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  1. Congrats to grossi and others on milestones. WTG!!
  2. Nice pictures grossi. Beautiful place. And for today...Congratulations to schulesjoe. J and C reached 500 this afternoon at Ravenna Housing. WTG guys!
  3. Thanks Sky Schemer. I've downloaded the maps and will see what's up with them next time I visit my son in Gresham.
  4. Congrats to markta, fishiam and Plaid Guy. Another big milestone weekend.
  5. And congrats to nevcowpok again on find #700 at grossi's St Mark's Greenbelt. WTG cowboy. Keep ropin' 'em in.
  6. Blindleader hit 2000 at High Rollers West on his 3rd geocaching anniversary. Way to Go, Blindleader!
  7. Congrats to Rey del Roble and Landrover on 1000. Ain't it great!
  8. Thanks everyone. 1000 seems a very special milestone to reach and it's unbelievable how much fun I've had in the past 13 months. I've met a lot of nice people and am really pleased about that. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this sport the way you do. WooHoo for everyone!!
  9. A daring acheivement by one fine and dedicated cacher!
  10. I enjoy most puzzle caches. But for a couple of days I wasn't sure how to best answer TM's questions. Since then I've quickly solved one puzzle and struggled with another until I finally used the email resource to a past finder. HE: "Well, it's this number and then do this and then that and there you are." ME: "Oh, but how did you know to use 'that' number? HE: "Because that's what works." So, I think that the puzzles that we like are the ones we can look at, solve ingeniously in a couple of minutes with our first, second, or maybe third effort; and then head out to what we describe in the log as a clever, or tricky, or even evil hide, which took as long as maybe 5 minutes to locate. We are most happy when we are successful, and least happy when frustrated. Since all of us are different in our language and math and research and programming and common sense skills, no "one kind" of puzzle will appeal to everyone. My least favorite puzzles are those that can only be discovered if one knows what the creator was thinking, and usually that can only be learned by asking, sometimes repeatedly, for hint of clues that could not be discovered otherwise.
  11. So who would that be? Congrats andrew and weightman on 900.
  12. 300, 700, 800, 900, 2000 and more. Congratulations everyone on caches falling by the hundreds.
  13. The TUS night-cachers were out and about last night but none finished the task of running down the TUS FTF TB, until at the breaking light of day Markta made the scramble to the final waypoint and a short time thereafter, earned the honor to wear the bell. Congrats Markta. I'm retiring the TUS Avatar and returning to my own bald eagle.
  14. If you can read, you can come. That's my take. Look forward to seeing you again, schulesjoe. I plan to be there and hope to see someone wearing the TUS FTF travelbug at the party. It is now in a submitted cache and I expect that GCRMGF will be approved shortly. See you there!
  15. Congrats Noly, NCP, Bl and all the others.
  16. I thought it was a great cache. Intriguing puzzle, pleasant park location for a final, and a box loaded with goodies for everyone and anyone. Good job. There are no regulations that say you must try to please everyone. And don't let anyone give you a bad time because it's too hard. No one can find them all or solve them all. I look forward to your next one...just don't make it that code you were telling me about
  17. Congrats to jcar and grossi on making 900 each last night at Seattle at Night.
  18. I wore the bell today with pride as I cached some new ones in Leshi and then Magnolia. Very cool. I'm sure you TUS will all be in on the action for my upcoming multi puzzle cache. It's a week or two away. Maybe the fish and the faux will be fully out of retirement by then. Geocaching is fun...no matter what.
  19. For all you need to know: 206-524-3665. You can call now. I see your end of the cache has been published. We thank you for your support.
  20. OldBaldEagle here. I've got your coords. Can you help me with mine? Email direct through Geocaching. Thanks
  21. Thanks all, and congrats to other milestone hurdlers too. Nolenator's evil waypoints were a lot of fun. I enjoyed his trip[od cache just as much as the hide on SEATUW. This time TrueCompanion didn't have to worry. She wasn't along.
  22. I too, applaud them all. Waiting for one is like waiting for that tax refund check. It's going to come and you already know how good it is. Thanks, Dayspring. Keep 'em comming.
  23. Just thought I'd mention here that I nominated a very nice urban multi cache that is available to an array of cachers, not those with the genes of an Oreamnos americanus. So get on over to the WSGA forums and nominate one youself and then vote. This is more important than...other issues.
  24. As of 9/10/05 the work appeared to be completed and no dozers were at the site. Also, it was a fun find with a good group. Thanks. OBE
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