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  1. Nah, I'm talking real outdoors shops here in Ottawa, either Mountain Equipment co-op or The Expedition Shop. They only do outdoors stuff. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the responses, I will head out to a local outdoor outfitters store and find something that fits well. Thanks again.
  3. I want to get some new hiking boots, something that will work well from the late winter on. Will a single pair work, or should I look for different footwear for each season? I have some "snowmobile" boots that I currently use in the winter here, but they are heavy and clunky. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. We just started after xmas, and I take kids along (8 and 12). My wife is not a winter person, but just some new winter boots and pants so she can come along too It's a great family activity, and gets them away from the TV and video games for a while.
  5. I was looking for a way to get outside more, with the whole family. We just spend way too much time in front of the TV and video games. Not so much in the summer, but here in Canda, summer is only a few months. I started looking around at sites about hiking in my area, and map reading and compass use. During one of my Google searches, I hit the geocaching website, and I was hooked. A perfect blend of my love of high tech toys and the outdoors. So 6 months later, I finally got a GPS for xmas, and we have gone out almost everday since..... Soon as I get a few more finds under my belt, I'm going to hide a cache...... already have a great spot picked out. So, yeah, I'm hooked.
  6. Got myself a Legend for xmas Was busy travelling, so finally got out for my first find today, and I am hooked. I've been looking for something to get me and the kids outside more (especially in the winter), and i love tech toys, so this is a perfect match. I finally have a use for my palmpilot that has been sitting unused for 2 years...... already bought cacheman, will be getting a license for GSAK and subscribing to a premium membership. I tired to do it all on my mac, but got too frustrated, so I use my work laptop instead, works great. Transfering more loc's tonight to get ready to drag the kids outside again tomorrow.
  7. Finally back from visiting relatives over the holiday's! Don't they realize they were cutting into valuable caching time??? Anyway, just completed my first find!! Woohoo!! Didn't have alot of time, have company coming over this afternoon...... Oh Well, back to it tomorrow...... This sport is like crack..... just need one hit, and you are hooked
  8. Fedex just dropped off the Legend . No one was home yesterday, so they had to deliver again today. It is sitting there, in the brown box........ when it is quiet, I swear I can hear it calling my name...... Only 2 more sleeps!
  9. That was it, thanks. Guess I'll be registering for a premium account shortly. Thanks again.
  10. Maybe I'm being a little thick here, but I just setup GSAK and Cachemate, but can't seem to get the Hints part into either one after downloading. How do I get the Hints to transfer into GSAK, and then in Cachemate? Thanks. Will be getting my GPS on xmas..... stilll ramping up......
  11. Some good ideas there, folks, on sneaking it out..... The order got delayed a day, so it won't be here until tomorrow, so the torture will be less. My wife will be home to get it from the courier, and she has already said that she is hiding it so that I can't even look at the box...... She knows me too well....... I have already downloaded a bunch of waypoints into GSAK, and am gettimg my palm pilot ready, so I can hit the ground running.....
  12. After much research in here, and around many sites, I decided on the Legend. It should arrive tomorrow, but has to go under the tree until xmas morning. Would it be bad form to bolt out the door before the wife and kids finish opening all their gifts xmas morning? Anyway, thanks for all the usefull information I got in here, and we are all excited to get started looking for caches
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