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  1. To tag onto that thought, they should not be required to say no to everyone either. Exactly! Another example would be the Jeep Travel Bugs. They are very commercial...but they are still fun to find. As users of this site, I doubt we would be able to produce our own commercial trackables with a custom icon...and I'm ok with that.
  2. I'm sure if you sponsored GS with the same amount of money Delorme does...you could have a commercial event as well.
  3. Here is another shot of the same bird. Harmon, I had to look up wingtip dihedral today... I had assumed incorrectly last night what you were referring to...but now I think I have it straight! Anyway, the thing that ruled out turkey vulture for me was the lack of the large white band across the trailing edge of it's wings and tail. When I first saw it...that was what I assumed it was, but then saw how dark the coloration was underneath. The wifey won't let me carry the digital slr around with me...but I may have to start carrying my old rebel with the 75-300 zoom on it. I will have to wait for film development....but there are always tradeoffs!
  4. Harmon, Definitely did not have the "finger" feathers at the ends of the wings. Also, it was flat and stable in flight. Size wise, when the two hawks started trying to drive it away, as a size comparison, they looked like a blue jay would look compared to a crow. Quite a size difference! I was thinking golden eagle, but I had never seen one. Thanks for the info!
  5. Ok, So, it's been a while since I've had anything to post here, but I saw a bird on the way home that I couldn't identify, so I'll see if anyone here can ID it for me. I was heading home tonight at traffic was really backed up on the I-15. I was about 2 miles south of the Fallbrook exit, when I saw some movement through the air. I looked out the window, and there was a HUGE bird soaring around. The wingspan on it had to be at least 7 feet. I saw it land on the hillside along the path to a couple of Snake&Rooster caches. Since the traffic was going nowhere, I decided to get off at Mission Rd and backtrack to where I saw the bird. When I crossed under the freeway, the bird was still on the hunt and soaring around. It didn't get close enough for me to get a good shot of it, but it was mostly black or really dark brown, with 3 or 4 rust colored splotches on it's back and wings. It soared over a hilltop, and landed, so I hopped out, and tried to get close enough for some pictures. It had landed on a large rock, and I got a couple of far-away shots, but when I tried to go up the hill to get a better shot, it took off. I manged to snap a couple of more shots, but my poor camera doesn't have a very good zoom, so it may be difficult to see. It soared up pretty high, and then a couple of red-tails tried to chase it off their turf. Compared to the hawks, this thing was huge! Sitting on a rock. Cropped image A different angle In flight.
  6. Well, earlier this week I posed the question about whether or not we had badgers in the area...since I had never heard of one being spotted. I'd never heard of bears down our way either...but then saw where there was a 6 week old bear cub found in De Luz just west of my house! Go figure! News Article
  7. Wow James! Fantastic shots! Our church is planning a missions trip to Nepal this summer to to some building...I had to pass, and now your pics make it even worse! Thanks for sharing! On another note...I read in the NC Times yesterday about some wildlife overpasses that are being discussed...one of them is on my way home. They are proposing a 600 foot wide bridge that would span I-15 just north of the border patrol station. I don't know if they will get funding, but the reason I am bringing this up, is the animals they are hoping to use the bridge are deer, mountain lions...and badgers. We have deer and several moutain lions up in that area...but I've never seen, nor heard of any badgers. Do we have badgers around here...or are they just expecting them to come by and see the new bridge?
  8. I just looked at the post count in this thread...and this thread actually passed up the trading thread to day in the number of posts!
  9. That was my first thought as well. I've heard a few stories where duplicate ideas came out around the same time. Some seemingly just by coincidence, others not so innocently. But then again...the first to make a public announcement may not always be the original idea...
  10. As of this post, you are at 44% of your goal! Way to go Mark!
  11. In all seriousness, I do have 1 extra 2008 Volunteer coin, and it is unactivated. I will consider all offers, but won't make a decision until the first of the week.
  12. Well, TJ may have been pulling your leg...but I'm not! I've got 1 2008 Voluteer coin up for grabs...and it's Unactivated!! Woo Hoo! Wanna Trade??? Sure!! Just kidding!!
  13. Well, TJ may have been pulling your leg...but I'm not! I've got 1 2008 Voluteer coin up for grabs...and it's Unactivated!! Woo Hoo!
  14. Nowadays I mostly have stuff leaving in the mail...but today I actually received some coins! 2 Tiki Following Fellows 2- Volunteer 2008 1- Black Nickel Wood Screw
  15. Email sent! (But most of you know what I said anyway.)
  16. Donation made. Thanks Mark for your commitment!
  17. Lot's of good input here. Another thing prospective coin designers should keep in mind is that getting approval from Groundspeak on your coin design does not mean you are free from legal challenges. I don't know this for sure, but I assume the design review process at Groundspeak is just to assure "family friendliness" issues, among other criteria that I may not be aware of. It is still the coin makers responsibility to make sure they have the rights to the artwork they are using if it isn't original. On a sub-topic: Do any of you that have knowledge in this area have an idea whether or not it makes a difference if the coins are minted and intended for trade-only or not? If you are not selling them, do you have any more latitude, or do all the same regulations apply?
  18. Ditto this sentiment! Way to go!!! Rats!!! I showed off me unmentionables to no avail! Perhaps next time it will result in the desired effect. CF30 Don't worry...it wasn't to "no avail,"...everyone may be mentioning your unmentionables again!
  19. Sorry Mel...too late for deleting! LOL You never know where those pics will show up again...GeocoinFest perhaps?
  20. We have a winner! I don't know why this one struck me so funny...but it did. I could just imagine you taking that self portrait for the cache...and then seeing the pic when you were done. I had both my kids look them over, and they almost got me to change, but in the end...this one took the cake! Thanks for participating and for helping with a really fun thread! Congrats! (Keep your eyes open for another Lackey contest. My son wants to give his away too...he just has to think up what he wants to do.)
  21. A totally unexpected gift! An Old-School Yime! Great coin, great card...I love it!
  22. Yes, this thread was started because I was asked to remove my posts from another thread. I deleted both of those posts, so unless you saw them originally, you wouldn't know what the tone of those posts were, or what they actually contained. Let me summarize it by saying this: Yes, my posts were in response to a specific coin...however, my posts in that other thread were never about THAT specific coin. I started off by raising a general question about the legality of using the images of others...and I continued that them here. (Well, actually, since I deleted my posts in the other thread, I just started a specific thread here.) Since one poster in this topic has already shared a problem they had, I'm sure this thread has raised awareness for some that are only reading and not posting...and that is a good thing.
  23. You are absolutely within your rights, and I see nothing wrong with it. Especially, since you said you purchased the clip art, it is your to use as you see fit. (Unless of course there were specific restrictions placed when you made the purchase.) This thread is not here to critique anyone's artistic ability. I saw what I thought was a potential copyright infringement, and thought this subject merited a discussion. If I remember correctly, production on a coin was stopped a while back because of infringement of a professional sports team logo. There was another coin that I'm not sure was ever completed because it was copied from a famous design from an artist. The designer of the coin did not hide the fact that it was derived from that artists' work, in fact, the coin was a sort of tribute to the work. However, unless I am mistaken, there were some issues that had to be addressed at the time.
  24. Thank you for posting this. This is the exact reason I started this thread, and was the exact subject line I was pursuing in my original posts in the other thread.
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