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  1. I've posted this in another thread. Here's a place I like for ordering NiMHs; http://batteryspace.com/index.asp?PageActi...TS&Category=285 I just ordered another 48AAs today to split with some friends, and a combo pack for my buddy who didnt have a charger. I have been using cells from these guys for a couple of years, and have been very satisfied using them in my digital SLR, flashlights, 2-way radios, remotes, etc.
  2. OUCH can I backtrack, concede, and accept geekdom status, instead of this?
  3. I'm having second thoughts about this now
  4. how about mountain bikers? I would pay you. My partners are too slim now, and I can't keep up with them, so I need some "help".
  5. MY wife thinks I'm a geek whether I'm caching or not. But I'm not, am I? if you also listen to the Crash Test Dummies, it's certain mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm "once, there was a muggle........"
  6. you mean like Trekkies and Lan Partygoers? yup, there's definitely some psychology to belongingness and having identity within a defined group, and the lingo/jargon adds to the differentiation btw; DORK also has another whale of a meaning
  7. touche' lol I guess it's where people are willing to draw the line; as others have eluded, geocaching itself is pretty geeky. And us talking about it on the internet is another facet of geekiness.
  8. like "muggles"???? Why don't internet forum people use everyday terms like "onlookers", as they would if they were talking in real life with real life everyday people? Or do Geocachers talk that way when they meet in real life too?
  9. glad to hear that rechargables work ok I am going to buy from this place I have bought lesser mAH(1800) batteries from them before and have been pretty satisfied. They have some good combo deals, too, if you need a charger. I have the smart charger that comes with the 12v car adaptor. This has been great on trips with the digital camera.
  10. I'm completely new to this geocaching deal. It seemed like a fun way to get to know how to use my new GPS toy, plus another excuse to get up on the trails and hills out of the city. Then the second cache I inputted to my Legend turned out to be IN the city, half a block from my job. A MICRO. Just my opinion......seems like there is a fine line between having some fun with the GPS system, and being a geogeek. I decided NOT to spend time looking for caches IN the city. But to each their own. For me, it's a means to an end. For others, it's an end to their means. As long as we enjoy what we do.
  11. is Mapsource the only uploadable prog to the Legend?
  12. Sams Club has it for $23 and change. I bought it....but now I have no clue how to load the detailed maps into the Legend.
  13. The best way to learn is by playing with it - read the manual a little - and then play with it some more. It's a very intuitive device to use once you get familiar with it. yup I opened my Legend early, and it is pretty straight forward. went and found a couple caches, and a virtual
  14. you're much stronger than I, mate when my Legend arrived last week, I handed it to the girlfriend to wrap it and put under the tree..........the next day we unwrapped it! 3 finds under my belt now LMFAO
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