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  1. Well, it wasn't really in my mailbox...but the Fed=Ex man brought me a box full of my new coins! Yee Ha!
  2. You are still a member...it's just been a while since we have done a coin, but you are current witht the coins we have made.
  3. I feel your pain! Congratulations on being able to say "Screw it!"
  4. I hear what you are saying, and invite you to report the post. The mods can change the heading if they feel it is pushing things too far. However, I posted this as a tongue-in-cheek comment. I used "wood" instead of "would" to play on words. There has been a fair amount of tension in these forums recently, and I thought the play on words was a good way to loosen things up a bit and have some fun...coins are supposed to be fun. I aplogize for offending anyone with this. For the record though, tell you son that "Getting Screwed" just means you are getting a"Screw" coin in the mail.
  5. Yes, it's that time again. What time is it? It's screw time! I was laughing at Team Shydog's comment in another thread yesterday since we had just received our samples from the mint! We did an encore run for 2007, but this time, we made wood screws. (Yes, the topic description is spelled correctly.) I haven't figured out pricing yet, but they will be affordable. I'll post pricing info in the next few days. Please let me know if you are interested so I can guage how many to make.
  6. OK, now I get this thread... When I read the title this morning, I hadn't had my coffee yet, and I thought you were saying someone offered you a copy of "One Night In Paris" for a JoeFrog coin... Sheesh, I was way off-base.
  7. I didn't intend for this thread to be about Fluttershy. I've shared lot's of emails with Yimey over the years, and we have gifted each other coins in the past as well. So, I was pretty upset when I saw the coin listed. That was the reason I opened this thread. We have had discussions over reminting and other issues that I feel the consensus of the community has drifted on over time. I'm not saying that it is bad or wrong...it is just different. I was wondering if the same was occuring here. It is now clear to me that it isn't. As far as the jellies go, I wasn't trying to mess up the order process. I know they are getting ready to order them, so Jim, if this messes up your order, let me know and I'll buy them. I don't care what colors they are...if I don't like them, there is always Ebay. I just don't want you to be stuck with coins because of a thread I started.
  8. I guess I don't know how to respond... It's ok to make mistakes in life, and most people, even in these forums, are very forgiving if you are straight with them. I think the real issue here is the spirit in which the coin was given to you, and what the coin stood for. Maybe you didn't realize how it would be interpreted...that's ok too. You've said you were goiong to cancel the auction. If that's your intent, then do it, aplogize to Yime, and let's all move on. Or, you could decide you really need the money, let the auction run it's course, and don't worry about what anyone thinks. Just be honest about it. Or sell it to pay for the jellies...I don't care. Just stand for what you believe is right, or what is within your rights, and do it. End of story. There are reactions to everything we do in life. I debated a while before continuing to respond since I know I will get some angry notes about this...but I felt strong enough to state my opinion...and I will face any backlash I receive.
  9. Sorry, I type too slow...please see my reply to A&T.
  10. A&T...let me address this, since I am the one that started this post: You know how I feel about the issue since I laid it out in my OP. However, I would never say a coin is more important than any individual here in the forums. There have been many causes here in the forums and the overwhelming response and support of the community here goes without saying. There have been very large sums of money raised for families or individualy in need, and for those who have lost loved ones...so please don't throw that accusation out. This entire scenario would have been avoided if the coin in question would have been traded for mulitple coins. I got 14 coins for the LE Lacey I traded, so I know this first hand. There will be someone out there willing to give up a lot of coins for something as sought after as a Gold Yime. That being said, I also know from others in the group that Fluttershy is making a few different flavors of Jellies on this next run. So, while I have sympathy for anyone going through financial hardship, I am having trouble totally buying that. If money is that hard to come by, I just don't understand spending a fairly decent amount on a new coin run. Forgive me for that statement, because I am totally passing judgement on this person, and I don't know all the details...but it just doesn't add up.
  11. I understand your point. And technically, you are correct in your opinion. However, I realize this thread is really a powder keg issue. Someone let me know who the seller on this auction is, and then it really rang a bell with me. Unfortunately, this very coin that is now for sale was the subject of this post here: Golden Yime You can see where this thread headed, and you probably remember the drama that followed. Actually, that may actually be the reason the coin is being sold now. Maybe it just brings back bad memories.
