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  1. I've been meaning to post all day...but you beat me to it. I finally got to the post office yesterday! I shipped your coins in that batch. Once again, sorry for the delay! Dave
  2. Hurry up and announce it already... The suspense is killing me!
  3. Of course, as soon as I posted that last thread, I got a package from up North placed on my desk! Chantal sent a sample coin of their upcoming March of the Penguins to list as well! Thanks!
  4. Woo Hoo! $133.00 for the coin! I have a really cool coin Norman sent me I'll try to get listed today. I've also got a couple of Black Nickel Idaho coins Jason sent that will be going up! Thanks for all the help, I know they appreciate it!
  5. My last trade with him went very well. In fact, I was delayed in shipping my part of the deal by several weeks, and he was very patient and polite. (More patient than I would have been!)
  6. Congrats to the finalists! We are honored to be included. I agree with Joni...wherever it is held will be great. How could it not...with this wonderful community! Good luck to all! GO STEELERS! Shouldn't that be "Go Stillers!" ....???
  7. This will be interesting to see how it plays out now that we are down to 3. I was surprised that all 3 places finished so close in the totals. I expected one or two of them to be clear front-runners...but it didn't work out that way. Good luck to all the potential hosts! One of you will have a lot of people coming to town! Aren't you going to tell us who the 3 are? Not me! Maybe Mark will, but I'm not sure. I think he's announcing the winner in 2 days anyway!
  8. This will be interesting to see how it plays out now that we are down to 3. I was surprised that all 3 places finished so close in the totals. I expected one or two of them to be clear front-runners...but it didn't work out that way. Good luck to all the potential hosts! One of you will have a lot of people coming to town!
  9. Since I scored 97 can I at least get the Ahrn?
  10. You are 97% Pittsburgh. Great job! There's nooooo doubt about it. You're from Da Burgh. You deserve a reward, so go have an Ahrn City or two. And GO STILLERS! Well, to be honest, the only reason I scored this high was I took that Pittsburghese book you sent me into the "library" and read it last week.
  11. Having never done it myself...I couldn't give you a difinitive answer. I'm just saying that some will have their reasons, and I would support them on that.
  12. My guess is that some folks have inflated egos, the occasional superiority complex.. maybe even narcissistic tendencies, and think pretty highly of themselves to begin with. IMO, the truly special coins are ones given amongst friends, and regardless of wether or not it's a rare coin, the value is always greater. You are assuming the worst in folks with that generalization. Maybe they just don't want to see their work become a commodity. Maybe they are sensitive and it would hurt their feelings.
  13. Sure it is. Why couldn't I put stipulations on one of my coins? If I worked hard on it, and didn't want to see others profit from it, that would be my right. If I paid for tracking numbers, and took the time to activate them all in my name...then I don't see any problems in putting stipulations on it. If someone didn't like the stipulations...they could avoid the coin all-together.
  14. Ok Gang! I've got too many loose screws to deal with right now...so I handed the project over to Coins & Pins. Believe me, you'll thank me later! (Some folks have been waiting 3 weeks for me to ship my personal coins that they paid for!) Anyway, you can pre-order the coins here: Screw Geocoins! Sorry for the long delay...if I had tried to do it myself, it wouldn't have happened until next year!
  15. Again, if you have the coin in your collection, you own it. No...you have possession of it. Maybe that is 9/10 and all...but the coin page still lists another cacher as the "owner." Can't get around that one.
  16. For me, having the event in a "new" area is less of a factor than other things are: 1. Is there a team or enough support in the area? 2. Will the area support the event, and attract enough collectors to make it enticing for the vendors. 3. Personalities...having experienced the planning for the last event, this may be the biggest issue! There were several times that we clashed in the planning process, and I told Avro and AG to stuff it! Mark had to calm me down a few times, and in the end, everything worked out pretty well. However, this is a long process, and you really have to work with each other. One of my biggest issues was that I like to do things my way! This is Avroair's baby now, and he needs to be able to know that the team that is selected are going to be team players...that's just my opinion. (Jim, even though you are a loose cannon, I've heard LeNore is really nice, so hopefully she can keep you in-check should the event go to PA this year.)
  17. Wasn't Salt Lake City tossing their hat in the ring?
  18. mmmmm lutefisk Sorry, I just can't imagine eating something that has been soaked in lye for a day...even if it has been rinsed out!
  19. I second that! The DVD was a nice touch...but I was a bit confused. In the opening sequence, the car appeared to be driving on the wrong side of the double yellow line. (Of course this wouldn't be apparent to our friends across the pond!
  20. Ugh! I just looked up lutefisk...you can keep that please! My mom grew up in Mpls/St. Paul...she remembers her grandmother making lutefisk every year for Christmas. I would try the lefse though.
  21. I finally went through all of the girls' Halloween candy, and look what I found... You big tease!
  22. I got the same package today in the mail! I like the Yinz magnet...but I looked up the word in the Pittsburghese dictionary, but the closest I could find was Yunz.
  23. I saw a Raven and an "Uber Rare Gold OIFGA" on Ebay today...so much for this list. Gee too bad! What goes around, comes around. Which does bring up the question: If you don't honor someone elses request to not sell their coin...should you still expect your request to be taken seriously for your own coins to be on the do not sell list?
  24. Did I mention that I prefer Special Dark for a chocolate bar? Spicy mustard is good too. Pizza and Windy City dogs wouldn't handle the shipping too well, so you have to let me know what else you can send.
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