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  1. I'll take April 19. There just has to be a reason for all of this. OBE
  2. Congrats Pasha, TrueCompanioin and I followed you around Port Orchard most of yesterday. You were on a tear. Nice work getting 100 in the first month.
  3. Way to rope 'em in, ol'nevcowpoke. And thanks, all. Makes my wings tired just to think of it.
  4. Congrats to all of the above and to globalgirl as well who now has over 200.
  5. My answers are in the mail. Put me on the list of those wanting to see the paper when finished. In the paper please explain why, so that my wife will really understand. OldBaldEagle
  6. Thanks All for the congrats. The puzzle cache I'm working on has me fuzzled for the moment, but the solution is at hand. Trust it will take more than a few minutes of making those brain waves work to bring the cache to hand. But nothing evil will there be within, if skulls and crossbones bother you little. As for what I might have left for the NTF at the CCCache...well, that is sealed for the next to find. OBE
  7. I'd hoped to have a cache ready to hide by the time I reached 100. Sure have had a lot of fun hiking puzzling and hunting. Thanks to everyone. OldBaldEagle
  8. I lurk. Find it to be a part of the learning process. Have only been around about a month and have a brother who has been here longer. So I ask him questions, he points me to threads and/or answeres my questions. If I ever have anything to say, I'll speak up. Thanks, OBE
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