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  1. Just had one of my caches near Market Harborough GROpED!! "gordybrown" is his name
  2. Just got a Nokia 3720 classic ruggedised mobile. I transferred Smart GPX across from my old phone but the 370 won't run it. any ideas on what app I can get to do the job? it's running S40 OS?
  3. Let's not get politcal there are websites dedicated to it. That said I'd rather have Baroness Thatcher in charge than Cyclops. e-remes (standing by for lefty incoming)
  4. Righto all. I get now the consensus Topic off e-remes out
  5. cheers I'll hold off activating my caches until pending further investigation.
  6. Good luck with this, but with one caveat; Please don't use the British Legion Poppy, as their website is quite specific; "You are responsible for complying with all applicable copyright laws. We permit you to make copies of information on this website as necessary incidental acts during your viewing and you may take a print for your personal use of so much of the site as is reasonable for private purposes. All other uses are prohibited. Nothing in these terms shall be construed as conferring any right to use any trademark logo patent right or copyright of The Royal British Legion." The RBL is VERY protective of their Poppy and the caching community have had difficulties with them in the past - I think the Help for Heroes coin was initially going to be an RBL one, but they were so difficult about giving permission to use the poppy that the idea was abandoned! Sorry, I don't mean the ACTUAL RBL poppy but a copyright free field of poppies image from their website. I wasn't very clear on that.here is wht i refer to<br>http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/media/7645/mc_poppy_images_3.jpg
  7. Hi all, I'm just starting up a series called Remembrance. Basically placing caches near war memorials currently in west Yorkshire (later the world-Ha Ha Ha (mine is an evil laugh)). If anyone else wishes to place a cache(s) near one crack-on. I hope it will run in the same vain as Motorway Mayhem, with a common background (poppies from the Royal British Legion website) and a common intro text. I'm having difficulty embedding the last post as a midi file to play on the page (any thoughts, tips?) watch for my listings going live this week (hopefully) any thoughts direction welcomed cache-on e-remes
  8. Hi this may be covered elsewhere. how do i change the cache page background to another image? I've tried before to no avail. cheers e-remes
  9. I concur. the interface cover on my Geko tore off after much abuse. I contacted Garmin UK as the unit was out of warranty. I was advised to send it in anyway, less than a week later I received a refurbed unit. over a year later and almost daily use, it's still going strong.
  10. This all seems to be getting a bit tangential (holidays in Grenada, that's just showing off) or is it an advert for a WEBCAM Cache? However, it was redders in Suffolk today. a good day for flying. back to the topic in hand (if it's not melted yet). Why can't we all just play nice? Stop. carry on
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