  12. Oops! I'm guilty of that! I guess I just wait to make sure it gets there. Once I leave feedback, I delete them from my history in my Ebay panel.
  13. I know this has been hashed over in various other threads, but a lot has changed in the last year. I was wondering if the general consensus has changed on this issue as well: I have been listing several coins on Ebay, and I don't have any problem, or qualms about selling coins that I purchased in the first place. Some personal coins, that I can't remember how I got them, and I don't have any contact with the makers of the coin, I have listed as well. However, if the coin was a gift, or from someone that I have remained in contact with, then it has meaning to me, and I don't feel right selling it. (However, I must confess that I had a coin listed that I couldn't remember where I got it. When AG told me who made it, I remembered when they sent it to me...and I felt bad about having listed it.) Then there are the coins that the owners have made it very clear they don't want sold. These coins are traded, or given freely, with the wish that they not be sold. (Moun10Bike coins come to mind.) I had an LE Lacey that I had traded for. I decided I didn't want it, and was going to list it. Mr. Lacey asked that I not list it, so I negotiated a trade for some coins that I could sell. It was a bit more work, but I got coins to list, the person I traded with got a great coin, and Mr. Lacey is happy. Win, Win, Win. Now, I see that there is a gold Yime on Ebay. I know how picky the Citrus Man was about letting those coins go, and I can't imagine he is too pleased about this. (Although, if he did give permission for this, then this is a bad example.) Anyway, I was just wondering if there are so many things sold on Ebay these days that this old taboo has also gone by the wayside. Let's try to keep this civil.
  14. If there is a fence with items attached to it, then there should be no reason you couldn't hang a bison tube there and have a real cache. Then, hang the coin somewhere along the fence for folks to discover as well.
  15. We were in a minivan, and I was in the way back. I have to question the sensibility of having the biggest bubba in the way back having to climb in and out quickly all the time! Here was a typical cache for us... We get to GZ, and John and TT throw both side doors open and dash out...as I am diving over the seat...both slide doors close in my face! Jess starts to laugh, I open the door, stumble out, and start running up the hill. Before I get to the top of the hill, John and TT are already running back down telling me to hurry up and get back in the car...by the time I get to the car, they are standing there holding one of the doors for me gettng impatient! That about sums up my contribution! LOL
  16. Here is a picture to go along with Flagman's post.
  17. Ok, here is the final tally: Only 125 coins will be minted... 60 Gold 40 Nickel 20 Copper 5 Undisclosed. There are a few copper and nickel not spoken for. (There are still Gold available, but I'm keeping some for personal use.) Thanks again!
  18. Thanks for all the interest, here and in emails and PMs. I'm not responding individually, unless you have a specific question. I've got everyone's requests, and I will contact you once I have the coins in-hand. Thanks again!
  19. This took way longer than I had anticipated...but I finally got back on-track. I have my samples in hand, and I am now taking reservations/ pre-orders. (I won't take payments until I have the coin in-hand.) There will be a custom icon, (Still working on it.) and three finishes. I decided not to make any finishes in limited runs. I'd like to see everyone get their preferred finish...if only a few of you want a certain finish...well, then that will be a limited finish by default, not by design. The 3 availabe finishes are Gold, Nickel, and Copper. This is the first in a series, and all coins will have a C4 prefix. The finishes are incredibly shiny, and I had one heck of a time getting a good shot without any reflections! Even using a shadowbox, I still ended up with the lens reflected on a couple of coins. These are a bit heavy, and are 2" in diameter. Pricing is $10 each coin. Shipping will be $2.00 for the first coin, and $0.50 per coin after that.
  20. I for one prefer to handle the sales myself. It's a lot more work, but I enjoy the interactions with cachers. Some sales turn into lasting online friends that I hope to meet in the future. It's also kind of fun taking a bunch of envelopes to the post office and waiting to hear from folks when they get the coins.
  21. Great BikeDog stuff there...glad I could help you out. And...C4....thanks for including th Act Codes with the coins.....you rock. Thank you GJB, (got your emails!), and everyone else that helped out! Dave
  22. A couple of hides and finds "Plastic Container" coins.
  23. As long as the coin is 2D on both sides...you could put your picture on the front or the back of the coin... Oh, wait, you didn't mean "where on the coin"...you wanted to know where to get it done.... Yeah, what the other two told you.
  24. I've seen up to a 50 hides coin at C&P...but not 100 hides.
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