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  1. i'm sorry. i have this obsessive-compulsive thing about grammar and i can't let this one go. i hope you will take it in the spirit of one who might tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth. i am not certain what it is you mean to say with the word "bonified". the best i can come up with is "bona fide" which is usually mispronounced as "bonified" or something like it. its proper pronunciation is much closer to "bona feeday" and it is latin for "in good faith". there. i'm sorry if this causes you discomfort. i also know from experience that any attempt on my part to let it slide by unnoticed would only result in a day of perseverating and stress. yes, i know they have medications to help with that. even despite medication, i still spend time looking up proper grammar conventions. ...recreationally. all right, the thing with the ellipsis there was a stretch, but i think it conveyed the timing of the sentence. (and sentence fragment.) that's all for me. Just curious... if you have an "obsessive-compulsive thing" about grammer, well, then why do you start every sentence with a lower-case letter?
  2. I, too, have tried to see if there is a way to check Geocaching for the highest traveled bugs, but I found nothing. One of my four TB's, Kins & Dids, has traveled 25,075 miles because it started in CA and went to Mexico, the East coast, then Australia and back.
  3. Practice what thy preaches, old geo-friend. It's amazing that this cacher brings up guidelines for his own defense, yet, when asked in the past if a cacher had permission to place a cache on UC property (as set forth by the Geocaching.com guidelines) he lashed out at me saying that less than 1% ever ask for permission, so why bother? Just avoid this self-proclaimed "General" and don't take what he says/demands seriously. If caching isn't performed how he likes it, no one is worth their salt. Go figure: this is supposed to be a fun game/hobby, yet people make it their own and decide for other people how we should cache. I am disappointed... can't we just find what caches we want to find without being harrassed - as long as we do it by the guidelines?
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