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  1. I have a Dell Axim X3. I, too, would like to have the cache pages loaded on it, rather than printing them all out. I already loaded GPX Sonar, but then found that not being a premium member, it is of no use. If all I wish for is having cache pages viewable on the Axim, is GPX Sonar and joining as a premium enough? (maybe later, I will want more, but Baby Steps for now) Concerns; Do you guys carry your PDAs out on your hikes with you? I would rather not do that. Carrying a folded piece of paper in my pocket seems easier. So it seems a tradeoff; on longer, harder chaches, I think I would probably prefer having it printed out, whereas on the roadside caches, it seems simpler and less waste to have them on the PDA. What do you actually see on the screen of your PDA compared to what comes up on the screen of the desktop when you access a cache page?
  2. I'm so new to this stuff...... why do non-forum people really care what happens in the forums? To me, it seems like the act of Geocaching can occur totally independently of any activity inside an internet forum. I'm sure this will strike a chord, but why do numbers really matter? I was lured into this by the concept of having another reason/excuse to get me out of the house and off my butt to go enjoy the great outdoors. Any quantatative reference would seem near moot to the experience itself....but that is just MY simple little opinion, after only 3 weeks of participating. So, why does it matter what forum addicts do? Or what non-forum addicts do? Can't every individual enjoy it however way they choose, without the other?
  3. ahhhhhhh so the disposables ones are no good for caching?
  4. Yes, there is a cacher around here who has hidden both the racquetball and tennisball containers. They work very well. That O-ring and the course threads really seal it up tight. They are not cheap, though. they are when I play everyday at lunch thanks for the info; I will save them for hiding some caches
  5. has anyone tried out racquetball containers, the kind with the screw-on lids?
  6. great to read about all the families that are doing things together my whole intent coming into this craze was for a family activity I have an 8-year-old daughter. My girlfriend has a 6-year-old son, and a 3-year old daughter. The two older ones have enjoyed hiking so far. The youngest would rather be carried. I look forward to vacachening all over southern Utah when the weather gets nicer.
  7. Has anyone yet coined a term such as "Vacaching"? That seems like a simple geeky way to refer to those trips taken for the sole purpose of logging caches. (I had a mini-vacachion today and doubled my cache log) I'd love to enter this arena in true form, with some type of geekish offering.
  8. or "Do the regulars kiss a** to the mods?" j/k I'm too new here to a**ume anyone does that here like all the other forums I frequent.
  9. http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2005/jan/H...earthquake.html oh great.......now I have less time to geocache
  10. I thought I smelled someting good in this thread. on topic.....I'm new, but put me down for a NO "r"
  11. I have owned Hi-tec boots before. I noticed an ad for Big 5 Sporting Goods with some Hi-tec boots for $22.00. I bought a pair yesterday, took them out for a hike, about a mile, moderate terrain, and was pretty happy with thier feel and support. Great deal for the low price.
  12. $10 more and you get a new Legend at Amazon.com, free shipping
  13. thanks for sharing I just ordered my Utah set do people here use that place much for ordering stuff?
  14. edsax, do you use a direct cable between the PDA and the Etrex to transfer waypoints, trips, etc? I have the Axim X3, and I have MS Streets and TRips loaded, and sections of local maps.
  15. sure I am biased towards Fuji I have a Fujifilm S1 Pro SLR, and a Fuji 2650 I also have a Kodak DC260 'dinosaur' I echo what some have said about focusing (pun) on the lens; I just referred my coworker to this: $380 at Sams Club includes 4 AA nihms, with fast charger and 12v adaptor I also recommend the new Canon Digital EOS Rebel. ~900 If you have room for an SLR, the expandibility and quality of Canon Lenses is hard to beat for the price.
  16. I can vouch for Sierratradingpost.com. I can't count the pairs of hiking boots I have ordered. I have also returned ones that didn't fit me well. I love my Asolos, Technicas, and Nikes. I have wide feet and have never found Vasques that fit well, but I quit trying, so maybe there are some for wider feet. HI-tech have been comfortable for me, but not as durable and supportive. Same for Yukon. I wear hiking boots everyday at work, so I go through lots of pairs, and have developed my preferences. After I find a pair that I really like after getting them broken in, I set them aside for when I have real hikes.
  17. different standards.......yeah I have read lots of great posts here. I chose to post that thread in the general discussion, rather than the Getting Started for a good reason; I figured coming into this (after lurking first) that 'veterans' can take their shots in the general discussions. And I was willing to take the shots. Maybe thin skinned people that get rattled outside the Getting Started forum deserve to be weeded out......cuz isn't the general forum mostly FOR the sake of the veterans? Cuz really, geocaching can occur exclusively without forum discussion or involvement.
  18. sorry folks, but now I am really rolling my eyes are we gonna all hug and sing Kumbaya'? people should be able to post in joking manner without worrying about intimidating there is a difference between having some fun WITH people, and making fun to ridicule a forum without humor would be one to avoid, IMHO
  19. as a newbie to THIS forum, I don't see why being linked ("markwelled") would be considered a bad thing, or in any way a form of intimidation it seems like just as much a service to the seeker of info, and much simpler than doing a huge quote of the entire linked thread my hats off to those who take the time to post info OR link informative threads in that case, they are being jerks, even if they help in the process I, personally, think more about the means to the end.....if I have to peruse through jerks to find what I am looking for, so be it
  20. I add a a real small scoop of powered gatorade
  21. I disagree completely. They are "newbies"; meaning they don't know yet. If veterans fail to see that, then they have FAILED to see that. exactly....very well put [edit] again..... kudos to Beowulf83
  22. with a forum such as this, the newbies come to gather info the veterans stick around to share and associate different agendae veterans aren't gathering info that much, so when they post topics, it seems to be more about generating discourse (in my observation) and flaming and trolling on internet forums are the nature of the beast, it will never be fully controlled [edit] and another thing...LOL feeling superior about time spent on an internet forum?????? hahahahahaha that is something to be ashamed of (I am)
  23. I am so new to this new-found lifestyle..... I am trying to dig up some TOMITA or Mike Oldfield to put me in a geeky frame of mind. If not, maybe some They Might Be Giants
  24. OUCH can I backtrack, concede, and accept geekdom status, instead of this? Yes, but as punishment, you have to use some geeky lingo in your response to this post, you MUGGLE! GOSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41cde093z7d...h_.d5BB80Z6uj3D
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