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  1. Excellent point. It has been said repeatedly that a true friend would not be upset if you had to sell a coin they had gifted to you...after reading your point above, I realized that the reverse should be true as well... A true friend would contact the original owner and discuss things beforehand. Then there wouldn't be any hard feelings to worry about.
  2. I guess that may be the bottom line. We all have a different moral compass we try to live by. (The emphasis is added for myself, since I fall short of my own expectations frequently!) Where I may look at my promise to never sell a coin as binding as a legal contract...others will not have the same compunction to do so.
  3. Since mine are already commercialized... You had better add all Moun10Bike coins to the list. I don't think he even visits here anymore, so he probably won't add them himself.
  4. Personally, I would say no. I had a Johnny Lacey coin, and that is exactly what I did. Now, the question remains, does the new owner have the same obligation? No, not really. I guess you could tell them that the original owner didn't want the coin sold...but it's up to them what to do with it. Another reason why the "Do Not Sell 'Wishlist'" may not be a bad idea.
  5. Good point! The red eyes on your mustang make the question kind of intimidating!
  6. That's funny! I was at Harbor Freight last week, (A discount tool place). They had those hand-held wands like they use to check for weapons at different venues. They were on sale for $24, so I bought one! I was hoping it might help find bison tubes hanging in large bushes...I haven't had a chance to try it out yet!
  7. Thank you for adding your 2 geocoins worth!
  8. To all contributing: Please edit your posts that refer to any particular incident. This is not about any one incident. I realize that there is one that is still fresh on everyone's mind...but I have been thinking about this whole issue for a long time. For instance, quite a while back, someone found a Ver. 1 Indy Diver in a cache, and then sold it for big bucks on ebay. Ok, so the coin was a legitamate trade item...but if he got $100 on Ebay, did he trade up or even in the cache? I'm sure he didn't. This example is not the same as a gifted coin, and I don't feel as strongly about this incident as I do about gifts/trades...but it still fits with my over-all curiousity. Where have you drawn your line? How does it compare to others? Now, I'm afraid there are some that may have an opinion, but don't want to post because they are afraid of criticism. I'd like to keep this friendly, and encourage participation. I will be starting to "Report" posts that get personal, on either side of the fence that we have. I'd rather see an individual get a timeout, than see the thread locked. If some of you have an issue with me still...send me an email or PM and I'll join you in your forum where you don't have to hold anything back...
  9. I disagree that you think that I will disagree. See...I told you so.
  10. I don't think you will find anyone in here that will disagree with that statement. (Of course, now someone will disagree just to prove me wrong!)
  11. I guess that went WAY over my head...since I have no idea what you are talking about.
  12. Actually, not a bad suggestion, since it seems the practice will be allowed to continue. Maybe what they could do is have an option when the event is being submitted for approval. If the owner of the listing plans on allowing temp caches to be logged, they can check a box or something, and it will allow a drop down in the event logs for how many smilies you "earned". That way, those that want all the credit get the appropriate number of happy yellow faces. Those of us that don't want to see multiple logs won't have to...it should cut down on server traffic considerablly as well... Edited to add: Those event holders that do not want to allow multiple logging will leave the box unchecked to avoid the practice at their events.
  13. Then don't read it... I for one thought that there has been some interesting discussion...how can the topic be dead if there are still opinions being shared? Thing is, they are pretty much the SAME opinions held by the SAME folks with the rare peppering of a new one. Yes, but it's that rare dash of pepper that adds to the over-all flavor of the topic!
  14. For starters...stop looking for a hidden agenda...there isn't one. Like I said in another post today...I got tired of all the same old arguments in the general topics forum about logging multiple finds on events. I surprised even myself when I realized my opinion had changed over time...so the endless discussions weren't totally pointless as far as I am concerned. That's all I had hoped for in here...some discussion...
  15. Then don't read it... I for one thought that there has been some interesting discussion...how can the topic be dead if there are still opinions being shared?
  16. You do own, and have all rights to the dies that you paid for...what the original post was referring to was the fact that someone could potentially take a coin, and have another mint copy the design. I don't know much about copywright laws...but I seem to remember something about artists rights on original work being posted in the past...
  17. They didn't say it was the first Christmas coin...just that it was their first coin... Now...which one will prove to be the "better" Christmas coin?
  18. Because he wants to justify his "dead horse" comment in the other thread. Just because it has been discussed several times doesn't mean there isn't room for more. Especially since most of these threads were dug up from the depths of the forums history...before many collectors were active.
  19. Since the topic was bumped, I went ahead and re-read it. RK, my hats off to you for your accurate prediction...the question is, did you ever imagine the prices some of these coins have sold for?
  20. RK- This further supports a potential "Do not Sell" list. While there is no way to enforce such a list, and some will still sell them in any case, it would be nice to know if the original makers had any such wishes. Like you stated, depending on the original owner, I would make my own decision on whether or not to honor their wishes. It would still be a personal choice.
  21. I know exactly what you mean Jaybee. Honestly, there is no possible solution that will make everyone happy. The whole point of this thread was just to have a discussion so folks can share their opinions on the matter...not come to a conclusive resoltuion. Thank you for your kind words, and thanks to HB and Shop as well...however, I didn't start this to garner compliments! In fact...compliments in this thread are dangerous! If you put me on a pedastal, the fall will be farther, and it will hurt more when I eventually make a mistake and trade or sell a gifted coin. (See one of my posts above!) Anyway, maybe one thing we could do is start a list of coins that the original makers would "wish" were never sold. It still won't solve all the drama, but it would make me feel better. If I had a list to check before I listed a coin for sale, I could do it with a clear conscience. (For the record, I have sold at least some of every coin I made, so none of mine would be on this proverbial list.)
  22. Thank you for this post...you saved me from an embarrasment! I have a box of coins that I am planning to list on Ebay. I have many coins that I have received in multiple coin trades that I don't remember exactly where they came from. One of yours was in that pile! Until I saw your post, it didn't register where that coin came from...but now I remember. It was a gift at GCF in February! I would have been truly embarrassed to have gotten rid of a gift coin. Thanks for saving me that embarrassment!
  23. I disagree. There are those of us on both sides of the issue that are firmly entrenched in our views. However, that does not mean that open discussion doesn't serve a purpose. It may even help some people change their stance by seeing another point of view. Before you say it can't happen, I'll give you an example. For sometime now, I have been firmly entrenched in the view of "One GC number=One log." I have been firmly against multi-logging events, and have argued on numerous occasions for firmer rules in another forum here. Well, after getting involved in yet another thread about yet another dead-horse topic...I have actually changed my opinion on the issue. I have found that as time goes on, I no longer care about how many smilies I have, and focus more on just enjoying the activity. It took reading several posts by my friend Wavevector for me to come to that realization. So, having a dialog helps...as long as it remains somewhat civil. Again, this is your opinion, but please realize that everyone does not share that opinion. While I agree whole-heartedly that nobody should ever be treated less than a human being...that does not mean that we can't have disagreements, or gasp, even arguments about things. If I tell someone that what I think they do is wrong, and I don't approve...it doesn't mean that they should feel bad about that fact. It is just my opinion, and that does not constitute a personal attack.
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