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  1. You are all making this too hard! What you don't realize is that Dennis is the "B" recipient for everyone. Everyone exchanges 1 coin, then everyone sends 1 coin to Dennis! JK
  2. Southern California has been published.
  3. I wasn't knocking your right to debate the issue. And, since links to trackable sales on Ebay are allowed, I respectfully disagree with Eartha that the subject shouldn't be discussed here. My objection was to the attacks leveled at the OP. You don't have to like the listing method, and you can debate how ethical it is...but in the end, it's his listing, and if he gets more for the coin, good for him. Now, this is all rhetorical on my part since he lost credibility with me by escalating the name calling. That was uncalled for, but my basic point remains the same.
  4. Excellent! I'd love to meet you!
  5. You snicker...but others feel more serious about it!
  6. Too bad you won't be there the 1st. One of our favorite events is happening, the Hampton Roads annual event. There will be tons of collectors there that day. Bummer! We actually land in DC on the 1st, but we are heading North for a few days first. Lot's of miles the first few days, then just kicking back the rest of the time
  7. Hi gang, We will be speding Sep 4-11th in Williamburg, and I was hoping for some feedback on caches we should hit. I searched the archives, and most of the info was 2 years old, so I started a new thread. We will do a quick stop in NYC, so I'm also interested in anything I shouldn't miss there. I'd like to grab one in Central Park if it works out. Thanks!
  8. We will be spending a week next month in Williamsburg, VA. We will be there from the 4th to the 11th. My family will kill me if I spend too much time caching, but I was wondering if there were any collectors in the area? We will be in NYC the 2nd and 3rd, but I don't think I will have time to meet up with anyone there. We will actually be staying just over the river in NJ, but we are going to do a whirlwind tour of Manhattan and then get out!
  9. I was searching through old posts today to research a new coin idea, and I saw this thread. I had to laugh, because I always have a Yime in my pocket! (Excuse me sir...is that a Yime in your pocket...?" When I got it over a year ago, I dropped it in my pocket to take home and add to my binder. Well, I kept forgetting to take it out, and it just sort of stayed with me. It's one of my all-time favorites, so I liked having it around. Unfortunately, it has become a bit scratched up with time, so it is no longer a mint coin which is a shame. But, I get a lot more enjoyment out of seeing it all the time rather than closed up in my binder! After seeing how scratched it got, I considered carrying my Kealia/Hulabum coin around too. But I couldn't figure out how I could manage to get Kealia scratched off, and leave HB in pristine condition!
  10. I haven't met him, and you are right, his character really doesn't have anything to do with it. (Although it's nice to know he's a nice guy!) Also, you can freely say Ebay here. It's OK...really it is. The bottom line is this: He is free to list his coins however he wants. If he gets good results listing them as VHTF, then by all means, list them that way. I have a few VHTF coins on Ebay myself right now. Go ahead and look. You don't have to like it, but then you don't have to buy them either! You may or may not agree with the sale of Geocoins on Ebay, but in all but a few instances, it's allowed. TPTB here even let you link to auctions of trackable coins, so there is no problem there either.
  11. No need to bash the OP here. Let's face it, the Ebay Geocoin market has 2 different types of buyers. 1.- Those that don't know where to get Geocoins, so they pay inflated prices for things that are still available. 2.- Those that know where to get Geocoins, but got into the game a little late, and use Ebay to fill out stuff they are missing. In either case, how you title your listings shouldn't matter to anyone here. Caveat Emptor. If you don't know what you are looking at, and you believe every VHTF listing out there, you will learn an expensive lesson. If you are a regular here, then just ignore the heading. They can't fool you!
  12. I posted earlier that I was trading this coin, but I messed up the description: This coin is the Gold-No Epoxy version. Only 20 made...or was that 25?? I can't keep this straight. Here is a pic. (I already have some nice offers in, but I need to clarify with them that it is the gold version I have and not the bronze.)
  13. Looks like I type too slow!
  14. First, please edit out the tracking number from your post. There is a TBXXXX number on the bugs page that you can freely post, and we can all look the bug up. By posting the actual tracking number, people can "virtually" log the bug, and the bug may be de-activated by Groundspeak for illegal use. Let me search the forums. There may have been a problem with a batch of those coins, so they may have scratched off the numbers and gave them away rather than throw the coins out.
  15. Hmm... All my AE's are trackable - but then, they aren't proofs. I think UO Trackers is selling her coins she gets for designing them - (In lieu of payment many of us take coins instead - the true sign of addiction!) All of mine are trackable... I have a VERY FEW untrackable one of a kind coins, but they are few and far between. I almost always get an AE for any coin I have made as well. I've got proofs that are one-ups laying around too. My AE's come with the production run, but if I buy 500 tracking numbers, I put them on the regular coins, and get my name or something put on my AE coins. I've got some cool one-off coins with different finishes or colors. I've just never thought of "burning" a tracking number on a coin I know is just going to sit in my collection. I'm not saying it's right or wrong...it just never occured to me to do it that way. I'm too cheap I guess!
  16. That's interesting that you actually made your proofs or artist editions trackable. I've got a lot of them around that I made to check various platings, but they all have my name instead of a tracking number. I never burned the numbers on the proofs. Who woulda thunk?
  17. No but you will have to move fast! Since nobody is stepping to the plate for So Cal...I will check a potential venue site tonight and see what I can do. If the one I have in mind doesn't work, I'll check the spot where had the GeocoinFest Poker tournament in Feb and see if I can work out the room.
  18. Don't you know any premium members? Just give them the tracking number. They can grab it from you, and then write a note and drop it in the cache. I know some folks will get upset since it will give your friend an icon they didn't earn...but at least it gets it in the right place. I just realized that you could also contact a previous finder of the coin...that way no unearned icons are generated.
  19. I'd like 2 Cu about a coin. (Atomic table reference intentional.)
  20. Note highlighted text above... Sniffing glue will dialate your pupils...along with causing kidney damage... DON'T DO IT! Oh, nevermind...jumped the gun again.
  21. You miss the point...their advice was spot-on. Leaving their url as a sig is what set things off. All of the vendors offer advise from time to time. That is fine. It's just when you leave any doubt as to whether or not you are plugging your business that causes friction. www.coinsbydave.com JK
  22. Thanks for being patient...it took me a while! Seriously though, it ends up being a conflicting weekend. We will be at the Harvest Crusade up in Anaheim on Saturday evening, and I've got a family commitment at my sisters house in Mission Viejo on Sunday. The biggest bummer is we have been talking about getting the "Oldest Cache" recently as well. I would have grabbed that with you for sure! (You can tell HB she can change her plans now...I won't be able to change mine!)
  23. Ok, I've got a hot one here! Looking for offers for a 2006 Johnnie Lacey Antique Brass with No Epoxy fill. There were only 20 of these made, so they are hard to come by. Email me offers, but be patient. I'm not going to make my decision too quickly. I want to see what kind of offers I get.
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