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  1. On the right track. And like Eddings' work, I am thinking of a series...
  2. I loved them, and really enjoyed reading them since my 14-year-old daughter loved them too. I take every chance I get to share stuff with her! Still, not the author I was thinking of...
  3. Right genre...and probably my favorite single book...but not my favorite author... But your on the right trail!
  4. Wasn't Buck a character in the book? Read the series...but not what I was thinking of...
  5. Funny, I've got two of his paintings listed on Ebay right now...but not the right book. There are a few titles I don't recognize, but I'm pretty sure nobody has found the correct genre yet...
  6. Lot's of good books listed...but nobody is on the scent yet!
  7. Another good one...but not the genre I was thinking of.
  8. All good guesses, and I've read and enjoyed all but one...I've never read, or heard of Scott Hahn...but I'll check into him. Acutally, I watched but never read "It"...King is just too creepy for me to let him into my head!
  9. As I was digging through my coins looking for things to sell, I came across my bag of coins from GeocoinFest 2007. I realized that one year ago from tomorrow, many of you were out here in Sunny Southern California celebrating the first GeocoinFest! While we had a lot of rain, and actually some snow here last week, this weekend we have blue skies, and temps in the 70's. I wish you were all here again! So, to celebrate the anniversary of our first GeocoinFest, I am putting up a Satin Gold version of the GeocoinFest "Coin Addict" coin from Oak Coins, and the 2-Piece coin from Hogwild Stuff in a nickel plated version! Both coins go to the first person that can name my favorite author, and the name of one of his books that I have read! Don't worry, I'll give some clues later if nobody guesses correctly. I'll go by the order of the posts in this thread. Good Luck!
  10. Not anymore! Trade made... Now...let's see what else I can come up with!
  11. You made someone very happy. So who has an IndyDiver v1 or Dhobby1 v1 for trade now? Let's keep the momentum going! Yep, someone happy...but many disappointed. I can't help you with an IndyDiver or the Dhobby...but I've got a Waypoint15 if anyone is interested...
  12. That should now read..."Yes, you read that correctly, I have now parted with a V.1 Moun10Bike coin..." Thanks for all the offers. I tried to respond to everyone, but I have made the trade.
  13. It's been sort of mind boggling...especially when you consider my rookie mistake in the thread title! Moun10Bike...sheesh...what a rookie!
  14. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm going to part with a V.1 MountainBike Moun10Bike coin. Although it's a hard decision to make, it's time to let this coin find a new home. While my story is not as unfortunate as some of the other one's that have been shared in the forums, times are still really tight. I intend to start listing some coins on Ebay, and I'm looking to get something for this coin that will generate some cash. I probably should have put this in the "Trade" thread, but I didn't for 2 reasons: 1- Not everyone always looks in the "Trade" thread...so it is better for me here. 2- Not everyone always looks in the "Trade" thread...and since this is one of the most desired coins out there, I wanted to make sure everyone realized there is one available. (OK, so maybe they are pretty much the same reason.) If this is an unacceptable way to list this, the mods can lock, or delete this thread at their discretion. Please send an email if you are interested. Be patient, and please be understanding if I don't accept your offer. edited to change their to there...
  15. E-mail Sent Received! Thanks for the offer! I'll get your address from you and send the package on the way!
  16. Greetings cachers! I know it's been a while since I've chimed in here, but life has gotten in the way of caching lately. (I know, I know, that's a blasphemous statement!) Anyway, I was hoping to enlist a bit of help from somebody with Ebay skills! Way back when, when our county was on fire, I put out a call to the geocoin community to donate coins for some relief for Tinfoil Hat Head & Wall-Eyed Nutbag, who lost their home in the fires. I only managed to get one of my own coins listed, and I just didn't have time to list any of the other coins. I keep waiting for things to ease up, but in the mean time, Luke and Laura are still without their home, and probably could really use the money. I asked them if they were able to list the coins themselves, and then they would get the money directly, but they aren't set up for it. I was hoping to find someone willing to list the coins and collect the money for them before any more time goes by. If you are willing and able, please drop me a note and I'll send you a bunch of coins! Thanks! Dave
  17. A big thank you, and an even bigger apology! First, I would like to thank everyone in the community. As usual, you all proved what a great bunch of folks our community is filled with. I would like to thank all that donated for the cause. Now, for the big apology! I have yet to get any more auctions listed! When I originally posted the idea, to be honest, I was hoping folks would list their coins, and just send TinFoil Hat Head and Wall-Eyed Nutbag the proceeds. Well, when folks started offering to send me coins to list, I accepted since I wanted to get this family some much needed relief. I should have known better, and realized I just didn't have the time. I won't go into the list of reasons, but like so many other folks, times have been tough in this economy. I have coins of my own that I really need to list, but I haven't since I felt too guilty about not listing the relief coins. I want to assure all of you that donated coins that they will be listed for their intended purpose, but not by me. I contacted TFHH & WENB, (Their name is just too long to type it again!), but unfortunately, until they get more permanently settled, they just don't have the ability to list and then send out any coins. I will be posting a note in the local San Diego forums to see if another local cacher will take over the task of getting these coins listed. Thanks, Dave
  18. You have received some very good answers to your inventory questions, so hopefully that is clear to you. However, I didn't see any response to the question above yet... At the top of the geocoin thread there are some pinned topics. One of them lists geocoin manufacturers. If you go to the manufacturers sites, you can sign up for their mailing lists. That way you will get advanced notifiication of any new coins coming out. There may be some individuals that make coins that aren't pinned there, (It's been a long while since I actually looked!), so another thing to do is look at the bottom of everyones' signature line. Folks that have sales pages often have a link in their sig line. Check those sites out, and link to them for future reference. Then, of course, keep your eyes in these very forums. Most new coins are announced here as well. Cheers!
  19. Wow! How's this for creepy! I haven't been caching for a couple of months...the only coin mailers on my desk are generous donations that I need to get listed for the fire-relief auction...and other than that, I haven't had any coin activity in quite a while... Now, today, I just looked on my desk at the office and see a CCC coin! I went up front and asked if anyone had stopped to see me...and they assured me nobody had been by! I'm not sure where it came from...but it's here, and I LOVE it!!! Thanks CCC!!!
  20. Know that you are in our prayers as well. God Bless, Dave
  21. Yep, it will have it's own icon.
  22. I can't win the contest...since I am taking a break this year. I'm only putting up a few strands, but all of our wooden decorations are out...so I'll post a pic when I take one. However, since I know many of us in here can be a bit obsessive, I wanted to share a picture of my former obsession! We were 2 years reigning champs in town for decorating. Fist at one house, then another...then we moved to the next town up the road...and obsessed again! Here is a shot of our house the first year we won.
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