade! I can't wait to see it. BTW- I got mine out in the mail to you yesterday. C4
  19. The new European Union coins just came online. I ordered 15 for the club. (I also ordered more for fOtOmOm while he is gone, so that is why my post on that thread doesn't say how many I ordered. I didn't want to confuse the issue.) They are fully trackable, with their own icon, and will be ready in Oct. C4 $9.00 each
  20. In case you truly don't know what PW is talking about, we started another thread in the Southwest region creating a coin buyers club. We started out just sharing notes, and buying coins. Now, we have progressed, thanks in great part to Mrs. PW, to creating our own coin to represent our region. In case you are still wondering, check out the "Travel Bug" forum in the main forum groups and see all the activity regarding coin trading and personal coins there. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, our hobby has now hit ebay like a storm. Just log on to ebay and do a search for "geocoin" and see what you find. There are coins there that were between $5 and $10 when we bought them originally, and one of them just sold for over $100 tonight. It's getting out of control! Yes, we do this in the coin club... C4
  21. No offense taken! I haven't been all that active in ebay in the past year or so, but I have taken a bit more notice of late! The only problem is, so many of the coins are so overpriced. There is a demand for sure. The percentage of collectors that has their own coins minted is pretty small when you compare it to the number of names that are on the pages collecting. If you don't have your own coin, until recently, there were only some club coins, and the state coins you could purchase. (Besides the USA and Canada coins.) Until I forked out the money for my own, my ability to trade for coins that I liked was very limited. Now, I have a trade in process for a Geobash Coin. It was a 1-4-1 trade. (1 for 1) I am perfectly content with that. When I look at what the last one sold for on ebay, and the $5-$10 cost for my personal coins, I feel like I got a great deal! In reality, it was a fair trade. I guess all I am saying is that for many collectors, ebay is one of the only options to get some of these coins. C4
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