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  1. I got interested in Geocaching by first getting interested in GPS. At the time I was doing a lot of off-road mountain biking and thought the idea of having a GPSr with me was a good one. Then I found geocaching and do more of it than mountain biking anymore. I love that I can cache with my family, small children included. We have a great time. I recently got my brother, luv2trvl, interested and as he stated earlier in this topic he has begun to cache. I hope he went after one of my hides this New Year's weekend. Thanks to all involved for a great family friendly adventure game.

  2. "There are also reports of more containers at various locations in and around Alexandria. There are reports of one near the Lake Burgen rest area, one near Alexandria City Park and another by Lake Brophy Park. People have even witnessed an ammo container in the Kensington Runestone Park.


    It seems to be nationwide, too, as citizens in cities across the country have reported ammo boxes in mostly unrelated places."


    Kind of sounds like UFO sitings. That is a really poorly written article. There is a place to respond with your thoughts at the end of the article. Let them know how you feel and invite them to find out more about our little game. Maybe the author will become a cacher.


    Today's children would be less spoiled if we could spank grandparents!

  3. Ok, I am pretty much a Maggie fan but after seeing the page about those Rinos I may convert. As a father I can see tremendous value in being able to keep track of where my "contacts" are. This might be an investment I have to make, just think about camping trips, amusement parks, etc. Thanks for the headsup about the product. I hope they get the FCC approval soon.

  4. Be nice to the newbie. We DO need him and every other interested party. He made a mistake and then took offense at your message and deletion. I think you should just kindly let him know that this is how you chose to run your particular cache.

    Not that it is important but, if I ran across a cache like this in my area I would just skip it for lack of interest. There are plenty of different caches out there to please us all. I hope that newbie finds more to his liking.

  5. I almost always take my 6 year old son (RC) with me. He has even forbidden me to go to anything except a virtual without him. Caching is our special time together without 2 year old sister (CB). Most we have ever done in one day is 3. He gets bored after that. I always pick easier caches. He loves to hike and climb and stuff in the woods so we don't do the "urban" stuff. We also don't go every weekend so it doesn't get old. He gets to raid the box when we find it while I sign the log. He can take whatever he wants and then I help him decide what to leave. He also gets to take a picture with the Polaroid or Digital camera. So far, he has never said no when I ask him to go. When he does, I will just go alone or do a virtual or something.

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